July 20, 2011 All foreigners aboard seized Gaza flotilla yacht to leave Israel by end of day 20Jul11

July 20, 2011 Gaza protest boat forced into Israeli port 19Jul11

July 19, 2011 Israel issues threats as lone flotilla ship set to land in Gaza within 24 hours 18Jul11

July 17, 2011 MANKELL: Israelis cannot make the Gaza reality disappear 17Jul11

July 17, 2011 Gaza-bound ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists sets sail from Greece 17Jul11

July 16, 2011 Flotilla organisers consider sailing from Egyptian ports 16Jul11

July 15, 2011 Gaza rejects Greek Government charity 12July11

July 14, 2011 French Ship carries Freedom Flotilla’s “Dignity” to Gaza 14Jul11

July 13, 2011 Pro-Palestinian activists withdraw Tahrir ship from Gaza flotilla 10Jul11

July 10, 2011 Israeli pressure blocks sail of Sierra Leone flagged ship “MV Juliano” to Gaza 9Jul11

July 9, 2011 Mustafa Barghouti: ‘Israel is trying to blackmail the world, and outsource the siege of Gaza’ 8Jul11

July 8, 2011 French boat to Gaza blocked in Crete 7Jul11

July 7, 2011 French protest boat still headed toward Gaza 6Jul11

July 7, 2011 “MV Juliano” ship heads for Gaza 6Jul11

July 6, 2011 Swiss company cancels deal to sell cement to Gaza flotilla organizers 6Jul11

July 6, 2011 Israeli navy braced for Gaza-bound French boat sailing from Greece 6Jul11

July 6, 2011 Statement of Support for the Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla 4Jul11

July 6, 2011 Gaza flotilla activists determined as ever despite Greek setback 5Jul11

July 6, 2011 Greece ban empowers Gaza convoy 5Jul11

July 6, 2011 Activists take Spain embassy in Athens 5Jul11

July 6, 2011 French flotilla boat sets sail for Gaza 5Jul11

July 6, 2011 Flotilla ship intercepted by coast guards 5Jul11

July 5, 2011 SBS VIDEO: Greeks stop Gaza flotilla 5Jul11

July 5, 2011 URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Free Michael Coleman; Let the flotilla go 5Jul11

July 5, 2011 Canadian activist slams Greece for turning back Gaza-bound vessel 4Jul11

July 5, 2011 Detained activist on Gaza flotilla named 5Jul11

July 5, 2011 Flotilla ship ‘boarded by Greek coast guards’ 4Jul11

July 5, 2011 Al Jazeera’s David Poort reports from Corfu island 4Jul11

July 5, 2011 Canadian boat bound for Gaza stopped by Greek coastguards 4Jul11

July 5, 2011 VIDEO: Flotilla Freedom fast and demonstration at the US Embassy in Athens 3Jul11

July 5, 2011 Canadian Gaza boat Tahrir defiant, will set sail for Palestine 4Jul11

July 4, 2011 Stranded flotilla activists still hopeful 4Jul11

July 4, 2011 8 flotilla participants fasting in front of US embassy detained and then released 3Jul11

July 4, 2011 Freedom Flotilla Activists Start Open-Ended Fast; Additional 200 Passengers Join the Effort 4Jul11

July 4, 2011 200 additional activists may join Freedom Flotilla 3July11

July 4, 2011 Israel accepts Greek offer to transport flotilla’s aid to Gaza; ships due to depart Monday 3Jul11

July 4, 2011 VIDEO: Interview with Adam Shapiro on the Gaza Flotilla 2Jul11

July 4, 2011 VIDEO: Freedom Flotilla trapped in Greece

July 4, 2011 Stranded flotilla activists still hopeful 3Jul11

July 4, 2011 US captain of Gaza ship held in ‘shocking conditions’ 3Jul11

July 3, 2011 Children rally for Flotilla in Gaza port 3Jul11

July 3, 2011 EXCELLENT PRESS CONFERENCE: Latest update on all the ships in the flotilla and the current state of play 2Jul11

July 3, 2011 Endless delays and fading hope while waiting to sail to Gaza 3Jul11

July 3, 2011 Leftist Greek MPs accuse government of caving to Israeli pressure to stop Gaza flotilla 3Jul11

July 3, 2011 ‘Greek government has bowed to pressure’ 2Jul11

July 3, 2011 AMAZING VIDEO showing Greek coast guard stopping US “Audacity of Hope” boat 1Jul11

July 3, 2011 RANKIN: Greece halts Canadian ship in Gaza flotilla 1Jul11

July 3, 2011 Greece arrests captain of US Gaza-bound boat 2Jul11

July 2, 2011 Greek cabinet votes to stop Flotilla as US Boat to Gaza forced back to port 1Jul11


July 2, 2011 Latest tweet updates from US boat to Gaza and PHOTO 2Jul11

July 2, 2011 Netanyahu says Israel has the right to operate against efforts to break siege

July 1, 2011 With multiple ships disabled, flotilla organizers regroup in Greece 1Jul11

July 1, 2011 Second ship on Freedom Flotilla II sabotaged 30Jun11

July 1, 2011 VIDEO: Debunking the Israeli-US effort to thwart Gaza Freedom Flotilla – “We are committed to non-violence” 30Jun11

July 1, 2011 Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza 30Jun11

July 1, 2011 AUSTRALIA: AJPP media release in support of Gaza Freedom Flotilla Ii 30Jun11

June 30, 2011 First ships of Freedom Flotilla 2 set sail 29Jun11

June 30, 2011 US congressmen call on state secretary to ensure Gaza flotilla safety 29Jun11

June 30, 2011 Flotilla activists deny Israeli claims of violent intent 29Jun11

June 29, 2011 Gaza-bound / From Aborigine to Palestinian rights 29Jun11

June 29, 2011 British MPs show support for Gaza Flotilla 29Jun11

June 29, 2011 Mossad agents sabotage flotilla ship engine 28Jun11

June 29, 2011 Message from Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire for safe passage for Freedom Flotilla 2 27Jun11

June 28, 2011 Israel’s Defense Ministry proposes confiscating boats that breach Gaza blockade 28Jun11

June 28, 2011 Netanyahu rescinds decision to sanction journalists on board Gaza flotilla 28Jun11

June 28, 2011 Israel fears Gaza flotilla activists may try to kill IDF soldiers 27Jun11

June 28, 2011 Israel PM orders navy to stop aid flotilla 27Jun11

June 28, 2011 Israel under fire over flotilla warning 27Jun11

June 28, 2011 US boat to GAza responds to reports that Israeli “lawfare” group filed complaint delaying departure of boat 27Jun11

June 28, 2011 VIDEO: Yonatan Shapira, US boat to Gaza crew 25Jun11

June 28, 2011 Israel gears up for upcoming Gaza flotilla 27Jun11

June 27, 2011 Dutch Mini Flotilla sail in solidarity with Freedom Flotilla 2 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 Israel accused of trying to intimidate Gaza flotilla journalists 27Jun11

June 27, 2011 Israel warns foreign journalists: Joining Gaza flotilla is illegal 27Jun11

June 27, 2011 Ireland FM warns Israel against violent interception of Gaza flotilla 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 US government threatens to arrest US flotilla participants 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 Israel military ordered to stop flotilla 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 Gaza flotilla to set sail Tuesday 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 French ship sets sail to join Flotilla 2 26Jun11

June 27, 2011 Israel, US declare war on flotilla 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla departs amidst Israeli threats 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 Mini Gaza Freedom Flotilla to set sail on Sunday 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 Arab ship to participate in flotilla to Gaza 25Jun11

June 26, 2011 Danes to join new Gaza flotilla 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 Greek officials attempt to block US boat to Gaza from leaving Greek port 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 Suspected Israeli agents try to sabotage Freedom Flotilla II ship’s engine 26Jun11

June 26, 2011 State Dept threatens prison for US participants in Gaza aid flotilla 24Jun11

June 26, 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate calls for safe passage for the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza 22Jun11

June 26, 2011 Greece: Israeli assault on the fllotilla is well underway 24Jun11

June 26, 2011 Haneyya asks UN to protect Freedom Flotilla II 25Jun11

June 26, 2011 Organisers deny that flotilla is ‘provocation’, as Clinton claimed 25Jun11

June 25, 2011 Flotilla organizers say Israel pressuring Greek govt 24Jun11

June 25, 2011 UN envoy says Israel ready to intercept Gaza-bound flotilla 24Jun11

June 25, 2011 Hillary Clinton gives green light for Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla 24Jun11

June 24, 2011 ‘Freedom Flotilla 2′ prepares to sail to Gaza in next few days 23Jun11

June 24, 2011 Savvy flotilla prep in full swing at Athens port 23Jun11

June 24, 2011 Hamas says Israel will not end siege, flotilla should sail 23Jun11

June 23, 2011 VIDEO: The Audacity of Hope: US peace activists to sail to Gaza in humanitarian flotilla 20Jun11

June 23, 2011 US tells its citizens “Refrain from all travel to Gaza” 23Jun11

June 23, 2011 36 Americans to join June Gaza flotilla 21Jun11

June 22, 2011 American Jews to join Gaza flotilla 21Jun11

June 21, 2011 Israel and Turkey holding secret direct talks to mend diplomatic rift 21Jun11

June 21, 2011 Israel vows to stop new Gaza aid flotilla 20Jun11

June 19, 2011 Freedom Flotilla 2 is to set sail for Gaza within days 18Jun11

June 19, 2011 Top US peace activist to take part in June Gaza flotilla 18Jun11

June 19, 2011 French rally in support of Freedom Flotilla 18Jun11

June 18, 2011 Nobel Peace Laureates ask Ban Ki-moon to support safe passage for Freedom Flotilla 2

June 18, 2011 A civil lawsuit is being filed against Gaza flotilla ships by terror victim 16Jun11

June 18, 2011 KELLY: The Siege of Gaza Must End 18Jun11

June 18, 2011 IHH says Mavi Marmara will not sail with Gaza flotilla 17Jun11

June 18, 2011 Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human will sail to Gaza 17Jun11

June 17, 2011 Sydney crew to join international aid flotilla to Gaza 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 Interview with a Sydney Flotillian 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 Gaza activists from Australia seek Gillard support 15Jun11

June 17, 2011 Aussie activists join flotilla to Gaza 15Jun11

June 17, 2011 French flotilla ship won’t sail 15Jun11

June 17, 2011 Freedom Flotilla 2 to sail irrespective of IHH participation, claim organisers 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 Mavi Marmara may skip next Gaza mission 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 VIDEO: Israeli forces preparing for next Gaza flotilla 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 European campaign says continued Gaza siege proves collusion of world community 16Jun11

June 17, 2011 Israeli vow against breaking Gaza siege 16Jun11

June 16, 2011 Will the real Henning Mankell speak up? 16Jun11

June 16, 2011 Israel readies to attack Freedom Flotilla 2 15Jun11

June 16, 2011 Turkish group reconsiders its role in Freedom Flotilla 2 15Jun11

June 16, 2011 VIDEO: Freedom Flotilla 2: Message in a Bottle 16Jun11

June 15, 2011 Australian contingent on Gaza flotilla: Open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard 14June11

June 15, 2011 Irish football players support the Gaza Flotilla 2 14Jun11

June 11, 2011 THE AUSTRALIAN: Jewish outrage as Greens host Gaza ‘freedom’ event – 11Jun11

June 8, 2011 Turkey asks flotilla to ‘rethink’ planned voyage 7Jun11

June 4, 2011 US to offer Turkey major role in Mideast talks if it stops Gaza flotilla 3Jun11

June 1, 2011 Israel says it will prevent “Freedom Flotilla 2″ from reaching Gaza 31May11

May 31, 2011 Canadian FM warns of involvement in Gaza flotilla 30May11

May 30, 2011 Gaza committee says Ki-moon responsible for danger ahead of flotilla 29May11

May 29, 2011 UN chief discourages a new Gaza aid flotilla 28May11

May 25, 2011 Second Freedom Flotilla will include 600 activists from 40 countries 24May11

May 23, 2011 Euro campaign asks for international protection for Freedom Flotilla 2 22May11

May 22, 2011 Turkey warns Israel over new Gaza flotilla 21May11

May 11, 2011 French aid convoy to set sail to Gaza late June 10May11

April 28, 2011 Netanyahu orders Israeli politicians, security forces to thwart new Gaza flotilla 27Apr11

April 27, 2011 Turkey says Israel shouldn’t repeat its Gaza flotilla mistake 25Apr11

April 18, 2011 The Israelis mount a diplomatic offensive to stop the Gaza flotilla 14Apr11

April 14, 2011 Israel to prevent Freedom Flotilla 2 going to Gaza 13Apr11

April 2, 2011 Netanyahu seeks UN help to stop flotilla 1Apr11

February 9, 2011 FREE GAZA: Activists plan second Gaza-bound flotilla 8Feb11