January 10, 2014 Miles Of Smiles 24 arrives in Gaza 10Jan14

December 13, 2013 Thousands of students ‘evicted’ in pro-Palestine solidarity campaign 13Dec13

December 5, 2013 36 aid groups demand end to house demolitions by Israel 5Dec13

December 1, 2013 Unprecedented number of MPs seen at Palestine lobby of parliament 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 Peter Gabriel to UK: Condition Israel relations on respect for human rights 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion 1Dec13

November 25, 2013 U.S. military veterans resist U.S. support of Israeli policies 25Nov13

November 18, 2013 Medical heroes arrive in Gaza, no fanfare, no NBC 18Nov13

October 12, 2013 Fund Albuquerque’s needs, not Israel’s occupation, new billboards proclaim 12Oct13

October 10, 2013 MILES OF SMILES: Aid convoys to Gaza will continue 10Oct13

July 28, 2013 Gaza’s Ark: a bid to break Israel’s blockade from within 28Jul13

July 11, 2013 Foreign activists to launch flotilla from Gaza to Europe 11Jul13

June 7, 2013 MILES OF SMILES 20: convoy arrives in Gaza 7Jun13

May 14, 2013 San Francisco bus ads condemn Israeli apartheid – backlash begins 14May13

May 8, 2013 “ANSAR 4″ Jordanian aid convoy arrives in Gaza 8May13

April 20, 2013 SF Bay area group at center of historic Israel-Palestine effort to remove landmines from Bethlehem 20Apr13

March 31, 2013 Miles of smiles aid convoy arrives in Gaza 3Mar13

March 30, 2013 Gaza’s Ark: trade, not aid 30Mar13

March 29, 2013 Ansar 4 convoy to head to Gaza 5 May 29Mar13

March 12, 2013 “Mavi Marmara Aid Convoy” on its Way to Gaza 12Mar13

February 12, 2013 Turkish aid to enter Gaza via Israel 13Feb13

February 11, 2013 Following Palestinian call, protests held in 40 European cities demanding end to international trade with Israeli agribusiness 11Feb13

February 4, 2013 MILES OF SMILES convoy lands in Gaza 4Feb13

January 28, 2013 Russian aid convoy “Hope and Love” leaves for Gaza today 28Jan13

January 12, 2013 UAE to build housing complex in Gaza for freed prisoners 12Jan13

January 11, 2013 Anti Balfour Declaration campaign to begin in “Britain’s Legacy in Palestine ” conference 11Jan13

January 8, 2013 Netanyahu receives letters from more than 700 Jewish clergy protesting settlement expansion 8Jan13

January 7, 2013 Activists show international solidarity with Palestinians at World Forum 7Jan13

January 5, 2013 25 trucks of aid from Namibia at Gaza border 5Jan12

January 2, 2013 JOIN GAZA AID CONVOY 20Jan13

December 28, 2012 Foreign activists enter Gaza on solidarity mission 28Dec12

December 18, 2012 Malaysian Hope delegation arrives in Gaza 19Dec12

November 5, 2012 “Gaza Ark” to sail from Gaza 5Nov12

October 29, 2012 Miles of Smiles 17 arrives in Gaza 29Oct12

October 21, 2012 As ship approaches Gaza shore, Israel to attack Estelle ship 21Oct12

October 6, 2012 SWEDEN: Solidarity Ship Sailing to Gaza 6Oct12

October 1, 2012 Miles of Smiles 16 convoy enters Gaza 1Oct12

September 14, 2012 Egyptian aid convoy makes it into Gaza 14Sep12

September 10, 2012 Jordanian “Lifeline” campaign to finance 23 projects in Gaza 10Sep12

September 9, 2012 Russell Tribunal on Palestine-New York Session 9Sep12

August 28, 2012 ‘Welcome to Palestine’ group denied entry into West Bank 28Aug12

August 26, 2012 “Welcome to Palestine” delegates to arrive in West Bank on Sunday 26Aug12

August 16, 2012 MILES OF SMILES: convoy arrives in Gaza 16Aug12

August 14, 2012 WELCOME TO PALESTINE: Pro-Palestinian activists plan to enter West Bank without crossing Israel 14Aug12

August 8, 2012 Scandinavian ship sets sail to break Israeli blockade in Gaza 8Aug12

August 8, 2012 Next ‘flytilla’ to arrive through Jordan 8Aug12

August 3, 2012 III FREEDOM FLOTILLA: Estelle is sailing to break the siege on Gaza 3Aug12

July 31, 2012 Jordanian aid convoy heads to Gaza next month 31Jul12

July 3, 2012 European campaign against Israel’s apartheid wall launched in the Hague 3Jun12

June 24, 2012 Arab Doctors Union (ADU) sends milk shipment to Gaza children 24Jun12

June 22, 2012 Al-Wafa aid convoy arrives to Gaza 22Jun12

June 16, 2012 Israel faces protests at Scottish football match 16Jun12

June 12, 2012 “Miles of Smiles 13” convoy arrives in Gaza 12Jun12

June 11, 2012 Gaza-bound aid convoy arrives at Rafah crossing 11Jun12

May 19, 2012 Humanitarian development convoys arrive in Gaza 19May12

May 19, 2012 Gaza-built boat to sail from Gaza 19May12

May 16, 2012 VIVA PALESTINA: Viva hope 16May12

May 14, 2012 Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy 14May12

May 8, 2012 NEW ZEALAND: Supporting the 2000 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Auckland 7May12

May 2, 2012 SIGNS OF VICTORY caravan from Tunisia to travel to Gaza 2May12

May 2, 2012 Ansar 2 convoy to head to Gaza on May 14 2May12

April 12, 2012 Video: Dabke flashmob at Arizona State University asserts (dancing) Palestinian presence 12Apr12

April 12, 2012 VIDEO: Welcome to Israel – Checkpoint Covent Garden 12Apr12

April 7, 2012 Miles Of Smiles 11 arives In Gaza 7Apr12

April 4, 2012 SKIP SCHIEL: Photographs from around the world of the Global March to Jerusalem, 30 March 2012

April 2, 2012 Jordanian “Ansar 2″ will reach Gaza Strip in May 2Apr12

April 2, 2012 Morocco calls a popular march in solidarity with Jerusalem on Sunday 2Apr12

March 30, 2012 International delegations begin arriving for Land Day protests on Friday 30Mar12

March 29, 2012 A call for massive march in solidarity with Jerusalem in Morocco 29Mar12

March 26, 2012 Supporters of Palestinians join in hunger strike in solidarity with Hana Shalabi 27Mar12

March 22, 2012 The Freedom Bus – a 9-day solidarity ride 22Mar12

March 11, 2012 Miles of Smiles 10 makes it into Gaza 12Mar12

March 9, 2012 URGENT ACTION: Academic Ahmad Qatamesh receives third detention order 9Mar12

March 6, 2012 VIDEO: UCLA students stage walk-out at StandWithUs event featuring Israeli soldiers 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Protesters disrupt conference of Israeli lobby group in Washington DC 6Mar12

March 4, 2012 MILES OF SMILES: Three new aid convoys to Gaza including one for women 4Mar12

March 1, 2012 Britons to take action against Israel’s illegal detention 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Oakland carries Khader Adnan to Occupy San Quentin 1Mar12

February 29, 2012 Preparations continue for the Global March to Jerusalem 29Feb12

February 26, 2012 European aid convoy to arrive in Gaza Sunday 26Feb12

February 22, 2012 European groups meet in London to arrange for global march to Jerusalem 22Feb12

February 20, 2012 Thirsting for Justice calls for flash mobs for Palestinian water rights on World Water Day (22 March) – 20Feb12

February 9, 2012 VIDEO: Canada’s role in the blockade of Gaza 10Feb12

February 8, 2012 Miles of Smiles 9 arrives in Gaza 8Feb12

February 5, 2012 JOIN VIVA PALESTINA ARABIA 6 TO GAZA – Registrations open 6Feb12

January 22, 2012 Protest in The Hague against Netanyahu 22Jan12

January 17, 2012 Massive march organized in Jakarta in support of the Aqsa 17Jan12

January 16, 2012 European aid convoy ‘Miles of Smiles 8’ arrives in Gaza 16Jan12

January 12, 2012 VIDEO: Beautiful! Palestine on Ice – Rockefeller Centre, NY 12Jan12

January 7, 2012 Chicago and Nabi Saleh honour Gaza’s children with mass balloon release 7Jan12

January 7, 2012 8th ‘Miles of smiles’ convoy en route to Gaza 7Jan12

December 26, 2011 Arab parliamentary Union (APU) to send new aid convoy to Gaza 26Dec11

December 18, 2011 Korea funds computers in Gaza schools 18Dec11

November 24, 2011 Tunisian medical convoy arrives in Gaza 24Nov11

November 23, 2011 Solidarity convoy arrives in Gaza 24Nov11

November 19, 2011 A whiff of Egyptian freedom for Gaza by Eric Walberg 20Nov11

November 5, 2011 Miles of Smiles arrives in Gaza Strip 5Nov11

October 29, 2011 Russian aid convoy arrived in Gaza 29Oct11

October 28, 2011 Saudi aid convoy to head to Gaza 28Oct11

October 23, 2011 Welcome to Palestine Mission 2012

September 1, 2011 Miles of Smiles and Africa 1 convoys reach Gaza 1Sep11

August 17, 2011 ‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy to enter Gaza 16Aug11

August 1, 2011 Miles of Smiles 4 expected in Gaza today 31July11

July 14, 2011 Justice for Palestine: A Call to Action from Indigenous and Women of Color Feminists 13Jul11

June 21, 2011 European aid road convoy enters Gaza 20Jun11

June 18, 2011 JNF picketed in Vancouver 16Jun11

June 15, 2011 Irish football players support the Gaza Flotilla 2 14Jun11

May 22, 2011 The JNF fundraiser to “Plant a Tree for Palestine” 18May11

May 19, 2011 Third intifada youth to declare action plan to commemorate Naksa day Third intifada youth to declare action plan to commemorate Naksa day 18May11

May 19, 2011 Nakba solidarity demonstrations held throughout world 16May11

April 1, 2011 Irish Council offically twin with The Municipality Of Gaza 30Mar11

March 27, 2011 Africa 1 Aid Convoy to Gaza 27Mar11

March 27, 2011 Activists trying to rebuild Gaza Strip 26Mar11

February 9, 2011 World to observe Israeli Apartheid Week 8Feb11

February 9, 2011 FREE GAZA: Activists plan second Gaza-bound flotilla 8Feb11

February 9, 2011 Action Alert: End US tear gas & military aid to Egypt, Tunisia & Israel 6Feb11

February 6, 2011 SCOTLAND: Palestinian students block lecture of Lieberman’s aide 5Feb11

January 26, 2011 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Demand Justice now for all victims of the Gaza conflict – ACT NOW!


January 12, 2011 FREEDOM FLOTILLA II: expected to set sail during Northern spring 2011 12Jan11

January 12, 2011 NEW YORK, USA: Gathering to remember 2nd anniversary of Israel’s assault on Gaza 11Jan11

January 11, 2011 ASIA FOR GAZA: Caravan back home, impressed with Gazans 11Jan11

January 10, 2011 LIBYA: El-Arish ready to receive aid ship 10Jan11

January 8, 2011 USA – ADALAH-NY: Tell Combined Systems Inc. to stop selling tear gas to Israel 7Jan11

January 7, 2011 USA: Ramsey Clark leads solidarity delegation in Gaza visit two years after Israeli assault 5Jan11

January 6, 2011 LIBYAN AID CONVOY: activists arrive in Egypt 5Jan11

January 3, 2011 MAST: ‘Israel right or wrong’ crowd advocates censorship in Seattle 1Jan11

January 3, 2011 ASIA FOR GAZA: Aid convoy reaches Gaza Strip 3Jan11

January 2, 2011 ASIA FOR GAZA: Convoy set to enter Egypt 2Jan11

December 30, 2010 FREE GAZA: We sail again in the spring 28Dec10

December 27, 2010 SEATTLE, USA: Mideast Awareness Campaign Press Conference 24Dec10

December 27, 2010 LONDON, UK: Palestinian suffering projected onto London landmarks Dec10

December 25, 2010 SEATTLE, USA: King County executive prevents “Israeli War Crimes” bus ads from appearing 24Dec10

December 25, 2010 LONDON, UK: Deck London’s walls with Bethlehem’s calls 24Dec10

December 25, 2010 SYRIA: Relief aid to Gaza 24Dec10

December 19, 2010 USA: “Israeli War Crimes” signs to go on Metro buses in Seattle – ONLINE POLL 18Dec10

December 19, 2010 ITALY: Preparations being made for a second aid flotilla to Gaza 18Dec10

December 19, 2010 ASIA CONVOY: arrives in Turkey on way to Gaza 18Dec10

December 15, 2010 FREEDOM FLOTILLA 2: Sailing to Gaza next spring 14Dec10

December 11, 2010 GAZA AID AIRCRAFT: Galloway says aid aircraft will fly to Gaza 9Dec10

December 10, 2010 USA: Occupation on Ice 5Dec10

November 25, 2010 CONVOY TO GAZA: Road to Hope Aid Convoy to Gaza converging in El Arish, Egypt 24Nov10

November 20, 2010 KOREA AGAINST THE WALL 14Nov10

November 14, 2010 FREEDOM FLOTILLA II: Anchor to weight spring 2011 13Nov10

November 13, 2010 VIDEO: Anti-Apartheid Caravan travels across the Netherlands 9-14Nov10

November 10, 2010 US JEWISH ACTIVISTS: attract positive press for anti-Occupation message 11Nov10

October 22, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA: convoy reaches Gaza 21Oct10

October 21, 2010 VIVA PALESTINE 5: flotilla sails towards Egypt

October 19, 2010 GAZA AID CONVOY: Delay in shipping Gaza aid convoy to Egypt 19Oct10

October 18, 2010 PETITION: Demand cancellation of OECD Conference

October 16, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA: Aid convoy set to sail for Gaza 15Oct10

October 15, 2010 ARTERY OF LIFE 5: Egypt okays entry

October 5, 2010 JORDANIAN AID CONVOY: arrives in Syria to join Artery of Life 5 5Oct10

October 5, 2010 WCC: Gaza panel calls for freedom from the “prison” of territorial isolation 30Sep10

September 29, 2010 Israel navy boards Jewish boat to Gaza 28Sep10

September 28, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA 5: Social Justice participant from Australia reports from Turkey 28Sep10

September 27, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA: Greece welcome convoy 26Sep10

September 27, 2010 JEWISH BOAT TO GAZA: ‘Jews for Justice’ aid boat sets sail for Gaza 26Sep10


September 22, 2010 ARTERY OF LIFE 5: Egypt says “aid must be unloaded in Al-Arish before being moved to Gaza

September 21, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA 5: New land convoy on its way to Gaza

September 21, 2010 ARTERY OF LIFE 5: convoy arrives in Paris

September 21, 2010 SYRIAN AID SHIP: Arrives in al-Arish Port

September 19, 2010 NEW YORK: Satire drama protest at White House Sep10

September 19, 2010 Viva Palestina sends new Gaza mission 18 Sep10

September 17, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA: A gllobal lifeline to Gaza to launch 18 September

September 17, 2010 KIA ORA GAZA newscast 16Seo10

September 16, 2010 Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics

September 14, 2010 CANADIAN AID BOAT: Get behind the flotilla to Gaza 12Sep10

September 13, 2010 Upcoming conference: “A just peace for Palestine” India, 22-23Sep10

September 10, 2010 Solidarity sips to sail to Gaza 9Sep10

September 10, 2010 Rights groups coordinate massive flotilla 7Sep10

September 7, 2010 US group plans ‘Free Palestine’ aid flight to Gaza 6Sep10

September 4, 2010 VIDEO: The Audacity of Hope – US boat to Gaza, New York City fundraiser Aug10

August 28, 2010 Canadian postal union joins Gaza flotilla 25Aug10

August 22, 2010 Algerian aid ship heading to Gaza 19Aug10

August 20, 2010 All-woman Lebanese aid ship to set sail for Gaza Sunday 19Aug10

August 17, 2010 Land, sea convoys to head for Gaza in September 16Aug10

August 16, 2010 Arab Parliamentarians enter Gaza to deliver supplies

August 13, 2010 AUSTRALIA: Palestine Relief Organisation aims to send reps on next Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Aug10

August 13, 2010 UNITED STATES: Presbyterian General Assembly: Report, Part 1 12July10

August 13, 2010 NEW ZEALAND: Six volunteers named in Kiwi team to Gaza 8Aug10

August 13, 2010 MALAYSIA: Medical delegation enters Gaza 12Aug10

August 8, 2010 LEBANON: Gaza aid flotilla to set sail from Lebanon with all-women crew 6Aug10

August 6, 2010 ECUMENICAL COALITION ON TOURISM: Open letter re OECD annual tourism conference in Jerusalem 29Jul10

July 20, 2010 JORDAN: Egypt decides to deny entry to Jordanian aid convoy 19Jul10

July 18, 2010 CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAM documents Israeli Border Police destroying vegetable fields in Al Beqa’a Valley, Al Khalil/Hebron 6Jul10

July 11, 2010 NEW ZEALAND: “Kia Ora Gaza” to join land and sea convoys to Gaza 11Jul10

July 10, 2010 UNITED STATES: Presbyterian Peace Fellowship to partner with “Jewish-Ship-To-Gaza” 9Jul10

June 28, 2010 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Israel Gaza blockade must be completely lifted 18Jun10

June 24, 2010 Methodist ‘Justice for Palestine and Israel’ report attracts Jewish-Christian support 24Jun10

June 23, 2010 Iranian Ship Sails To Gaza Sunday 23Jun10

June 19, 2010 Lebanese Aid flotilla – the Virgin Mary – set for Gaza 18 Jun 1010

June 10, 2010 Palestinian and Israeli physicians condemn armed assault on aid ships to Gaza 9Jun10

June 8, 2010 Jewish boat is sailing to Gaza soon 7Jun10

June 7, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA: George Galloway announces new convoys to break the siege of Gaza 6Jun10


May 26, 2010 Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel 25May10

May 26, 2010 Solidarity ships sail to Gaza Thursday 25May10

May 23, 2010 FREE GAZA: Members of Swedish Parliament demand security for ship to Gaza 22May10