November 8, 2013 Thousands face uncertainty over Jerusalem demolition threat 8Nov13

November 8, 2013 Kerry in Jordan as settlement spat imperils peace talks 8Nov13

November 8, 2013 PLO officials call for Arafat inquiry 8Nov13

November 7, 2013 Palestinian annual olive harvest, a struggle to survive 7Nov13

November 7, 2013 Palestinians protest Kerry’s visit to Bethlehem, Kerry announces $75 million for infrastructure 7Nov13

November 7, 2013 Swiss study: Polonium found in Arafat’s bones 7Nov13

November 6, 2013 UN halts work on Gaza projects due to Israeli ban on building materials 6Nov13

November 6, 2013 Abbas: Linking Palestinian prisoner release to Jewish settlements could kill peace talks 6Nov13

November 6, 2013 Israel says Separation Wall will be border 6Nov13

November 5, 2013 Refugee committees to shut down UNRWA offices 5Nov13

November 5, 2013 Abbas: Negotiations made zero progress so far 5Nov13

November 5, 2013 Senator Kerry makes Middle East trip to save stagnating peace talks 5Nov13

November 4, 2013 South Africa FM: Struggle of Palestinians is ‘our struggle’ 4Nov13

November 4, 2013 Maariv: Netanyahu plans to build wall at Jordanian border 4Nov13

November 4, 2013 Israeli settlers threaten to evict villagers 4Nov13

November 3, 2013 Palestinian UN envoy urges condemnation of settlements, demolitions 3Nov13

November 3, 2013 Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinians south of Hebron 3Nov13

November 3, 2013 5 Broken Cameras star among those shot in Bilin by Israeli forces 3Nov13

November 2, 2013 UN calls for ‘urgent action’ to address Gaza power crisis 2Nov13

November 2, 2013 Kerry to meet Abbas in West Bank 2Nov13

November 1, 2013 Jenin man shot dead by Israeli forces 1Nov13

November 1, 2013 Israel ‘planning another 3,360 settler homes’ 1Nov13

November 1, 2013 Israel to demolish homes of over 15,000 East Jerusalemites 1Nov13

October 31, 2013 Freed prisoner speaks of “oppression and humiliation” in Israeli jails 31Oct13

October 31, 2013 Settlers destroy over 600 olive trees in Nablus 31Oct13

October 30, 2013 PLO: Israel’s stance in talks the harshest 30Oct13

October 30, 2013 Israeli forces raid African-Palestinian neighborhood in Jerusalem 30Oct13

October 30, 2013 Israel’s negotiating team says Abbas has retreated from a permanent solution 30Oct13

October 30, 2013 Israel demolishes another Palestinian house in Jerusalem 30Oct13

October 29, 2013 Israel planning to build five new settlements in Negev after expelling Bedouins 29Oct13

October 28, 2013 Israeli government approves 1,700 new units in West Bank and Jerusalem settlements 28Oct13

October 28, 2013 Israelis raze agricultural lands near Nablus to expand settlements 28Oct13

October 27, 2013 Israeli forces arrest 12 Palestinians in West Bank 27Oct13

October 27, 2013 PA petitions countries to withdraw companies from settlements 27Oct13

October 27, 2013 PA to plant 750,000 olive trees to compensate for settler attacks 27Oct13

October 26, 2013 Ashrawi denounces recent Israeli reports on settlements expansion 26Oct13

October 26, 2013 Protests across West Bank violently dispersed by Israel 26Oct13

October 26, 2013 Netanyahu and Kerry hold lengthy but futile meeting 26Oct13

October 26, 2013 EU promises Israeli participation in Horizon 2020 project 26Oct13

October 26, 2013 Israel set to announce construction of new settlements 26Oct13

October 24, 2013 Amnesty International: Israel Must Drop Charges against Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer 24 Oct13

October 24, 2013 Palestinians make a statement boycotting Jerusalem polls 24Oct13

October 24, 2013 Abbas calls on corporations to cease activity in settlements 24Oct13

October 23, 2013 UN: Palestinian reugees in Syria face ‘extreme vulnerability’ 23Oct13

October 23, 2013 Kerry: Qatar to offer $150 million to PA 23Oct13

October 23, 2013 UK to offer $15.5 million to UNRWA to support Palestinian refugees 23Oct13

October 23, 2013 Israeli soldiers shoot cameraman in Bilin 23Oct13

October 22, 2013 Israeli bill on Jerusalem talks makes Palestinian state ‘impossible’ 22Oct13

October 22, 2013 Local elections across Israel today marred by boycott, scandals 22Oct13

October 22, 2013 Israel’s elections bring ‘racism’ to the fore 22Oct13

October 22, 2013 High court rules: It is impossible to be Israeli 22Oct13

October 19, 2013 Saudi rejects seat on ‘double-standards’ Security Council 19Oct13

October 19, 2013 Palestinian-Israeli negotiations reach deadlock over borders issue 19Oct13

October 19, 2013 EU to bypass its own anti-settlements guidelines 19Oct13

October 19, 2013 Peace Now: “Settlement construction rises by 70%”

October 18, 2013 President Abbas invites pope to Holy Land 19Oct13

October 17, 2013 Former Israeli Navy officer detained at Heathrow 17Oct13

October 17, 2013 Tens of settlers invade Al-Aqsa Mosque 17Oct13

October 17, 2013 Gaza to run out of drinking water 17Oct13

October 17, 2013 Israel proposes partial annexation 17Oct13

October 17, 2013 Russia denies issuing conclusions over Arafat’s death 17Oct13

October 16, 2013 Palestinians boycott Jerusalem elections 16Oct13

October 16, 2013 Rights group says Israel cancels Jordan Valley evacuation 16Oct13

October 16, 2013 Russian official says Arafat did not die from polonium poisoning 16Oct13

October 16, 2013 5200 Palestinian detainees currently held by Israel 16Oct13

October 16, 2013 Israel escalates Gaza blockade, following discovery of underground tunnels 16Oct13

October 16, 2013 UNICEF publishes report on detained Palestinian children 16Oct13

October 15, 2013 Palestinian village continuously inhabited for 3,000 about to be destroyed by Israel 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Pro-Israel group takes battle to stations 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 UN says Syria war devastating Palestinian lives and homes 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Israeli forces to displace 7 Bedouin families during Eid 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Radiation experts confirm polonium on Arafat clothing 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Israel refuses to evacuate settlement near Ramallah 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 EU says Palestinian Authority lost 2.5 billion euros of aid 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Teenagers face 25 years imprisonment for allegedly throwing stones 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Lieberman says Israel offered to return Golan Heights to Assad 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Palestinian refugees missing after ship sunk by Libyan coastguard 15Oct13

October 15, 2013 Israel freezes shipments to Gaza over tunnel 15Oct13

October 13, 2013 Abbas says no compromise on 1967 borders, Jerusalem 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Italian minister denies Hebron visit ‘in solidarity with settlers’ 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Palestinian security forces detain nearly 100 across Jenin 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Israeli party attempts to ban Muslim call to prayer in Jaffa 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Palestinian faction condemns Abbas’ demand to tighten siege on Gaza 13OCt13

October 13, 2013 Turkish Court says Israeli troops fired from air in 2010 ‘Mavi Marmara’ raid 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Shaath demands international investigation into recent incidents in West Bank 13OCt13

October 13, 2013 Israel to build 1500 units for settlers in Occupied Jerusalem 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 Arafat poisoning claim backed by journal 13Oct13

October 13, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli troops wound 7 civilians, abduct 47 in 51 invasions this week 13Oct13

October 12, 2013 Israeli forces detain Palestine TV team 12Oct13

October 12, 2013 Palestinians mull appeal to UNSC over ‘serious Israeli violations in Temple Mount’ 12Oct13

October 12, 2013 Israeli paper misquoted Roger Waters, removing advice to Netanyahu to look for ‘Israeli de Klerk’ 12Oct12

October 12, 2013 Fund Albuquerque’s needs, not Israel’s occupation, new billboards proclaim 12Oct13

October 11, 2013 Israelis attack school in Palestinian village, torch olive groves 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Hamas leader calls for end to talks with Israel, urges armed struggle 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 West Bank mosque defaced in second ‘price tag’ attack in 12 hours 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 121,264 enterprises in private and non-governmental operating in Palestine 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Palestinian farmers work land, after 13 years of fences 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Netanyahu demands Palestinians agree upon manipulation of history 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 International Parliamentary Union demands release of Palestinian MPs 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Qatari academic appeals to Saudi king to seek end to blockade of Gaza 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Israeli court imprisons Jerusalemite for participating in a demonstration 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 Gaza’s Tamarod calls for 11 Nov protests to oust Hamas 11Oct13

October 10, 2013 Call on ICC to advance Palestinian ratification 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Al-Arakib: Sheikh Sayah detained 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Fatah repeats that it does not recognise Israel as a Jewish state 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Palestinian turned down by “Jews only” housing development in Ramla 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Isolated Hamas Faces Money Crisis in Gaza Strip 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Israel’s residency regime causes “silent transfer” from Jerusalem 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Yair Lapid says Israel doesn’t need Palestinian recognition of Jewish state 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Israel approves construction of 68 settler housing units in East Jerusalem 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Netanyahu rejects Palestinian, U.S. request to bring forward next round of prisoner release 10Oct13

October 10, 2013 Court denial of Israeli nationality reinforces discrimination 10Oct13

October 9, 2013 Israel demands Yatta villagers remove solar panels 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Occupation costs Palestinians ‘billions’ 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Nearly half of Jewish Israelis support discrimination against non-Jews 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Over 80 Israeli soldiers enter Al-Aqsa compound 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Palestinians access to Area C key to economic recovery and sustainable growth 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Netanyahu says Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish State is crucial condition for peace 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Negotiations with Palestinians address all important issues, claims Livni 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Abbas simplifies the ramifications of Israel’s occupation 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 Tunnel destruction losses reach $460 million 9Oct13

October 9, 2013 World Bank says Israel to blame for Palestinian financial woes, dependence on foreign aid 9Oct13

October 8, 2013 Five Palestinians achieved first place in Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 More than half of households in Palestine need housing in the next 10 Years, says Statistics Bureau 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Palestinians in Gaza protest UNRWA aid cuts 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Israelis, Palestinians meet amid scepticism 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Jewish leader warns Beinart that opening discussion to BDS would be like including the KKK 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Soldiers kidnap four children in Qalqilia 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Leftists protest in Ramallah, demand end to talks 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Two Canadians barred from leaving Egypt, day after freed from detention 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 Abbas refuses to reconcile with Dahlan and orders his immediate arrest 8Oct13

October 8, 2013 OIC anger over Czech plan to move embassy to Jerusalem 8Oct13

October 7, 2013 Israeli settlers from Ariel raze Salfit agricultural land 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 Several residents injured near Nablus 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 Netanyahu says negotiations have not made any progress 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 Israel’s Supreme Court to discuss an appeal against Zoabi 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 A utopian Arab city? Turn left at Israel’s Route 65 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 Egypt releases two Canadians detained at August protests 7OCt13

October 7, 2013 Israel approves controversial rail route to Eilat 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 UNESCO passes six resolutions condemning Israel 7Oct13

October 7, 2013 Stop Congress from rewarding Israeli discrimination 7Oct13

October 6, 2013 Egypt destroys 794 Gaza tunnels so far this year 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 6-year-old loses eye to Israeli rubber bullet 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Palestinian security force raids Jenin refugee camp 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Palestinian farmer: says West Bank settlers destroyed 129 olive trees 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Nine-year-old girl seriously wounded in West Bank settlement shooting 5Oct13

October 6, 2013 Israeli forces arrest 12-year-old in Beitunia 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Pope to visit Palestine and Israel in November 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Egypt closes Rafah crossing behind last group of Hajj pilgrims 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Egypt attacks fishermen in Gaza’s waters 6Oct13

October 6, 2013 Israel seeks non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council 6Oct13

October 5, 2013 Lifta and Battir: parallel cases of the ongoing Nakba 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 1 civilian killed, 23 wounded by Israeli troops this week 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Russian Ambassador to Palestine seeks to level international power dynamics 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Israeli minister says West Bank ‘will be under Israeli control forever’ 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Reinforcements for security forces arrive in Jenin 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Palestinian passport ranks 5th worst for visa restrictions 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Israel threatens to demolish 10 wells in occupied West Bank 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Egyptian army sets a backup plan for bombing specific locations in the Gaza Strip 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Drafting the blueprint for Palestinian refugees’ right of return 5Oct13

October 5, 2013 Eight years after evacuation of West Bank settlement, Palestinian owners return to land 5Oct13

October 4, 2013 Settlers destroy 50 olive trees south of Hebron 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Activists demolish Apartheid Wall gate near Bethlehem 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Ashrawi addresses diplomats on negotiations, Israeli violations in Palestinian Territories 4OCt13

October 4, 2013 Egypt turns back 100 Palestinian Hajj pilgrims 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Army carries out limited invasion into Gaza 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Discrimination against Israeli Arabs still rampant, 10 years on 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 U.S. State Dept shutdown could hit military funding for Israel 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Israel freezes plan to build Jerusalem park encroaching on Palestinian neighborhoods 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Israeli, Palestinian negotiating teams to meet for eighth round 4Oct13

October 4, 2013 Supreme Court rejects citizens’ request to change nationality from ‘Jewish’ to ‘Israeli’ 4Oct13

October 3, 2013 Ad campaign calls for end of financial support of Israel 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Ultra-Orthodox Jews seek settlement expansion at Gush Etzion 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Jordan complains to UN over Israeli violations in Jerusalem 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Israel demolishes Palestinian home in the Negev 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Israeli occupation plans to build new settlement in the heart of occupied Hebron 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Israel “could accommodate” 160,000 Palestinian refugees in a peace deal 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Alert over financial crisis reveals Western threat to cut aid to PA 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Qatari aid enters Gaza through Rafah crossing 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 651 Palestinians lost or imprisoned in Syria, 74 death by torture 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Gaza health ministry: One third of basic medicines no longer available 3Oct13

October 3, 2013 Kissinger says if Israel took out its nukes in 1973, US neither knew nor reacted 3Oct13

October 2, 2013 Official says Rafah crossing to operate until Friday 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 City council campaign calls to ‘Judaize Jerusalem’ 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Two killed, 278 kidnapped, by Israeli soldiers in September 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Israeli extremists destroy gravestone at Christian cemetery in Jerusalem 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Obama urges Netanyahu to advance peace talks with Palestinians 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Fatah rejects joint management of Rafah crossing with Hamas 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Likud members threaten to topple Netanyahu 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Israeli army confirms that Palestinian killed near Gaza border was unarmed 2Oct13

October 2, 2013 Palestinians petition High Court to reclaim Jordan Valley land 2Oct13

October 1, 2013 Is a Third Intifada in the offing? 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Israel issues 700 life sentences against Palestinians in 13 years 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Arab Medical Union urges action against Israeli plans for a ‘Modern Jerusalem’ 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Israel uses settler feces as bio-warfare 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 The PA says it won’t allow an intifada against Israel in the West Bank 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Settlers detain Palestinian farmers near Nablus 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Israel declares destroyed Palestinian village closed military zone 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 Israeli extremists destroy Christian gravestones in Jerusalem 1Oct13

October 1, 2013 IDF opens fire on two Palestinians near Gaza border; one killed 1Oct13