August 19, 2012 VIDEO: “One state, two states or even three states?” 19Aug12

August 17, 2012 VIDEO: Palestinian village histories 17Aug12

August 15, 2012 VIDEO: The Palestine Youth Orchestra – music of resistance 15Aug12

August 14, 2012 VIDEO: Aljazeera’s “The enemy within?” 14Aug12

July 30, 2012 VIDEO: Palestinian diplomat Afif Safieh at the FEPS ‘Call to Europe’ Conference 30Jul12

July 18, 2012 VIDEO: Debate with Ali Abunimah and Jonathan Tobin “Are Israeli Settlements Legal?” 18Jul12

July 16, 2012 VIDEO: Jeff Halper on “Countdown to Apartheid in Israel” 16Jul12

June 28, 2012 VIDEO: Attacks on the children of Silwan 28Jun12

June 12, 2012 AUDIO: Beyond Tribal Loyalties Forum – Jews, Palestinians & Identity after the Arab Spring 12Jun12

June 10, 2012 VIDEO: Harry Fear’s Gaza Report 10Jun12

June 2, 2012 VIDEO: Stopped by apartheid on the way to Madonna’s “peace concert” 2Jun12

May 28, 2012 VIDEO: Why we say ‘no’ to Habima at the Globe: Dr Ghada Karmi 29May12

May 28, 2012 VIDEO: Brilliant message from Miriam Margolyes – Why we say ‘no’ to Habima at the Globe 28May12

May 20, 2012 SBS VIDEO: Iraqi Palestinian refugees reunited in Australia 20May12

May 18, 2012 VIDEO: Ilan Pappe on “The Nakba of Palestine” 18May12

April 30, 2012 VIDEO: Phil Monsour “I left my heart in Palestine” 30 Apr12

April 30, 2012 VIDEO: Should US churches divest from Israel? 30Apr12

April 23, 2012 VIDEO: “Can boycott, divestment and sanctions stop Israeli apartheid?” 23Apr12

April 23, 2012 VIDEO: Aljazeera Inside Story “Israel: for the fear of a ‘flytilla’” 23Apr12

April 22, 2012 VIDEO: THE STREAM – “Discrimination in the diaspora” 22Apr12

April 20, 2012 VIDEO: Omar Barghouti in Seattle 20Apr12

April 16, 2012 VIDEO: Judith Butler speaks about boycott politics and global responsibility 16Apr12

April 12, 2012 VIDEO: Welcome to Israel – Checkpoint Covent Garden 12Apr12

April 9, 2012 VIDEO: Struggle of Lifta families 9Apr12

April 3, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli Apartheid Week Sydney 2012 – Samah Sabawi ‘Normalize This!’ 3Apr12

April 2, 2012 VIDEO: Palestine – Women First 2Apr12

April 2, 2012 VIDEO: “Freedom for us all” – music track from South Africa 2Apr12

March 27, 2012 VIDEO: Cultivate hope a poem for Hana Shalabi – Rafeef Ziadah 27Mar12

March 25, 2012 VIDEO: Chicago stands with Hana Shalabi 25Mar12

March 24, 2012 VIDEO: Free Palestine – “It’s a miracle” by Roger Waters 24Mar12

March 23, 2012 VIDEO: The Phil Monsour Band performs “I left my heart in Palestine” 23Mar12

March 22, 2012 VIDEO: The Checkpoint 22Mar12

March 21, 2012 VIDEO: Child Laborers in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the Jordan Valley, Palestine 21Mar12

March 9, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 (Nakba) 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 VIDEO: Detainee and hunger striker Hana Shalabi’s mother appeals to the world to save her daughter 9Mar12

March 6, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) Brisbane BDS 6Mar12

March 3, 2012 VIDEO: Joseph Dana of +972 talks about the Anti-Boycott Law in Israel 3Mar12

February 29, 2012 VIDEO: “No peace without justice” with Prof Nurit Peled-Elhanan 29Feb12

February 28, 2012 VIDEO: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi speaks at Israeli Apartheid Week, London 28Feb12

February 28, 2012 VIDEO: Rafeef, Ben and Mbuyiseni on Israeli Apartheid Week 28Feb12

February 25, 2012 VIDEO: Omar Barghouti on BDS – especially illuminating because he connects it to the legacy of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela 25Feb12.

February 25, 2012 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Ali Abunimah’s Keynote Address at PennBDS Conference 25Feb12

February 24, 2012 VIDEO: Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands 24Feb12

February 19, 2012 VIDEO: Huwaida Arraf and Ali Abunimah discuss Palestinian strategy, Khader Adnan and BDS 19Feb12

February 9, 2012 VIDEO: Veolia’s Tovlan landfill site in the Occupied Jordan Valley 9Feb12

February 9, 2012 VIDEO: Canada’s role in the blockade of Gaza 10Feb12

February 7, 2012 VIDEO: Racism Report – Africans in Israel 7Feb12

February 5, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli Apartheid Week – “Call it as it is” 6Feb12

January 30, 2012 VIDEO: Director Peter Kosminsky of drama ‘The Promise’ responds to pro-Israeli critics 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 VIDEO: The Nakba Remembered 30Jan12

January 24, 2012 VIDEO: The brilliant LOWKEY 24Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Sh*t Students Can’t Say (About Israel) 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Edward Said’s devastating critique of Huntington’s “Clash of Civilisations” 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Inspiring BDS actions 21Jan12

January 17, 2012 VIDEO: Jerusalem in the 1930s 17Jan12

January 12, 2012 VIDEO: Beautiful! Palestine on Ice – Rockefeller Centre, NY 12Jan12

January 11, 2012 MUST WATCH VIDEO: “In search of Palestine” with the late Edward Said 11Jan12

January 9, 2012 A CHILLING VIDEO: Erased – wiped off the map 9Jan12

January 7, 2012 MUST WATCH VIDEO: The late Edward Said on BBC Hardtalk in 2002 7Jan12

January 7, 2012 VIDEO: B’Tselem end of year summary 2011

January 5, 2012 VIDEO: “Spectres of Estrangement” by Nasser Abourahme 5Jan12

December 26, 2011 VIDEO: THE WALL OF HATE 27Dec11

December 25, 2011 VIDEO: So this is Christmas – Gaza and the World

December 23, 2011 MUST SEE VIDEO: DONOR OPIUM the impact of international aid to Palestine 24Dec11

December 22, 2011 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Fire on the Marmara 23Dec11

December 16, 2011 VIDEO: Ben White talks about his new book “Palestinians in Israel” 16Dec11

December 11, 2011 VIDEO: The amazing Rafeef Ziadah “Shades of Anger” 11Dec11

November 30, 2011 VIDEO & PETITION: Stop persecution against Prof Marc Ellis for speaking out in support of the Palestinians Nov11

November 28, 2011 VIDEO: 7th Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Adelaide – NOAM CHOMSKY Nov11

November 23, 2011 VIDEO: I RESIST (Never Before Campaign – Palestine) 24Nov11

November 19, 2011 VIDEO: Non-violence resistance in Palestinian villages to Israeli occupation (French documentary) 19Nov11

November 14, 2011 VIDEO: Rafeef Ziadah – ‘We teach life, sir’, London, 12Nov11

November 10, 2011 VIDEO: Russell Tribunal – Israel an apartheid regime 10Nov11

October 7, 2011 VIDEO: Samah Sabawi speaks at the “World at a Crossroad: Climate Change Social Change Conference” 1Oct11

October 6, 2011 VIDEO: Gaza Think Tank- The PA’s UN Statehood Bid

October 4, 2011 VIDEO: The 2011 Edward Said Memorial Lecture with Dr. Saree Makdisi 3Oct11

October 4, 2011 VIDEO: Women die waiting – Breast Cancer in the Gaza Strip 26Sep11

June 21, 2011 VIDEO: Archbishop Tutu endorses ‘Freedom for Palestine’ single by OneWorld! 17Jun11

June 15, 2011 Irish football players support the Gaza Flotilla 2 14Jun11

June 13, 2011 VIDEO: Targeted Citizen

June 13, 2011 VIDEO: Palestine – yes, we come!


March 8, 2011 VIDEO: Homeless in their own land 24Feb11

March 5, 2011 VIDEO: “Walls of Division” with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters 3Mar11

February 16, 2011 VIDEO: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine 25Jan11

February 15, 2011 VIDEO: Omar Barghouti and Hind Awwad interviewed on the Palestinian BDS campaign 9Feb11

February 13, 2011 AUDIO: JEFF HALPER & others on Egypt regime change could break Israeli siege on Gaza

February 9, 2011 VIDEO: “The Ultra Zionists” by BBC2 Louis Theroux 3Feb11

February 2, 2011 Scenes and interviews from Tahrir Square 1Feb11

January 28, 2011 VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE IDF INTERVIEW – Israeli soldiers told to ‘cleanse’ Gaza 26Jan11

January 24, 2011 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Rafeef Ziadeh’s poem against Israeli barbarism 19Jan11

January 24, 2011 VIDEO: DISCUSSING THE PALESTINE PAPERS Parts 1-3 23Jan11

January 22, 2011 VIDEO: Lizzy Ratner and Laila El-Haddad discuss The Goldstone Report on GRITtv 19Jan11

January 18, 2011 VIDEO: Amira Hass on “Israeli Policy of Separate Development” Burke Lecture Nov 10

January 5, 2011 VIDEO: Seminars on the sand in support of the Bil’in movement 3Jan11

January 5, 2011 VIDEO: Gaza facing massive water crisis

January 4, 2011 VIDEO: Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content

January 2, 2011 BIL’IN: Video of the weekly nonviolent demonstration that killed Jawaher Abu Rahmah 31Dec10

December 28, 2010 VIDEO: What the children in Gaza see and experience – a child’s point of view Dec10

December 27, 2010 SEATTLE, USA: Mideast Awareness Campaign Press Conference 24Dec10

December 27, 2010 LONDON, UK: Palestinian suffering projected onto London landmarks Dec10

December 20, 2010 VIDEO: HRW criticises Israel for unequal policies 19Dec10

December 20, 2010 VIDEO: Obama’s Israel policy – speak softly and carry a very big carrot 19Dec10

December 18, 2010 VIDEO: US Government responds to questions about imprisoned Palestinian protest organiser Abu Rahmah 16Dec10

December 18, 2010 VIDEO: Prof Ilan Pappe on “Colonialism and ethnic cleansing in Palestine” 7Dec10

December 17, 2010 VIDEO: ALI ABUNIMAH on “International strategies and concepts for the support of civil resistance in Palestine” 7Dec10

December 15, 2010 RAFEEF ZIADEH: “We teach life, sir” 2Nov10

December 15, 2010 VIDEO: Dr MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI on Just Peace in New Delhi 4Dec10

December 13, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: STORY OF AREEJ narrated by Ken O’Keefe 7Dec10

December 10, 2010 VIDEO: HAIDAR EID on Analogies between Apartheid South Africa and Israel and the current situation in Palestine

October 17, 2010 AUDIO: Worldview interviews Prof Rashid Khalidi 14Oct10

October 4, 2010 Goldstone Facts: Chapter 10, Indiscriminate attacks by Israeli armed forces Parts1-3 4Sep10

September 25, 2010 VIDEO: Palestinian Attorney Diana Buttu on Obama UN speech 24Sep10

September 23, 2010 EXCELLENT VIDEO: Ambassador Afif Safieh on “Israel/Palestine: History is undecided”

September 23, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: Celebrities cultural boycotting Israel 21Sep10

September 23, 2010 VIDEO: French BDS activists’ boycott campaign against Israeli products

September 17, 2010 VIDEO: “US – Israel’s partner in crime, not a referee” with Omar Barghouti 17Sep10

September 12, 2010 VIDEO: BBC Bias re The Gaza Freedom Flotilla 11Sep10

September 5, 2010 VIDEO: “Economy of the Occupation – BDS Boycott Divestment and Sanctions” 6 parts

September 4, 2010 VIDEO: The Audacity of Hope – US boat to Gaza, New York City fundraiser Aug10

September 1, 2010 VIDEO: Diana Buttu on the Palestinian Right of Return and the so-called Negotiation Process 28Aug10

August 31, 2010 VIDEO: Omar Barghouti answers “Should people boycott Israel?” 30Aug10

August 23, 2010 VIDEO: ILAN PAPPE on “The Nakba of Palestine” 19Aug10

August 13, 2010 VIDEO: David Rovics sings his evocative song “All aboard the Mavi Marmara” 6Aug10

August 12, 2010 VIDEO: LONG LIVE PALESTINE by Lowkey

August 7, 2010 VIDEO: Israel’s PR war


July 11, 2010 VIDEO: Norman Finkelstein – “Results, not rhetoric”

July 10, 2010 VIDEO: Dr. Hanan Ashrawi critiques Obama-Netanyahu meeting 9Jul10

July 5, 2010 VIDEO: Parliamentary Friends of Palestine Dinner with Diana Buttu 22Jun10

June 28, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: Flotilla activist Kenneth O’Keefe on HARDTALK 26Jun10

June 15, 2010 SMUGGLED VIDEO: The Massacre – Israeli Navy attacks Gaza freedom flotilla

June 11, 2010 EXCLUSIVE: New video smuggled out from MV Mari Marmara of Israel’s deadly assult on Gaza aid flotilla10Jun10


June 10, 2010 VIDEO: Heroic peace activists return to UK from Gaza Freedom Flotilla 6Jun10

June 10, 2010 VIDEO: Huwaida Arraf (Free Gaza Movement) interviewed in Palestine 7Jun10

June 7, 2010 VIDEO: ROGER WATERS of Pink Floyd sings “WE SHALL OVERCOME” 7Jun10

June 6, 2010 VIDEO: Long live Palestine LONG LIVE GAZA ! with political activist Lowkey 31May10

June 6, 2010 VIDEO: Press TV interviews Gaza flotilla survivor Hassan Ghani 5Jun10

May 17, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: Ex-communicated – enclosed landscapes in Palestine


May 2, 2010 VIDEO: The movement to hold Israel accountable continues to grow 1May10

April 19, 2010 VIDEO: Deporting Gandhi from Palestine 16Apr10

April 12, 2010 POWERFUL VIDEO: “The Silence of a Nation”

April 8, 2010 VIDEO: Judith Weisman speaks out against the war on Gaza

March 29, 2010 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Channel 4 (UK) Dispatches on “The Children of Gaza” 25Mar10

March 28, 2010 VIDEO: Helen Thomas (member of White House press corps) on her one question for Obama

March 28, 2010 VIDEO: Targeted Citizen 21Mar10

March 27, 2010 VIDEO: The increasing Israeli grip on occupied Jerusalem 26Mar10

March 25, 2010 VIDEO: An Apartheid State

March 23, 2010 VIDEO: Dr Mads Gilbert on Gaza (3 parts) 9Mar10

March 22, 2010 VIDEO: 60 MINUTES- “The Tunnel Rats” 21Mar10

March 20, 2010 VIDEO: Democrat for US Senate Jonathan Tasini says end the blockade of Gaza 17Mar10

March 7, 2010 VIDEO: Victor Kattan discusses his latest book


March 4, 2010 MUST-SEE VIDEO: Interview with Jeff Halper 3Mar10

March 2, 2010 VIDEO: Inspiring talk by Palestinian Archbishop Elias Chacour 2Mar10

February 22, 2010 VIDEO: CROSS TALK – Norman Finkelstein vs Israel

February 18, 2010 POWERFUL VIDEO: The silent war -Israel’s blockade of Gaza

February 18, 2010 EXCELLENT VIDEO: Michael Ratner on Israeli Apartheid Parts 1 & 2

February 14, 2010 Palestinians make world news with ‘Avatar’ re-enactment for protest against Israel’s Apartheid Wall

February 13, 2010 VIDEO: Palestinian families appeal to UN over Israeli construction of “Museum of Tolerance” on Jerusalem’s historic Mamilla Cemetery

February 12, 2010 VIDEO: Lauren Booth interviews Baroness Jenny Tonge on Palestine

February 11, 2010 VIDEO: The late historian Howard Zinn interviewed by Bill Moyers

February 11, 2010 VIDEO: Justice Richard Goldstone – Accountability for war crimes 9Feb10

February 7, 2010 VIDEO: Gaza in plain language

February 7, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: The Zionist Story Parts 1-8

January 19, 2010 VIDEO: Special interview with George Galloway 11Jan10

January 15, 2010 AUDIO: Challenging Noam Chomsky’s opposition to boycotting Israel (Ali Abunimah & Jeff Blankfort) 15Jan10

January 12, 2010 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Israeli Prof Nurit Peled tells the truth about Israel

January 6, 2010 A MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Road to Gaza Parts 1-6

January 3, 2010 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Reflections of war on Gaza, Aljazeera Parts 1-4

January 3, 2010 VIDEO: Noam Chomsky on “Gaza: One Year Later” 2Jan10

January 3, 2010 VIDEO: GAZA FREEDOM MARCH IN CANADA – Inspirational! 3Jan10

December 31, 2009 VIDEO: Peace activists allowed entry into Gaza marched to Erez crossing

December 26, 2009 VIDEO: Remembering Gaza in Brussels

December 26, 2009 VIDEO: Aljazeera’s Empire – What future for ‘Greater Israel’? Parts 1 & 2 – 23Dec09

December 15, 2009 VIDEO: Burning Conscience – Israeli soldiers speak out

December 8, 2009 ALJAZEERA VIDEO: The battle for Jerusalem

December 8, 2009 VIDEO: Walid Khalidi at the UN on Jerusalem Parts 1-5 6Dec09

December 6, 2009 A WONDERFUL VIDEO: UNRWA’s Gaza Summer Games 2009

December 2, 2009 VIDEO: Joining the tunnel diggers in the Gaza Strip 26Nov09

November 23, 2009 VIDEO: Gideon Levy on Israel’s addiction 16Nov09

November 22, 2009 VIDEO: Omar Barghouti on ‘The need to boycott Israel’ 18Nov09

November 22, 2009 DEMOCRACY NOW VIDEO: Israel under widespread international criticism for settlement expansion plan

November 22, 2009 VIDEO: Norman Finkelstein interviewed by pro-Zionist host Adam Holm on Danish TV re Israel and international law

November 20, 2009 VIDEO: Channel 4 TV “Dispatches” program exposes Britain’s pro-Israel lobby 18Nov09

November 16, 2009 VIDEO: The Never before Campaign for Palestine

November 15, 2009 VIDEO: Richard Goldstone and Dore Gold discuss the U.N. Gaza Report at Brandeis 5Nov09

November 10, 2009 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Life in Occupied Palestine (3 parts) by Anna Baltzer

November 8, 2009 ALJAZEERA VIDEO: Israeli separation barrier cuts family from village 8Nov09

November 7, 2009 VIDEO: Israel and remote control occupation 6Nov09

November 5, 2009 VIDEO: Mohammed Omer on the hell that is Gaza

November 4, 2009 VIDEO: GALLOWAY – War crimes speech, parts 1-3 28Oct09

November 1, 2009 VIDEO: James Zogby interviews Dr Mustafa Barghouthi about current Palestinian politics 29Oct09

October 31, 2009 VIDEO: War Crimes Multimedia Parts 1 & 2

October 30, 2009 CNN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syria’s first lady on Gaza

October 30, 2009 VIDEO: Anna Baltzer on her Daily Show appearance with Mustapha Barghouti

October 24, 2009 VIDEO: Voices from Gaza welcome the Gaza Freedom March 21Oct09

October 24, 2009 VIDEO: Citzens arrest and mass disruption of former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert in San Francisco