September 30, 2009 BIL’IN: Night raid 30Sep09

September 30, 2009 Abbas drops demand for settlement freeze under US pressure 29Sep09

September 30, 2009 ACTU: Missing in action on Palestine 29Sep09

September 30, 2009 COOK: Israel’s Arab citizens call general strike

September 30, 2009 ROSEN: A call to moral accounting

September 30, 2009 27 Oct, PERTH: “Israeli Apartheid vs International Law” with Sarah Haynes

September 30, 2009 23 Oct, MELBOURNE: “Ramallah Underground” Melbourne International Arts Festival

September 30, 2009 MELBOURNE, PSC: Picket Victorian Premier John Brumby 20Oct09

September 30, 2009 16-18 Oct, BRISBANE: JFP Film Festival (post includes video with song about Jenin)

September 30, 2009 13 Oct, MELBOURNE: Monash Debate “That the West should engage with Hamas: A solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict” with Malcolm Fraser, former PM of Australia

September 30, 2009 10 Oct, MELBOURNE: Rally to bring the troops home from Aghanistan

September 30, 2009 “War of words at SBS over Middle East”, The Australian, 28Sep09

September 30, 2009 Israeli minister Ehud Barak faces war crimes arrest threat during UK visit 29Sep09

September 30, 2009 YABAD: Palestinian Youth Murdered by Israeli Army 30Sep09

September 30, 2009 UN investigator defends Gaza report 29Sep09

September 30, 2009 Palestinians back Goldstone as Gaza report faces test 29Sep09

September 30, 2009 Palestinians seek Barak’s arrest 28Sep09

September 29, 2009 Hamas agrees to reconcile with Fatah 29Sep09

September 29, 2009 HASS: Death in the Samouni compound

September 29, 2009 VEOLIA: Latest news 28Sep09

September 29, 2009 BOOK: Esber’s book “Under the Cover of War – The Zionist Expulsion of the Palestinians” casts new light on Palestine’s ethnic cleansing

September 29, 2009 Egypt media group agrees on massive Israel boycott 28Sep09

September 29, 2009 HIJAB: Obama’s intriguing J-word

September 29, 2009 Hamas chief praises unity proposal 28Sep09

September 29, 2009 GORDON: On Palestinian civil disobedience

September 29, 2009 Turkey to raise Goldstone report at UN 27Sep09

September 29, 2009 08 Oct, MELBOURNE: Forum – Speaking out against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation

September 29, 2009 Settlers marketing East Jerusalem homes for 22 Jewish families 27Sep09

September 29, 2009 ‘Two teenagers wounded’ in Gaza 28Sep09

September 29, 2009 Sonja Karkar on behalf of AFP writes to the 47 members of the UNHRC appealing to them to endorse the Goldstone Report 28Sep09

September 28, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith re Mohammad Othman 28Sep09

September 28, 2009 GATES: US interests vs The Jewish State

September 28, 2009 A Palestinian mini-state linked to Iran strike 27Sep09

September 28, 2009 WHITBECK: Time to break free from Partition straitjacket

September 28, 2009 Erekat says Israel deliberately escalating tensions in Jerusalem 27Sep09

September 28, 2009 Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague 25Sep09

September 28, 2009 Hamas brands clash at Temple Mount a ‘Zionist crime’ 27Sep09

September 27, 2009 Ann Farran (SA) writes to Australian media on the smokescreen of Iran’s nuclear facilities for Israel’s belligerence, 27Sep09

September 27, 2009 VIDEO: “Pivoting toward final status negotiations” with Hanan Ashrawi

September 27, 2009 WATER CAMPAIGN: Peace activists enter South Hebron Hills area to bring water to Palestinians

September 27, 2009 Clinton tells Arabs to normalise Israel ties to spur peace process 26Sep09

September 27, 2009 White House: Official ‘misspoke’ on Goldstone report 23Sep09

September 27, 2009 Israel calls for action on Iran 26Sep09

September 27, 2009 GENERAL STRIKE AGAINST RACISM: Called by Palestinian citizens of Israel 1 Oct09

September 27, 2009 BIL’IN: Nonviolent demonstration, three arrests 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 Jeanie Lucas (SA) writes on silence re Israel’s nuclear program, The Advertiser 26Sep09

September 26, 2009 Michael Shaik (VIC) responds to letter criticising his article “Obama concession spells end for peace” The Australian 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 DAKWAR: Goldstone Report is Not to Be Ignored 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 CODEPINK: Women for Peace & the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement Sep09

September 26, 2009 BOOK: “Palestine in Pieces” by Kathleen and Bill Christison Sep09

September 26, 2009 Three killed in Israeli airstrike east of Gaza City 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 Palestinians mark 60th anniversary of aid body 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 Abbas insists on settlement freeze 25Sep09

September 26, 2009 POEM: Peace Talks by Samah Sabawi

September 26, 2009 THE ECONOMIST: No time for Barack Obama to give up

September 26, 2009 LEVY: Netanyahu’s speech / Cheapening the Holocaust

September 25, 2009 FREE MOHAMMAD OTHMAN Palestine’s first BDS prisoner of conscience

September 25, 2009 WHITE: The making of Salam Fayyad

September 25, 2009 Mosheer Amer (NSW) responds to Lyons’ “Gender not frontline issue in Israel” The Australian 25Sep09

September 25, 2009 KHOURI: Think again – Palestine

September 25, 2009 SHAIK: Obama concession spells end for peace

September 25, 2009 ABUNIMAH: Obama’s peace effort has failed but our struggle continues

September 25, 2009 GOLDSTONE: Who’s being unfair? 22Sep09

September 25, 2009 US rejects Mid-east preconditions 23Sep09

September 25, 2009 Netanyahu says no peace until Palestinians accept Israel as Jewish state 24Sep09

September 25, 2009 Sweden refuses Lieberman’s visit 23Sep09

September 25, 2009 Zyara Palestine 2009 – A visit to Palestine

September 24, 2009 Spain expels Israeli scientists from solar energy competition

September 24, 2009 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Obama can’t end Mid-East stalemate” The Advertiser, 24Sep09

September 24, 2009 Brazilian Parliament Recommends Freezing Out Israelis from Third Largest Export Market 23Sep09

September 24, 2009 Anisa Hamood (SA) responds to “Obama can’t end Mid-East stalemate” The Advertiser 24Sep09

September 24, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Everyone’s a loser in Mid-East stalemate” The Age 24Sep09

September 24, 2009 GROSS: Listen to Goldstone: UN report on Gaza war not one-sided, does not ignore Hamas crimes

September 24, 2009 Abbas in New York reiterates demand that Israelis implement Road Map obligations 23Sep09

September 24, 2009 Netanyahu says demand for settlement freeze ‘costing time’ 23Sep09

September 24, 2009 Palestinians Eye Role on Trade Body 23Sep09

September 23, 2009 ABU SITTA: Dividing war spoils

September 23, 2009 BOOK: “The Rejection of Palestinian self-determination” by Jeremy R Hammond 8Sep09

September 23, 2009 ALTIKRITI: Hamas is not al-Qaida

September 23, 2009 SHAIK: Apartheid Israel and the trade union movement

September 23, 2009 VIDEO: Diana Buttu speaks with MSNBC about the Obama talks with Abbas and Netanyahu 23Sep09

September 23, 2009 ELDAR: How Israel silenced its war protesters

September 23, 2009 Germans to walk out of UN meet if Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust 23Sep09

September 23, 2009 AUDIO: Chicago Public Radio’s “Worldview” interviews Omar Barghouti, Naomi Klein and Ambassador Alon Pinkas on Boycotting Israel 22Sep09

September 23, 2009 Obama begins Israel-Palestine talks 22Sep09

September 23, 2009 Israel denies Peres word on no ‘Iran war’ 23Sep09

September 23, 2009 Nuclear threat to the Golan 23Sep09

September 23, 2009 KOUTSOUKIS: West Bank occupation poses the real threat to Israel

September 22, 2009 FREEDLAND: Obama may have lost some face in the Middle East, but don’t write him off yet

September 22, 2009 MELBOURNE, AFP: Saree Makdisi lecture 16Sep09

September 22, 2009 BARTLETT: Widows and children begin to beg

September 22, 2009 WOODWARD: Israel’s never-ending war

September 22, 2009 MUSIC: “Song for Palestine” by Rich Siegel and Dave Lippman September 2009

September 22, 2009 Antony Loewenstein (NSW) responds to “Racism risk in call for Israeli boycott” The Australian 22Sep09 PUBLISHED

September 22, 2009 Jake Lynch (NSW) responds to “Racism risk in call for Israeli boycott” The Australian 22Sep09 PUBLISHED

September 22, 2009 SOOD: Re-think American policy toward Gaza

September 22, 2009 JACKSON: Economic retaliation against Tel Aviv

September 22, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ article “President’s Mid-East summit ‘is a joke’” The Age 22Sep09

September 22, 2009 BIL’IN: Night raid 21Sep09

September 22, 2009 Israeli warplanes bomb Rafah tunnels 21Sep09

September 22, 2009 FILM: Lebanese critics blast Israel director’s ‘Lebanon’ 21Sep09

September 22, 2009 Brzezinski says U.S. should forcibly stop IAF flying over Iraq to reach Iran 21Sep09

September 22, 2009 Israeli forces kill Gaza fighters 20Sep09

September 22, 2009 FALK: Why the Goldstone report matters 19Sep09

September 22, 2009 PELED: They like to call it war

September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009 60 MINUTES: “Hate thy neighbour” *A MUST WATCH* 20Sep09

September 21, 2009 Beryl Barmada (SA) responds to “Racism risk in calls for Israeli boycott” The Australian 22Sep09

September 21, 2009 Yvette Van Hauwe (Belgium) thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09

September 21, 2009 Klaus Wieneroider (VIC) thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09

September 21, 2009 Michael Shaik (VIC) thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09

September 21, 2009 John Weickhardt thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09

September 21, 2009 Paul Maroun (VIC) thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09

September 21, 2009 GATES: American Intifada – Shaking off six decades of deceit

September 21, 2009 WALT: Settling for failure in the Middle East

September 21, 2009 NELSON: Neve Gordon’s Academic Freedom

September 21, 2009 Thousands of West Bank Palestinians denied entry into the Aqsa Mosque 20Sep09

September 21, 2009 Obama to host Netanyahu-Abbas talks 20Sep09

September 20, 2009 Israel pressured on nuclear sites 18Sep09

September 20, 2009 BOOK: “A Doctor in Galilee” by Hatim Kanaaneh Sep09

September 20, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to the Prime Minister re Goldstone Report 20Sep09

September 20, 2009 AFP Media Release 17-21Sep09 Goldstone Report

September 20, 2009 WEISS: Goldstone commission sees evidence of ‘persecution’

September 20, 2009 World Bank says private sector growth essential for a state in two years 19Sep09

September 20, 2009 Merkel says Israel may announce temporary settlement freeze this fall 19Sep09

September 20, 2009 US fails to make peace breakthrough 19Sep09

September 19, 2009 JACKSON: “Stepping on others’ graves” from lecture by visiting UCLA Professor Saree Makdisi

September 19, 2009 KHATIB: Palestine’s peaceful struggle 11Sep09

September 19, 2009 BIL’IN: Night raid 16Sep09

September 19, 2009 Boycott Israel’s allies 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 25 Sep, SYDNEY: Rally for Palestine

September 19, 2009 25 Sep, MELBOURNE: Justice for Palestine Rally

September 19, 2009 Toronto Declaration – No Celebration of Ocupation – UPDATES 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 BALLES: The Israel Lobby’s Global Propaganda Manual

September 19, 2009 COOK: Boycott derails Jerusalem rail line

September 19, 2009 LIVINGSTONE: Hamas leader interview

September 19, 2009 MIDDLE EAST REALITY CHECK: On Philip Adams interviewing Saree Makdisi 19Sep09

September 19, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to McGreal’s article “Israel’s PR push divides stars at film festival” The Age, 19Sep09

September 19, 2009 Barak says Iran is not an existential threat to Israel 17Sep09

September 19, 2009 FILM: “With God on our side” *COMING SOON* 19Sep09

September 19, 2009 DOEBBLER: USA – The unfair negoatiator

September 19, 2009 BECKERMAN: Palestinian-led movement to boycott Israel is gaining support

September 19, 2009 Inside the Middle East Egyptian filmmaker boycotts festival in Israel protest 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 UN’s Goldstone says Israel has yet to deny our findings 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 US doubts UN report on possible Israel war crimes 17Sep09

September 19, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Rabinovich’s article “Israel bid to scuttle war crime report” The Australian 19Sep09

September 19, 2009 Robert Birch (NSW) writes to head of SBS questioning why the SBS ombudsman has not replied to his letter 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ article “Gaza conflict inquiry prompts fury and spin, but little soul-searching” The Age 17Sep09

September 19, 2009 Fay Waddington (QLD) thanks Julia Irwin MP for her efforts in Parliament re Palestine 17Sep09

September 19, 2009 Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to Chairman of B’nai B’rith Anti-defamation Commission in response to letter written to New Matilda 17Sep09

September 19, 2009 GOLBERG & MAKDISI: The Trial of Israel’s Campus Critics

September 19, 2009 MERRIMAN: Refusal of entry into the West Bank

September 19, 2009 Israeli demolition of 55 homes in Nablus is both illegal and immoral, states human rights group 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 GORENBERG: Will the U.S. Stop Treating Settlement as a PR Problem?

September 19, 2009 Mitchell ends Middle East peace bid 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 Netanyahu asks world to reject Goldstone findings 18Sep09

September 19, 2009 AAC Media Release 18Sep09

September 18, 2009 25 Sep, MELBOURNE: Teach In with Antony Loewenstein

September 18, 2009 VIDEO: Fisk lashes out at West in Middle East

September 18, 2009 BOOK: “My Israel Question” Antony Loewenstein Sep09

September 18, 2009 FILM: “American Radical” documentary about Norman Finkelstein 9Sep09

September 18, 2009 Britain’s unions commit to a mass boycott movement of Israeli goods 17Sep09

September 18, 2009 Jerusalem Court Halts Jewish Construction in Silwan 14Sep09

September 18, 2009 HIJAB: Sinking the Goldstone Report 17Sep09

September 18, 2009 Settler splashes alcohol on a Palestinian woman in Hebron 17 Sep09

September 18, 2009 Goldstone rejects cries of bias in Gaza war probe 17 Sep09

September 17, 2009 JACKSON: “Israel an apartheid state: academic” The Age 17Sep09

September 17, 2009 ABC Radio National: Philip Adams interviews Saree Makdisi 16Sep09

September 17, 2009 Peres says UN Gaza report makes mockery of history 16Sep09

September 17, 2009 Israel accused of Gaza war crimes 15Sep09

September 17, 2009 UN says Gaza water supplies in danger of ‘collapse’ 14Sep09

September 17, 2009 UN Fact Finding Mission finds strong evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Gaza conflict; calls for end to impunity 15Sep09

September 16, 2009 LYNCH: Free speech and the pro-Israel lobby

September 16, 2009 GAZA GOLDSTONE REPORT: United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict Report – September 09

September 16, 2009 LERMAN: Judge Goldstone and the pollution of argument 15Sep09

September 16, 2009 VEOLIA: still intertwined with Israel’s occupation 16Sep09

September 16, 2009 A turning point for the US solidarity movement, 16Sep09

September 16, 2009 Mitchell-Netanyahu meeting fails to make progress on settlements 15Sep09

September 16, 2009 UN says Israel, Palestinians guilty of Gaza war crimes 15Sep09

September 16, 2009 Goldstone Report: UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict Report Sep09

September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 TIFF Protest: Jane Fonda apologises over Toronto petition 15Sep09

September 16, 2009 Outgoing UN official says world powers curbed me from aiding Palestinians 14Sep09

September 15, 2009 LEAKED: Palestinians unveil Obama’s new plan for peace in the Middle Easts

September 15, 2009 BLANKFORT: On Rationalizing Israel’s Dispossession of the Palestinians

September 15, 2009 PLOCKER: The point of no return is here

September 15, 2009 GATES: How Israel’s nuclear arsenal endangers us all

September 15, 2009 Israelis and Palestinians Protest Together Against Settlements 14Sep09

September 15, 2009 Mubarak tells Netanyahu to stop illegal settlements 14Sep09

September 15, 2009 Netanyahu says East Jerusalem settlements not up for discussion 14Sep09

September 15, 2009 NIR: Do only Jews deserve to study?

September 15, 2009 Brazilian Parliament recommends freezing out Israelis from third largest export market 12Sep09

September 14, 2009 Israel eyes big arms sales in Africa 14Sep09

September 14, 2009 AL-FAISAL: Land first, then peace

September 14, 2009 TIFF PROTEST: “A Blizzard of Lies”, Jewish Voices for Peace 13Sep09

September 14, 2009 U.S. pension fund giant confirms divestment from Israel firm 13Sep09

September 14, 2009 Robert Birch (NSW) writes to SBS Ombudsman re directive to journalists not to sue the term “Palestinian land” when describing the Occupied Palestinian territories 14Sep09

September 14, 2009 Israeli settlers in Hebron construct new outpost 12Sep09

September 14, 2009 Palestinian police say Israeli forces and settlers attack Palestinians 13Sep09

September 14, 2009 “Our Production” campaign to promote local companies in Gaza Strip begins with advent of Ramadan 12Sep09