October 14, 2009 Secret police unit to monitor Arab towns 13Oct09

October 14, 2009 Israel PM denounces UN Gaza report 13Oct09

October 13, 2009 ART: “Loss of Innocence”, Gaza Children’s artwork 11Oct09

October 13, 2009 OXFAM WEEKLY GAZA REPORT 4-10 Oct 09

October 13, 2009 David Macilwain (NSW) writes to Attorney General Robert McClelland re Israeli war crimes 11Oct09

October 13, 2009 12th graders tell Netanyahu: We refuse to serve in IDF 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 BIL’IN: Scene from documentary of weekly protest by filmmaker Roger Hill

October 13, 2009 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Ilan Pappe on stepping up activism and advocacy for Palestine today

October 13, 2009 STOP THE WALL: First global BDS Marathon 16/17Oct09

October 13, 2009 KUWAIT: Kuwaiti MPs to table law banning any kind of dealings with Israel 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 SWITZERLAND: Massive protest rally in front of Palestinian mission in Geneva 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 NIL’IN: How teen journalist Arafat Kanaan helps resist Israel’s occupation 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 NIL’IN: Protests against attacks on the Al Aqsa Mosque 10Oct09

October 13, 2009 Palestinians’ vigil at Aqsa Mosque succeeds in fending off Zionist attackers 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 Official says soldiers obstructing olive harvest in Nablus 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 Home demolition in East Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina while owner was handcuffed 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 President Abbas says international amendments to Goldstone report had emptied it of substance 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 Netanyahu says Israelis will not be tried for war crimes 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 Hopes fade over Palestinian unity 12Oct09

October 13, 2009 Israeli officials say UK support for Goldstone report may backfire 11Oct09

October 12, 2009 MONASH DEBATE 13Oct09

October 12, 2009 LIEBERMAN: Why Jerusalem? Israel’s hidden agenda

October 12, 2009 KARKAR: The travails of the Palestinian Authority while Palestine vanishes

October 12, 2009 Al-Maliki holds talks with Libya before UN debate on Goldstone 11Oct09

October 12, 2009 Fatah Central Committee backs Egyptian deadline 11Oct09

October 12, 2009 Signing of Hamas – Fateh document of reconciliation again postponed after years of strife 11Oct09

October 12, 2009 Turkey bans Israel from international air force drill 11Oct09

October 11, 2009 BENN: Under Netanyahu, Abbas has gone from ‘good Palestinian’ to foe

October 11, 2009 SAPSTED: Hundreds of war crimes lawsuits filed against Israelis

October 11, 2009 MUZHER: Abbas’s loss is Palestinians’ gain

October 11, 2009 BOOK: “Thinking Palestine” by Ronit Lentin 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 New brochure markets East Jerusalem homes to Jewish families 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Islamic Jihad says UN probe into Gaza factions will not criminalize them 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Bil’in demonstration gathers gas canisters instead of olives after being denied access to lands 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Abu Zuhri says Fatah leaders try to evade responsibility by charging Hamas 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Takahashi says Goldstone’s report is the strongest in UN history 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Israeli Nobel Laureate calls for release of all Hamas prisoners 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 Mitchell pushes Middle East talks 9Oct09

October 11, 2009 Hamas sets new unity talks terms 10Oct09

October 11, 2009 ZUNES: The Goldstone Report: Killing the Messenger

October 11, 2009 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to letter by Dorothy Vasiliakis on Obama’s failure to insist on Israel freezing settlement building, The Advertiser, 9Oct09


October 10, 2009 MUSIC: Palestine Youth orchestra at Beiteddine Festival Oct09

October 10, 2009 Israel angry over Swedish support for Goldstone report 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 Qudwa says Abbas is to blame for adjourning UN vote on Goldstone’s report 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize as local peace talks flounder 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 Palestinians seek new leadership, independence: PRC meeting in London 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 European parliamentarians angry over Abbas’s decision on Goldstone’s report 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 ‘U.S. furious over Israeli incitement against Obama’ 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 Palestinians barred from Old City 9Oct09

October 10, 2009 Protests in Geneva over Goldstone’s report 9Oct09

October 9, 2009 Informed sources say Abbas advised not to return to Ramallah 7Oct09

October 9, 2009 THE ECONOMIST: Stranded between America and the street

October 9, 2009 Mitchell meets Israeli leaders 8Oct09

October 9, 2009 ABUNIMAH: After Goldstone, Hamas faces fateful choice

October 9, 2009 Official says US will not support action on Goldstone report at UNSC 8Oct09

October 9, 2009 Parliamentarian calls for collective pause to restore unity and repel pressure to resume negotiation 8Oct09

October 9, 2009 Lieberman says no chance for Israel-Palestinian peace soon 8Oct09

October 9, 2009 US official says Obama impatient with delay in Mideast peace talks 8Oct09

October 8, 2009 LAND FOR LAJEE: Help buy some community land for Aida Refugee Camp residents Oct09

October 8, 2009 Likud tells Obama keep his hand off Israel 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 Jordan urges UN to rein in Israel 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 Libya war report request denied 8Oct09

October 8, 2009 Excavations reported under Al-Aqsa mosque 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 Land confiscations resume as Anata targeted with military orders 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 BREAKING NEWS: Signs of anger at Abbas spread in Gaza

October 8, 2009 VIDEO: Richard Falk on Palestine and Goldstone report 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 Israel tightens Jerusalem ‘siege’ 6Oct09

October 8, 2009 UN Security Council to hold debate on Goldstone report 7Oct09

October 8, 2009 PLO official admits ‘mistake’ in delaying Goldstone report 7Oct09

October 7, 2009 MAKDISI: Last straw for the Palestinian Authority

October 7, 2009 CHERNUS: Obama Trapped Behind Wall of Mideast Containment

October 7, 2009 OMER: Textbook injustice in Gaza

October 7, 2009 DOEBBLER: Another injustice to Palestinians

October 7, 2009 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Alhadeff’s “UN’s human rights agenda hijacked” The Australian 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 COOK: How Israel buried the UN’s War Crime probe

October 7, 2009 CURTISS: The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers

October 7, 2009 ALJAZEERA: PA’s Goldstone block linked to tape 7Oct09

October 7, 2009 Israeli tanks enter eastern Gaza 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 Palestinian official: Israel deliberately sparking fire in Jerusalem 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 Israeli Arab party urges Abbas to quit over Goldstone report 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 Palestinian unity deal in jeopardy 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 Ramallah PLC members side with Abbas over Gaza report fiasco 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 US denies it pressured Abbas to delay UN action on Gaza 6Oct09

October 7, 2009 US to Israel: Abu Mazen Has Been Harmed, Strengthen Him 6OCt09

October 6, 2009 Michael Shaik (VIC) responds to Alhadeff’s “UN’s human rights agenda hijacked” The Australian 6Oct09

October 6, 2009 Nasser Mashni (VIC) responds to Alhadeff’s Article “UN’s human rights agenda hijacked” The Australian, 6Oct09

October 6, 2009 Deputy Speaker says Abbas, Fayyad to blame for failure in Geneva 5Oct09

October 6, 2009 Dahlan works damage control as UN outrage spreads 5Oct09

October 6, 2009 Vice Premier and ex-IDF chief cancels U.K. visit over arrest fears 5Oct09

October 6, 2009 PA waging diplomatic war over Temple Mount 5Oct09

October 6, 2009 Syria rebuffs Abbas over Gaza delay 5Oct09

October 6, 2009 BBC report to stay confidential 2Oct09

October 5, 2009 BARGOUTHI: UN must immediately adopt and act on Goldstone report

October 5, 2009 HASS: Mahmoud Abbas’ chronic submissiveness

October 5, 2009 LEVY: It’s all kosher for Kasher

October 5, 2009 Mubarak urges Israel to reconsider its Mideast policies 3Oct09

October 5, 2009 Amnesty, HRW demand US, Security Council ensure justice is done 3Oct09

October 5, 2009 Abbas orders probe of deferral of UN Gaza report 4Oct09

October 5, 2009 Abbas betraying martyrs’ blood 4Oct09

October 5, 2009 UN delay on Gaza report condemned 4Oct09

October 5, 2009 Clashes as Israel shuts off al-Aqsa 4Oct09

October 5, 2009 ‘All-star team of Israel-haters’ at Norway school raises concern 4Oct09

October 4, 2009 MUSIC: Music politicised à la Barenboim resisted by Palestinians

October 4, 2009 MUSIC: Birzeit and Goteborg Universities look at 100 Years of Palestinian Music 2Oct09

October 4, 2009 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL urges Ki-moon to refer Goldstone report to security council

October 4, 2009 ALJAZEERA: ‘Israel has to be held accountable’

October 4, 2009 KARKAR: “Palestine, yes we can”

October 4, 2009 GAZA’S DEATH FIELDS

October 4, 2009 UN sees rise in Israeli violence as state complains of “rockets” 3Oct09

October 4, 2009 PFLP slams PA role in postponement of Goldstone report at UN 3Oct09

October 4, 2009 Israel ‘destined’ to fall, says Mashaal 2Oct09

October 4, 2009 Gaza report vote delay angers Hamas 3Oct09

October 4, 2009 PalTrade reports Gaza exports at near zero; imports on steady decline 1Oct09

October 3, 2009 Obama agrees to keep Israel’s nukes secret 3Oct09

October 3, 2009 A third intifada coming, says Boyle 30Sep09

October 3, 2009 UN puts off action on Gaza report 2Oct09

October 3, 2009 PA denies role in postponing UN report debate 2Oct09

October 3, 2009 WOMEN IN GAZA: Report on the Gender-Specific Impact and Consequences of Operation Cast Lead 2Oct09

October 3, 2009 Haaretz Editorial says “only an external probe will do”

October 3, 2009 MUSIC: Cooperation agreement between the National Institute of Music and Royal Academy of Music in Denmark 3Oct09

October 3, 2009 Greek online protest against participation of Israeli archaeologist in UNESCO symposium

October 3, 2009 PALESTINIAN HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

October 3, 2009 PNGO condemns PA request of delaying endorsement of Goldstone recommendations

October 3, 2009 BIL’IN: Tens suffer breathing difficulty following IOF quelling of peaceful march

October 3, 2009 Lieberman says Norway too ‘hostile’ to have monitors in Hebron 2Oct09

October 3, 2009 Israel has set free the remaining nineteen Palestinian female captives 2Oct09

October 3, 2009 UN says poverty has tripled in Gaza 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 HERMEZ: Answering critics of the boycott movement

October 2, 2009 HOROWITZ & WEISS: Israel vs Human Rights

October 2, 2009 Interview with Judge Richard Goldstone 2Oct09

October 2, 2009 HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: UN: US, EU Undermine Justice for Gaza Conflict

October 2, 2009 B’TSELEM: The Goldstone Report on Gaza

October 2, 2009 ABUNIMAH: Abbas helps Israel bury its crimes in Gaza

October 2, 2009 Palestinians drop their endorsement of Goldstone’s Gaza report 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 LYNFIELD: Palestinians cry ‘blackmail’ over Israel phone service threat

October 2, 2009 KANTAR: On Max Boot – “Apologist for War Crimes”

October 2, 2009 RABKIN: Demystifying Zionism

October 2, 2009 VIVA PALESTINA – convoy route 6-27 December 2009

October 2, 2009 Israel Prepares For Battle Over War Crimes Claims 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 Lawyers say Jerusalemites being stripped of residency permits 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 Netanyahu nixes call for Israeli inquiry into Gaza war 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 Politicians reject conducting probe of IDF’s role in Cast Lead 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 Israeli army kills Palestinian teen in West Bank 30Sep09

October 2, 2009 Palestinian freed for Shalit film 1Oct09

October 2, 2009 Israel urges UN body to come to its senses on Goldstone Report 1Oct09

October 1, 2009 Ali Kazak (ACT) responds to “Iran’s radioactive reasoning” SMH 29Sep09

October 1, 2009 Jon Jureidini (SA) responds to article in The Weekend Australian 26Sep09 re Ken Loach’s withdrawal of film from festival

October 1, 2009 Fatah tells Abbas, no talks without settlement freeze 30Sep09

October 1, 2009 Goldstone says Israel intentionally targeted Gaza civilian sites 01Oct09

October 1, 2009 14 Nov, ADELAIDE: Palestinian Film Festival

October 1, 2009 14 Nov, SYDNEY: Boycott Jerusalem Quartet

October 1, 2009 14 Nov, MELBOURNE: Palestinian Film Festival

October 1, 2009 14 Nov CANBERRA: Arab Film Festival

October 1, 2009 13 Nov, ADELAIDE: Palestinian Film Festival (3 days)

October 1, 2009 13 Nov, CANBERRA: Arab Film Festival (2 days)

October 1, 2009 13 Nov, ADELAIDE: Boycott Jerusalem Quartet

October 1, 2009 13 Nov, MELBOURNE: Palestinian Film Festival

October 1, 2009 12 Nov, MELBOURNE: Palestinian Film Festival (4 days)

October 1, 2009 12 Nov, BRISBANE: Public Forum with Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi

October 1, 2009 11 Nov, BRISBANE: Boycott Jerusalem Quartet

October 1, 2009 9 & 14 Nov, SYDNEY: Boycott Jerusalem Quartet (TWO CONCERTS)

October 1, 2009 8 Nov, PERTH: Film screening “Encounter Point”

October 1, 2009 8 Nov, SYDNEY: Eyewitness report from Hebron – Jennifer Killen

October 1, 2009 5-7 Nov, MELBOURNE: Arab Film Festival

October 1, 2009 5 Nov, PERTH: Boycott Jerusalem Quartet

October 1, 2009 1 Nov, SYDNEY: Arab Film Festival, Inaugural Launch

October 1, 2009 29 Oct-01 Nov, SYDNEY: Palestinian Film Festival

October 1, 2009 Netanyahu wants panel of inquiry over UN Gaza report 30 September 2009

October 1, 2009 Israel to enforce Jewish prayer time at Al-Aqsa 30Sep09

October 1, 2009 Israel set to approve massive new settlement near Bethlehem 30Sep09