December 11, 2009 Margaret Cassar (SA) responds to Craig Smith’s article “The Israeli Brand”, Nov/Dec 09 issue

December 11, 2009 Reaction to Egypt’s new steel border wall with Gaza 10Dec09

December 11, 2009 BLOOD DIAMONDS: Israeli blood diamonds sponsor war crimes 9Dec09

December 11, 2009 MACLEOD: To the Arab world, Obama’s Nobel leaves something to be desired

December 11, 2009 ABBAS: Truth on the West Bank

December 11, 2009 GALINOVIC: What did the Palestinian say to the policeman?

December 11, 2009 MICHAELI: The military threat

December 11, 2009 BIL’IN: Leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah arrested during military night raid 10Dec09

December 11, 2009 Statement by Proinsias De Rossa MEP about Israel’s interference in EU Parliament 9Dec09

December 11, 2009 WALT: Ha’aretz says U.S. officials face ‘pro-Israel’ background check

December 11, 2009 BIL’IN: Some 40 Israelis and internationals join weekly protest against Wall 4Dec09

December 11, 2009 MA’ASARA: Youth arrested and beaten by Israeli soldiers in protest against Wall 4Dec09

December 11, 2009 MEKOROT WATER: Oppose Portuguese Water Deal 11Dec09

December 11, 2009 Israeli forces disrupt UNRWA chief’s farewell 10Dec09

December 11, 2009 CORPORATE WATCH: Occupation Industries – The Israeli industrial zones

December 11, 2009 EAPPI: Palestinian Christian call for economic sanctions and boycott of Israel, echoing Apartheid-era appeal 11Dec09

December 11, 2009 Egypt starts building steel wall on GAza Strip border 9Dec09

December 11, 2009 German ex-diplomats say constant support for Israel must cease 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 NABLUS REGION: Israeli military kidnaps 9 Palestinians 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 27 Dec, SYDNEY: Gaza Freedom Vigil

December 10, 2009 18 Dec, BRISBANE: Vigil and March for Gaza

December 10, 2009 Australian Jewish News: Peace team stars score at Parliament in Melbourne

December 10, 2009 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Call to share Jerusalem” Adelaide Advertiser 10Dec09

December 10, 2009 Israeli court decides Bethlehem student won’t leave Gaza 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 Israel votes on bill to return annexed lands 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 Exploitation in Israeli Industrial Settlement: A call for solidarity with Palestinian workers 18Nov09

December 10, 2009 Israel bans EU MPs from Gaza 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 Netanyahu says PA has made strategic choice to delay peace talks 9Dec09

December 10, 2009 Human Rights ‘with conditions’: Discrimination in 2009 6Dec09

December 9, 2009 Israeli business leaders delegation gets a New York welcome 7Dec09

December 9, 2009 Associated Press: Palestinian boycott Israeli settlement goods 8Dec09

December 9, 2009 Top Nine Brands to Boycott 8Dec09

December 9, 2009 24 comments responding to Dadon’s online piece 9Dec09

December 9, 2009 DADON: Pro-Palestinian protests belie understanding of history 9Dec09

December 9, 2009 EU backs Jerusalem as joint capital (includes Press release) 8Dec09

December 9, 2009 GAZA FREEDOM MARCH: Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein heads to Gaza with 1000 delegates 6Dec09

December 9, 2009 Egypt to open Rafah crossing for Gaza students 8Nov09

December 9, 2009 “Netanyahu okays Israel-Egypt border wall” 8Dec09

December 9, 2009 EU debates East Jerusalem status 8Dec09

December 8, 2009 Some amazing up close shots of Melbourne protest against Israeli Vice PM Silvan Shalom 6Dec09

December 8, 2009 TOMGRAM: Ellen Cantarow, The Great Wall of Israel

December 8, 2009 ALJAZEERA VIDEO: The battle for Jerusalem

December 8, 2009 WEINBERGER: Powerless in Gaza

December 8, 2009 ABUNIMAH: There is a tremendous struggle to be waged, to force Israeli introspection, and change

December 8, 2009 KADI & LEVITT: “The US cash behind extremist settlers”

December 8, 2009 SHAIK: Australia’s pro-Israel stance ignores Palestinians’ plight

December 8, 2009 WHITE: Shattering Israel’s image of ‘democracy’

December 8, 2009 VEOLIA: Direct challenge by PSC in London

December 8, 2009 March to Freedom – GAZA

December 8, 2009 NEW MEXICO: Billboards calling for end to military aid back up in Albequerque 6Dec09

December 8, 2009 VIDEO: Walid Khalidi at the UN on Jerusalem Parts 1-5 6Dec09

December 8, 2009 H1N1 fears sweep Gaza 7Dec09 + UPDATE

December 8, 2009 NIL’IN: One injured and dozens suffers effects of tear gas at the weekly protest 4Dec09

December 8, 2009 BIL’IN: residents demonstrate in support of recent Swedish initiative calling for a Palestinian state 4Dec09

December 8, 2009 Mayor tells ‘ghost’ Jerusalem residents: Rent out or sell up 7Dec09

December 8, 2009 Settlers block distribution of building freeze orders 7Dec09


December 8, 2009 ABUZAYD: Confronting dispossession: Creating facts in the mind

December 7, 2009 HART: The Choice for Israel – Civil war for peace or the end of Zionism?

December 7, 2009 13 Dec, ADELAIDE: Presentation on recent Palestine trip

December 7, 2009 Report says 14,000 Palestinian olive trees subjected to Israeli aggression in 2009 4Dec09

December 7, 2009 British MP Galloway sets out with Gaza convoy 6Dec09

December 7, 2009 Netanyahu embraces settlers as ‘brothers’ 6Dec09

December 7, 2009 MELBOURNE: Capsicum spray used to quell anti-Israel protesters 7Dec09

December 7, 2009 Eric Carwardine (WA) responds to story about William Cooper on Radio National’s Aboriginal program “Awaye!” 5Dec09

December 6, 2009 A JOURNAL: “15 days in Palestine” by Basil Loupis Nov09

December 6, 2009 COOK: Walled in by Myth and Deceit

December 6, 2009 A WONDERFUL VIDEO: UNRWA’s Gaza Summer Games 2009

December 6, 2009 Amb Palestina al Cor Report: “Apartheid against the Palestinian People” Aug09

December 6, 2009 Israel annexing East Jerusalem, says EU 7Dec09

December 6, 2009 EID: Palestinian Reflections on American Political Ideology

December 6, 2009 Fatah official says UNRWA finance crisis spells human disaster 5Dec09

December 6, 2009 Russia courted by Israel, Palestine 5Dec09

December 6, 2009 PCATI releases report “No Second Thoughts: Changes in the IDF’s Combat Doctrine In Light Of Operation ‘Cast Lead’ 4Dec09

December 6, 2009 Gazans fleeced in investment scam 5Dec09

December 6, 2009 EAPPI: No water for the neighbours

December 5, 2009 UNION AID ABROAD-APHEDA: Policy statement on Israel/Palestine Dec09

December 5, 2009 VEOLIA: Letter handed in to Veolia HQ in London – Asking them to stop supporting War Crimes in Palestine 3Dec09

December 5, 2009 PRC launches Internet website regarding Goldstone Report 30Nov09

December 5, 2009 600 helpless as Gaza war disabled them 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 UN Denies Footballer Zinedine Zidane visit to Gaza as Goodwill Ambassador 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 French FM barred from entering Gaza 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 NIL’IN: Anti-wall protester shot 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 Goldstone wins human rights award from Sweden NGOs 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 SONG: Israeli Uri Gopher sings pro-Palestinian song 30Nov09

December 5, 2009 AFP advocate Michael Shaik is interviewed by J-Wire on prosecuting Ehud Olmert for war crimes 4Dec09

December 5, 2009 David Macilwain (VIC) writes about Ehud Olmert and his presence in Australia, The Age, 4Dec09

December 4, 2009 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Building Showdown” The Advertiser, 4Dec09


December 4, 2009 Israeli spy calls for execution of Palestinian prisoners until Shalit is freed 3Dec09

December 4, 2009 PLO warns of humanitarian disaster in refugee camps 3Dec09

December 4, 2009 Israeli ground forces invade southern Gaza 3Dec09

December 4, 2009 AHAVA: Boycott of Ahava Dead Sea products makes an impact 2Dec09

December 4, 2009 MOTOROLA ISRAEL $900,000 US award subsidises Israel’s settlement industry 2Dec09

December 4, 2009 BARKAN WINERIES: still a settlement company 2Dec09

December 3, 2009 CANBERRA: Protests against Knesset delegation headed by Silvan Shalom 3Dec09

December 3, 2009 SYDNEY: Minister Shalom meets Australian PM, dozens protest against Israel 3Dec09

December 3, 2009 AFP letter to Attorney General requesting investigation of Ehud Olmert’s war crimes 3Dec09

December 3, 2009 AFP PR18-04Dec09 war crimes charges against Olmert

December 3, 2009 MELBOURNE PROTEST 6Dec09

December 3, 2009 OLIVE KIDS FUNDAISER: $18,000+ raised for Palestinian kids 29Nov09

December 3, 2009 Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to The Australian re Rudd’s welcome for Israeli delegation led by Vice PM Silvan Shalom

December 3, 2009 BAROUD: A people’s history of thanksgiving

December 3, 2009 Times ad in support of the Goldstone Report 1Dec09

December 3, 2009 Israeli police arrest mayor in West Bank settlement 2Dec09

December 3, 2009 EU Palestine move enrages Israelis 2Dec09

December 3, 2009 Qureia says return to talks would be pointless 2Dec09

December 3, 2009 HART: Deception has always been the name of Zionism’s game

December 3, 2009 CFMEU Statement: Extremists should not be welcome 2Dec09

December 2, 2009 ABC Correspondents Report: Status of students in the West Bank in doubt 29Nov09

December 2, 2009 Samah Sabawi (VIC) responds to “Status of students in the West Bank in doubt” ABC Online 2Dec09

December 2, 2009 9 Dec, SYDNEY: “Behind the Wall” photo-presentation with Jennifer Killen

December 2, 2009 VIDEO: Joining the tunnel diggers in the Gaza Strip 26Nov09

December 2, 2009 PGFTU: statement supporting BDS campaign 25Nov09

December 2, 2009 Israel stripped thousands of Jerusalem Arabs of residency in 2008 2Dec09

December 2, 2009 EU envoys say Israel is trying to sever East Jerusalem from West Bank 2Dec09

December 2, 2009 HAARETZ EXCLUSIVE: EU draft document on division of Jerusalem

December 2, 2009 LITTLEWOOD: Will the church act to save the children of Gaza this Christmas?

December 2, 2009 ABU NIMAH: Olive oil and yoghurt, yoghurt and olive oil

December 2, 2009 Israel to free 17 East Jerusalem Arabs in Shalit deal 1Dec09

December 2, 2009 COOK: Israel’s Arab women workers need not apply

December 2, 2009 Vietnam asks Israel to stop expanding settlements in Palestine 1Dec09

December 2, 2009 Netanyahu okays 25 new settler homes despite ban 1Dec09

December 2, 2009 EU foreign ministers likely to call for division of Jerusalem 1Dec09

December 1, 2009 Israel begins crackdown on settlement construction 30Nov09

December 1, 2009 Hamas ‘on verge of Gaza war probe’ 30Nov09

December 1, 2009 Blair expects ‘hell of a fight’ without two states 30Nov09