March 31, 2010 The Pixies should not be music to Apartheid’s ears 30Mar10

March 31, 2010 FREE GAZA MOVEMENT: Launch cargo ship from Ireland 31Mar10


March 31, 2010 Passover restrictions affect Palestinians 30Mar10

March 31, 2010 Deal signed for Bethlehem Industrial Park 30Mar10

March 31, 2010 Child killed by army fire in Rafah 30Mar10


March 30, 2010 British MPs seek review of arms exports to Israel 30Mar10

March 30, 2010 MUSIC: Interview with Samir Joubran “We are defending our culture” 29Mar10

March 30, 2010 VIVA PALESTINA ARABIA: Summer University of Palestine 26Mar10

March 30, 2010 Tue 13 Apr, PERTH: Seminar – Eyewitness Report on Israel/Palestine, Katie Atwell

March 30, 2010 McGEOGH: The big shift: US puts Israel on notice, 27Mar10

March 30, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Israel fear Us will withdraw support in the UN” The Age, 30Mar10

March 30, 2010 David Macilwain (VIC) writes further to ABC Corporate Affairs about the AM program on “Insights of Wounded Children in Israel” 30Mar10

March 30, 2010 Israeli public are dissatisfied with Netanyahu 29Mar10

March 30, 2010 Report says Obama steps up Israel pressure 29Mar10

March 30, 2010 Report says Israel copied thousands of passports 29Mar10

March 29, 2010 David Macilwain (VIC) writes to ABC Corporate Affairs about the AM program on “Insights of Wounded Children in Israel” 29Mar10

March 29, 2010 Swedish Pension Funds exclude Elbit 29Mar10

March 29, 2010 Margaret Cassar (SA) responds to Alexander Downer’s piece in the Adelaide Advertiser 29Mar10


March 29, 2010 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Channel 4 (UK) Dispatches on “The Children of Gaza” 25Mar10

March 29, 2010 KARKAR: Words! Words! Words!

March 29, 2010 SAUL: Time to stop handling Israel with kid gloves

March 29, 2010 SVENSSON: Apartheid on two continents

March 29, 2010 SHAIK: Israel now an apartheid regime

March 29, 2010 SAUNDERS: Rachel Corrie’s family takes case to court in Israel 30Mar10

March 29, 2010 HOLY LAND TRUST: Internationals and Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine

March 29, 2010 US ‘may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem’ 28Mar10

March 29, 2010 Israel vows to ‘liquidate’ Gaza’s Hamas rulers 28Mar10

March 29, 2010 PA says 20,000 could lose homes in Jerusalem 28Mar10

March 29, 2010 Palm Sunday detainees still in Israeli custody 28Mar10

March 28, 2010 FOLLOW-UP ON OMAR, LAND, DAY, AND MORE 27Mar10

March 28, 2010 BETHLEHEM: Defying the Wall, Palm Sunday demonstrators break out 28Mar10


March 28, 2010 VIDEO: Helen Thomas (member of White House press corps) on her one question for Obama

March 28, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: Fraser calls for expulsion of Israeli diplomats

March 28, 2010 HART: US concern about Israel’s illegal settlements is 42 years too late


March 28, 2010 VIDEO: Targeted Citizen 21Mar10

March 28, 2010 In defense of the UC, Irvine 11 25Mar10

March 28, 2010 UC Berkeley: ASUC President vetoes “Bill in support of UN divestment from war crimes” 26Mar10

March 28, 2010 SCHROEDER: Boys disappearing from Hebron Old City

March 28, 2010 EL-FARRA: Thirsty for justice

March 28, 2010 In Australia, a day of solidarity with Palestine

March 28, 2010 Palestinian killed east of Khan Younis 27Mar10

March 28, 2010 Amr Moussa says Arabs must prepare alternatives to failing peace process 27Mar10

March 28, 2010 Israel ends Gaza incursion 27Mar10

March 28, 2010 BAHOUR: Happy Passover from Gaza

March 27, 2010 Stewart Mills (NSW) responds to “Tony Abbott calls for restraint on Israel” The Australian, 27Mar10 PUBLISHED

March 27, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Kessler’s “US applies pressure test on settlements” The Age, 26Mar10

March 27, 2010 VIDEO: The increasing Israeli grip on occupied Jerusalem 26Mar10

March 27, 2010 HAIDER: Palestine already exists on film

March 27, 2010 BUTTU: The US-Israeli dispute is more comedy than reality

March 27, 2010 Israeli fire kills 2 in southern Gaza 26Mar10

March 27, 2010 ‘Crisis in Jerusalem’ meeting at the House of Commons 26Mar10

March 27, 2010 Arab ministers agree on Jerusalem fund 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ article “US-Israeli talks fail to end housing dispute” The Age, 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 SHEIKH JARRAH: 300 protesters gather 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Israel rebuke”, Adelaide Advertiser, 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 COOK: Israel’s latest provocation at al-Aqsa

March 26, 2010 AL MA’ASARA: Solidarity with activist Omar Ala-Din, held and badly beaten 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 AN NABI SALAH: Protest against Israeli settlement of Halmish 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 NI’ILIN: Weekly protest against the wall 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 BIL’IN: Weekly protest against the wall 26Mar10

March 26, 2010 Angered by Netanyahu, Obama leaves meeting 25Mar10

March 26, 2010 Israel expects Australia to expel diplomat over fake passports 25Mar10

March 26, 2010 UN rights body censures Israel 24Mar10

March 26, 2010 UN rights council says experts to monitor Gaza war crimes probes 26Mar10

March 25, 2010 Doea McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age re the ignoring of international law 25Mar10

March 25, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Leader meet to ease row”, Adelaide Advertiser, 25Mar10

March 25, 2010 NADER: Israel and aid

March 25, 2010 WRIGHT: Against ‘pro-Israel’

March 25, 2010 VIDEO: An Apartheid State

March 25, 2010 PACBI: West-Eastern Divan Orchestra: Undermining Palestinian civil resistance and violating Palestinian cultural boycott guidelines 23Mar10

March 25, 2010 Israel braces for more expulsions in Mossad row 24Mar10

March 25, 2010 Israeli forces strike northern Gaza, reports of injured 24Mar10

March 25, 2010 New building clouds Israel-US talks 24Mar10

March 25, 2010 GREENWALD: A stark truth – Israeli arms, US dollars

March 24, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to The Age re status of Jerusalem 24Mar10

March 24, 2010 UK expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai case 24Mar10

March 24, 2010 Settlements have cost Israel $17 billion, study finds 23Mar10

March 24, 2010 LATE NIGHT LIVE: Phillip Adams interviews Israeli Professor Shlomo Sands 22Mar10

March 24, 2010 COLE: Top ten reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

March 24, 2010 Netanyahu reaffirms ‘right to build’ in Jerusalem 23Mar10

March 23, 2010 VIDEO: Dr Mads Gilbert on Gaza (3 parts) 9Mar10

March 23, 2010 MEMO Report: “Isn’t it time for America to re-evaluate its “special relationship” with Israel?” Mar10

March 23, 2010 European Court of Justice Judgement on Israeli products in settlements on the Palestinian Territories 25Feb10

March 23, 2010 CAABU Report: “One year on from war” March 2010

March 23, 2010 SCOTTISH PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN: Open letter in defence of the right to boycott Israel 9Mar10

March 23, 2010 MACINTYRE: Ramat Shlomo: Inside the town that will test Obama to the limit

March 23, 2010 ‘Current Knesset is the most racist in Israeli history’ 21Mar10

March 23, 2010 Israeli warplanes target Rafah, artillery fire hits north 22Mar10

March 23, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: Hamas says Israel prompting Gaza violence

March 22, 2010 SHLAIM: Cut off the cash and Israel might behave

March 22, 2010 BAROUD: Activism is change, not academic squabbles and bickering

March 22, 2010 KARKAR: Who is killing whom in Israel/Palestine?

March 22, 2010 VIDEO: 60 MINUTES- “The Tunnel Rats” 21Mar10

March 22, 2010 BOOK: “Peaceful Resistance” by Gabi Baramki 19Mar10

March 22, 2010 MOTHER’S DAY IN PALESTINE 21Mar10

March 22, 2010 WORLD WATER DAY: Palestinian Water Justice Now 22Mar10

March 22, 2010 BOSTON STUDY GROUP: Two States for Two peoples March 2010

March 22, 2010 Award-winning Rafah journalist denied permission to enter US 21Mar10

March 22, 2010 Two Palestinians shot dead 21Mar10

March 22, 2010 Envoys push for Middle East peace 21Mar10

March 21, 2010 Activists urge musicians not to perform in Israel 17Mar10

March 21, 2010 BEIT JALA: Demonstration against the Wall 21Mar10

March 21, 2010 HALPER: The second battle of Gaza: Israel’s undermining of international law

March 21, 2010 Gazans wounded in Israeli strike 20Mar10

March 21, 2010 47 residents wounded in Hebron 20Mar10

March 21, 2010 UN chief Ban Ki-Moon starts Mid-East peace push 20Mar10

March 21, 2010 Jerusalem hosts high-level meeting with EU’s Ashton and Hanan Ashrawi 19Mar10

March 20, 2010 HAYES: Should the EU subsidise Israeli security?

March 20, 2010 VIDEO: Democrat for US Senate Jonathan Tasini says end the blockade of Gaza 17Mar10

March 20, 2010 JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE: Don’t let AIPAC speak for you

March 20, 2010 Nasser Mashni (VIC) responds to Halevi’s “Barack Obama’s stand puts Mid-East in danger” The Australian, 20Mar10

March 20, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to McDonald’d “True friends must tell the truth” SMH 20Mar10

March 20, 2010 McDONALD: True friends must tell the truth

March 20, 2010 SIEGMAN: Telling Israel – and ourselves – difficult truths

March 20, 2010 Palestinians seek to impose settlements boycott 18Mar10

March 20, 2010 Israeli warplanes pound Gaza Strip; no injuries 19Mar10

March 20, 2010 Quartet calls for settlement freeze 18Mar10

March 19, 2010 BOOK: Behind the Wall: Life, Love, and Struggle in Palestine by Rich Wiles 19Mar10

March 19, 2010 UC Berkeley student senate passes bill to divest from occupation 18Mar10

March 19, 2010 ISM volunteer shot, hospitalized; ISM co-founder arrested 19Mar10

March 19, 2010 US Department of Justice asked to regulate AIPAC as a foreign agent of the Israeli Government 17Mar10

March 19, 2010 Gaza rocket kills worker in Israel 18Mar10

March 19, 2010 BUDROS: Demonstration against the Wall 19Mar10

March 19, 2010 EU representative enters Gaza through Erez 18Mar10

March 19, 2010 Peres tells EU that Israel has every right to build in Jerusalem 18Mar10

March 19, 2010 BOOK: Atlas of Palestine 1917-1966 by Dr Salman Abu Sitta 19Mar10

March 18, 2010 ABARBANEL: Please help little Amal from Gaza

March 18, 2010 LENDMAN: Peace process hypocrisy: stillborn from inception

March 18, 2010 SALT: Murdoch’s Kind of Arabs: Sleeping with the Enemy

March 18, 2010 GORDON: Rachel Corrie’s memory, Israel’s image

March 18, 2010 McCARTHY: Jail ordeal of hundreds of Palestinian children arrested for throwing stones


March 18, 2010 UN explosive team in Gaza to defuse Israel phosphorus shells 18Mar10

March 18, 2010 Dr Vacy Vlazna (NSW) writes to Julia Irwin MP thanking her courageous response to the Paul Howes article in the Federal Parliament 15Mar10

March 18, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article in the Adelaide Advertiser about US and Israel pulling back from the brink 18Mar10

March 18, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Sheridan’s “There’s scope for hope, for closer ties with Israel” The Australian, 18Mar10

March 18, 2010 BIL’IN: Army bans Israeli and international activists 15Mar10

March 18, 2010 Israel settler stance undermining US interests 17Mar10

March 18, 2010 Clashes erupt in northern West Bank 17Mar10

March 18, 2010 Hillary Clinton affirms US support for Israel after row 17Mar10

March 17, 2010 COLE: The Map: The story of Palestinian nationhood thwarted after the League of Nations recognized it

March 17, 2010 ART: “The writing on the wall” by Toufic Haddad 15Mar10

March 17, 2010 Anisa Hamood (SA) responds to Downer’s article re Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Adelaide Advertiser 15Mar10

March 17, 2010 BDS National Committee calls for Boycotting Swedish fashion giant H&M 15Mar10

March 17, 2010 JULIA IRWIN MP: Speech in Australia’s Federal Parliament re Howes article on assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh 15Mar10

March 17, 2010 Israel wins contract to supply Australian troops 16Mar10

March 17, 2010 Stewart Mills (NSW) responds to Philip Mendes’ letter in Tikkun March/April issue 2010

March 17, 2010 Truth in Labelling: EU court challenges “Made in Israel”

March 17, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Age Editorial “Israel puts its most important ally offside” 17Mar10

March 17, 2010 Clashes mark Jerusalem Day of Rage 16 March 2010

March 17, 2010 Mass protests held across Gaza in solidarity with Jerusalem 16Mar10

March 17, 2010 Israel rejects settlement halt 16Mar10

March 16, 2010 Masked soldiers post closed zone signs in Bil’in, Ni’lin 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 European Union found guilty at first session of Russell Tribunal 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 Michael Shaik (VIC) responds to Goot’s “Two-state solution fading away” The Australian 16Mar10



March 16, 2010 HERMEZ: Boycott or censorship? 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 First planned Palestinian city receives US grant 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 Israeli cabinet approves barrier construction in south 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 Israeli government allows sale of stolen Palestinian property to Israelis 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 Israeli study says Hamas ‘used civilians as human shields’ in Gaza 15Mar10

March 16, 2010 US steps up pressure on Israel 15Mar10

March 15, 2010 Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) welcomes landmark EU court ruling, calls for intensifying grassroots BDS 15Mar10

March 15, 2010 Stewart Mills (NSW) responds to Vic Alhadeff’s “First step is accepting Israel’s right to exist” SMH 15Mar10

March 15, 2010 PROTESTS: Beit Jala – Ni’ilin – Bil’in – An Nabi Salah – Al Ma’asara – Sheikh Jarrah – Beit Ummar – Jeb Altheeb 12Mar10

March 15, 2010 Gaza protest marks 1000 days of ongoing-Israeli siege 15Mar10

March 15, 2010 Dora McPhee responds to “Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu moves to placate furious US” The Australian 15Mar10

March 15, 2010 US ponders denying Israel arms needed for Iran war 14Mar10

March 15, 2010 PA official says Israel orders demolition of Nablus mosque 14Mar10

March 15, 2010 Israeli settlements plan angers archbishop of Canterbury 12Mar10

March 14, 2010 Autopsy doctor admits to violating court order in Rachel Corrie autopsy 14Mar10

March 14, 2010 Netanyahu ‘surprised’ by U.S. condemnation over East Jerusalem plan 13Mar10

March 14, 2010 US rebukes Israel over housing plan 13Mar10

March 13, 2010 Fri 2 Apr, MELBOURNE: Sameh Habeeb “The struggle for a free Palestine”

March 13, 2010 Fri 2 Apr, MELBOURNE: John Pilger, Speaking truth to power

March 13, 2010 Thu 1 Apr, SYDNEY: Film Screening “The Iron Wall”

March 13, 2010 31 Mar, MELBOURNE: Ginny Adams – Eyewitness account – Stories from Gaza

March 13, 2010 31 Mar, SYDNEY: Sameh Habeeb on Gaza

March 13, 2010 30 Mar, CANBERRA: Public Meeting – Global Day of Action – Sarah Dowse, Michael Shaik

March 13, 2010 IRISH CAMPAIGN

March 13, 2010 BIL’IN: Weekly Protest against the Wall 12Mar10


March 13, 2010 Corporate Watch launches Palestine research blog 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 Settlers torch olive orchard in Hebron 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 Clashes erupt near Al-Aqsa Mosque 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 SHAIK: Civil rights road in Palestine 13Mar10

March 13, 2010 APHEDA Union Aid Abroad: “Bringing health home for Palestinians” 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser re Biden’s visit to Israel 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 ABC BREAKFAST SHOW: Robert Fisk on “Israel goes it alone” 10Mar10

March 13, 2010 Gazans mark 1000 days of Israeli siege by lighting 1000 candles 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 Gaza farmers rally to protest Israel’s buffer zone 10Mar10

March 13, 2010 Gaza’s humanitarian conditions deteriorating 8Mar10

March 13, 2010 BACK IN PALESTINE 12Mar10

March 13, 2010 Israel plans more East Jerusalem homes as talks collapse 11Mar10