June 30, 2010 FLOTILLA FACTSHEET – Palestine Solidarity Campaign June10

June 30, 2010 NABI SALEH: Protest against Israeli blood diamonds 25Jun10

June 30, 2010 BIL’IN: Dozens suffer from tear gas inhalation and ten injured 25Jun10

June 30, 2010 Electricity crisis in Gaza requires rapid EU intervention 29Jun10

June 30, 2010 BUTTU Syd

June 30, 2010 7,300 Palestinians in Israeli Jails 29Jun10

June 30, 2010 Zahhar says “Eight ships heading to Gaza in coming months” 29Jun10

June 30, 2010 Lieberman says absolutely no chance for a Palestinian state within next two years 29Jun10

June 29, 2010 Diana Buttu

June 29, 2010 MEARSHEIMER: “Sinking Ship”



June 29, 2010 Abbas ‘waiting for answers’ on Israel talks 28Jun10

June 29, 2010 Israeli Government releases blueprint for East Jerusalem ‘Master Plan’ including expulsion of Arabs 28Jun10

June 29, 2010 THE AGE: Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv 29Jun10

June 29, 2010 Turkey closes airspace to Israeli military 28Jun10

June 28, 2010 MUST SEE VIDEO: Flotilla activist Kenneth O’Keefe on HARDTALK 26Jun10

June 28, 2010 6 July, MELBOURNE: Michael Shaik on “Palestine: using the boycott weapon to isolate Israel”

June 28, 2010 UNISON: British trade union calls for boycott 28Jun10

June 28, 2010 VEOLIA: Swansea City Council, UK passes resolution to exclude Veolia from all future contracts 17Jun10

June 28, 2010 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Israel Gaza blockade must be completely lifted 18Jun10

June 28, 2010 COOK: Lives Lived and Lost in Time—Remembering Chatila

June 28, 2010 Lawmakers to file suit against PA over stalled elections 27Jun10

June 28, 2010 UNRWA director says innocent children pay toll of Gaza siege 27Jun10

June 28, 2010 G8 leaders say Gaza situation is unsustainable 26Jun10

June 28, 2010 HIJAB: “A better blockade?”

June 27, 2010 COOK: Israeli foreign minister wants Palestinians stripped of citizenship and relocated

June 27, 2010 Abbas meets lawmakers facing expulsion 26Jun10

June 27, 2010 Blackout crisis in Gaza intensifies 26Jun10

June 27, 2010 Likud approves resumption of settlement activities 26Jun10

June 26, 2010 COOK: The Golden Rings of Betrayal

June 26, 2010 Israel prevents delivery of oxygen to hospitals 25Jun10

June 26, 2010 Iran will not send aid ship to Gaza 25Jun10

June 26, 2010 Israeli air force strikes Gaza, resident wounded 25 Jun10

June 26, 2010 MAZALI: A call for livable futures

June 26, 2010 Diana Buttu in Australia – speaking schedule

June 26, 2010 Newspaper Ad Campaign: “Time to hold Israel accountable” – Signatures 11,Jun10

June 26, 2010 BUTTU – ANF


June 25, 2010 Hammerman: “In defence of dignity and freedom”

June 25, 2010 Barak says Israel wants to move past flotilla, focus on peace 24Jun10

June 25, 2010 UN chief says Israeli plan for east Jerusalem is illegal 23Jun10

June 25, 2010 European MPs tell Israel “lift Gaza blockade completely 24Jun10


June 24, 2010 UC IRVINE: Criticise Israel, get suspended 22Jun10

June 24, 2010 INTERACTIVE GAME: “Safe Passage” 22Jun10

June 24, 2010 BLOOD DIAMONDS: Protest against the Kimberley process 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT: Julia Irwin MP’s constituency statement 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 HASS: Palestinian Jerusalemites go work abroad and get residency revoked upon return

June 24, 2010 Justice for Adeeb Abu Rahma: Peaceful protest is not a crime

June 24, 2010 BOOK: “Nothing to lose but your life” by Suad Amiry 19Jun10

June 24, 2010 EU considering aid to Israeli Military 18Jun10

June 24, 2010 ARONSON: Gaza’s humanitarian crisis is not a surprise–it’s what we wanted

June 24, 2010 SWEDEN: The nation-wide blockade of all goods to and from Israel is under way 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 Belgian lawyers to charge Barak and Livni for war crimes 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 WATZAL INTERVIEWS RABBI MILGRAM: “An Israel beyond Zionism”

June 24, 2010 Settlers attack Palestinians near Bethehem 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 Settlers threaten to forcibly evict East Jerusalem Palestinians 23Jun10

June 24, 2010 Balkan summit condemns Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla 23Jun10


June 24, 2010 Methodist ‘Justice for Palestine and Israel’ report attracts Jewish-Christian support 24Jun10

June 24, 2010 BENNIS: Turning points – Israel caves under flotilla pressure

June 23, 2010 BIL’IN: 3 arrested, 3 wounded and dozens suffering from asphyxiation 18Jun10

June 23, 2010 NABI SALEH: protest 18Jun10


June 23, 2010 5 July, CANBERRA: Next AJPP Meeting

June 23, 2010 Lebanon warns Israel over flotilla 22Jun10

June 23, 2010 Washington asks for clarification regarding demolition orders in Jerusalem 22Jun10

June 23, 2010 Iranian Ship Sails To Gaza Sunday 23Jun10

June 23, 2010 Malaysia seeks emergency UN session on Gaza-flotilla death 23Jun10

June 22, 2010 Israeli High Court rejects appeal against deporting Jerusalem legislators 21Jun10

June 22, 2010 Lebanon allows Gaza-bound ship to sail to Cyprus 21Jun10

June 22, 2010 US DOCK WORKERS, Oakland CA: dock workers in California refuse to off-load Israeli ship 21Jun10

June 22, 2010 Mayor backs Jerusalem eviction plan 21Jun10

June 22, 2010 MBZ27Jun

June 22, 2010 Amnesty Qld

June 21, 2010 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Intifada interviews Richard Falk

June 21, 2010 A MOTHER’S MESSAGE FROM GAZA: “We embrace hope”

June 21, 2010 BAR’EL: Give them an inquiry

June 21, 2010 Israel Navy probe of Gaza flotilla raid finds ‘planning and intel flaws’ 20Jun10

June 21, 2010 Israel officially informs UN it will intercept Lebanese soliadity ship 20Jun10

June 21, 2010 US, Israeli warships move to Persian Gulf 20Jun10

June 20, 2010 Mark Bradbeer (VIC) responds to Freedman’s letter re lynch mobs on flotilla, The Age, 20Jun10 PUBLISHED

June 20, 2010 Stewart Mills (NSW) writes to Minsiter for Small Business Dr Craig Emerson re his response to speech by Julia Irwin in Parliament 16Jun10

June 20, 2010 WORLD REFUGEE DAY: Badil Statement on Palestinian Refugees 20Jun10

June 20, 2010 HART: Zionism’s colonial enterprise is doomed, but . . .

June 20, 2010 FILM: “Budrus” 18Jun10

June 20, 2010 PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat denies reconciliation reports 18Jun10

June 20, 2010 Israel closes Gaza trade crossings 19Jun10

June 20, 2010 Israel to UN – we reserve the right to stop Lebanon Gaza-bound flotilla 18Jun10

June 20, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Lyons “Powerbroker keen to redraw Israeli map” The Australian, 19Jun10

June 19, 2010 Lebanese Aid flotilla – the Virgin Mary – set for Gaza 18 Jun 1010

June 19, 2010 Michael Shaik (Vic) responds to Barry Cohen’s “Where are the protests?”, The Australian 18Jun10 PUBLISHED

June 19, 2010 HASS: Beatings, arrests, nighttime raids and dubious indictments

June 19, 2010 BIDWAI: “Stooping Low”

June 19, 2010 Ayalon says “Israel might agree to international observers monitoring Gaza crossings” 18Jun10

June 19, 2010 As Mitchell tries to launch talks, Israel to demolish 22 homes in Jerusalem 18Jun10

June 19, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Cohen’s “Where are the protests?”, THe Australian, 18Jun10

June 19, 2010 Former Spanish PM says if Israel goes down, we all go down 18Jun10

June 18, 2010 2 July, SYDNEY: Politics in the Pub with Diana Buttu

June 18, 2010 AHAVA: Campaign to boycott Ahava comes to court 17Jun10

June 18, 2010 UNITED METHODISTS: Vote to divest from companies that benefit from the occupation of Palestine 18Jun10

June 18, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Israel set to ease Gaza blockade” Adelaide Advertiser 18Jun10

June 18, 2010 1-31 Jul, SYDNEY: ARAB FILM FESTIVAL

June 18, 2010 30 June, MELBOURNE: Forum “Apartheid & Boycotts” with Diana Buttu, Prof Saree Makdisi, Dr Ned Curthoys & Prof Emeritus Stuart Rees

June 18, 2010 AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT: Julia Irwin MP’s adjournment debate speech and Minister Craig Emerson’s reply 16Jun10

June 18, 2010 Brian McKinlay (SA) writes to Craig Emerson MP re his statement on Julia Irwin MP’s speech in Parliament 18Jun10

June 18, 2010 AUSTRALIA: UnionsACT pass resolution supporting BDS 17Jun10

June 18, 2010 Israel approves 1,600 new settlement units in East Jerusalem 16Jun10

June 18, 2010 South African trade unions call for boycott of Israeli apartheid 16Jun10

June 18, 2010 Israeli cabinet to change ‘method’ of siege 17Jun10

June 18, 2010 Turkey to freeze bilateral relations with Israel, excludes private sector 17Jun10

June 17, 2010 GORDON: Israel’s new humanitarianism

June 17, 2010 A letter home from a human rights activist in Palestine

June 17, 2010 PIKE: New cracks in Israel’s flotilla story

June 17, 2010 WILES: Rise people, rise

June 17, 2010 “Israel probe tradeoff” 16Jun10

June 17, 2010 GISHA PAPER: “Electricity shortage in Gaza – Who turned out the lights?” May 2010

June 17, 2010 Israel delays Gaza embargo decision 16Jun10

June 17, 2010 Israel weighing blockade changes 15Jun10

June 17, 2010 Amnesty criticises proposed flotilla inquiry 16Jun10

June 16, 2010 Mark Bradbeer (VIC) writes to The Age on the failure to hold Israel accountable 16Jun10

June 16, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Israel probe ‘trade-off’” The Age, 16Jun10

June 16, 2010 HESSEL: Gaza Flotilla – global citizens must respond where governments have failed

June 16, 2010 KEENAN & WEIZMAN: Israel – The third strategic threat

June 16, 2010 B’Tselem says in Gaza, 95% of factories are closed, 93% of water is polluted 14Jun10

June 16, 2010 US Consul asks Israeli Government to look into how American’s eye was shot out in West Bank protest 15June10

June 16, 2010 UN seeks international Gaza flotilla probe, despite internal Israeli inquiry 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 Descendants file key new evidence with United Nations over Israeli construction on 12th Century Muslim cemetery

June 15, 2010 RED CROSS- ICRC Annual Report “Gaza closure: not another year!” 14Jun10

June 15, 2010 Anthony (SA) writes to former FM Alexander Downer over his rationalisation of Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 Klaus Wieneroider (VIC) writes to the Herald Sun re Alan Howe’s racist opinion piece 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 29 June, MELBOURNE: ANF FORUM with DIANA BUTTU

June 15, 2010 27 June, MELBOURNE: Michael Shaik “Barriers to Peace between Palestine & Israel”

June 15, 2010 Diana Buttu WA

June 15, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Israel sets up inquiry into flotilla deaths” The Age 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 SMUGGLED VIDEO: The Massacre – Israeli Navy attacks Gaza freedom flotilla

June 15, 2010 Presbyterian report condemns Israeli policies in Palestinian territories 13Jun10

June 15, 2010 Oxfam says Gaza needs jobs, not just aid 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 Committee to monitor investigations into Gaza conflict named 15Jun10

June 15, 2010 ROY: Reflections on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in US public discourse: legitimising dissent

June 15, 2010 MAKDISI: Don’t single out Helen Thomas

June 15, 2010 Blair hopes Gaza blockade could be eased ‘within days’ 13Jun10

June 15, 2010 OSLO borough votes to boycott Israel 14Jun10

June 15, 2010 Olive Picking Poster

June 15, 2010 Iranian aid ships set sail for Gaza 14Jun10

June 15, 2010 Red Cross says Gaza blockade illegal 14 Jun10


June 14, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to McGeough’s “Sifting terrorist chips from Israeli policy push” SMH 14Jun10

June 14, 2010 Rev Dr Alan Reid (Vic) writes to the FM Stephen Smith MP on Australia’s position re Israel 14Jun10

June 14, 2010 COLE: Schumer’s Sippenhaftung* and the children of Gaza

June 14, 2010 BOOK: “Letters from Palestine” by Kenneth Ring 13Jun10

June 14, 2010 LOEWENSTEIN: Obama, the ADC and the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

June 14, 2010 Israel plans second dig in ancient Muslim graveyard 13JUN10

June 14, 2010 PA denies Abbas report on maintaining Gaza siege 13Jun10

June 14, 2010 Norwegian Port union boycotts Israelis ships 13Jun10

June 14, 2010 Israeli minister cancels trip to weapons fair in France after French activists threaten lawsuit 13Jun10



June 14, 2010 Unofficial Bob Dylan website bans Israelis in wake of Gaza flotilla 12Jun10

June 13, 2010 Moammar Mashni (Vic) addresses the photograph of MK Haneen Zoabi in The Australian 12Jun10 PUBLISHED

June 13, 2010 Fayyad calls to open Gaza via 2005 agreement 12Jun10

June 13, 2010 ‘Turkey to take central role in supervising Gaza crossings’ 12Jun10

June 13, 2010 Suspected Mossad agent arrested over Dubai assassination 12Jun10

June 13, 2010 An appeal to parliamentarians worldwide for MK Haneen Zouabi 9Jun10

June 13, 2010 UNITE, Britain largest union votes to boycott Israel 12Jun10

June 13, 2010 DEEN: A global civil society campaign to de-legitimise Israel?

June 13, 2010 BIL’IN: Palestine’s own national football team protest at the Wall 12Jun10

June 12, 2010 SIEGMAN: Israel’s greatest loss – its moral imagination

June 12, 2010 BURCHILL: Is the tide turning against the Israel Lobby? 11June10

June 12, 2010 DCI report to renew issue of Israel’s torture of children 10Jun10

June 12, 2010 EU to press Israel on Gaza siege 11Jun10

June 12, 2010 US State Department denies push for UN Gaza flotilla probe 12Jun10

June 11, 2010 MUNAYYER: Gaza Blockade Legal? Hardly.

June 11, 2010 PAPPE: What drives Israel?


June 11, 2010 Glenn McConell (Vic) writes to The Age on Israel’s attack on Gaza flotilla 11Jun10

June 11, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser on conditions in Gaza 11Jun10

June 11, 2010 Stewart Mills (NSW) writes to Malcolm Turnbill MP on his stance re Gaza flotilla 11Jun10

June 11, 2010 Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to article in the Adelaide Advertiser, p72 11Jun10

June 11, 2010 EXCLUSIVE: New video smuggled out from MV Mari Marmara of Israel’s deadly assult on Gaza aid flotilla10Jun10


June 11, 2010 IRISH SUNDAY TRIBUNE: A boycott of Israeli goods is now necessary 6Jun10

June 11, 2010 Abbas tells US Jews: ‘I would never deny Jewish right to the land of Israel’ 10Jun10

June 11, 2010 Foreign Ministry warned Israel navy not to raid Gaza flotilla in international waters 10 June 2010

June 11, 2010 CHOMSKY: The real threat aboard the freedom flotilla

June 11, 2010 COOK: Barefoot soldiers on the high seas?

June 11, 2010 South Korea protesters greet Peres with cries of ‘killer’ 10Jun10

June 10, 2010 Israel threatens war if Turkish PM tries to deliver Gaza aid 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 Knesset members offer response to PA boycott 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 VEOLIA; Swansea City Council in Wales set to exclude Veolia from public contracts 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 AL-JURF: The semantics of terrorism

June 10, 2010 FLOYD: Lie of the land: The dark heart of a special relationship

June 10, 2010 VIDEO: Heroic peace activists return to UK from Gaza Freedom Flotilla 6Jun10

June 10, 2010 VIDEO: Huwaida Arraf (Free Gaza Movement) interviewed in Palestine 7Jun10

June 10, 2010 Israel could accept a British proposal to ease Gaza siege 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 49% of Americans blame activists for flotilla fiasco 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 Obama to offer Abbas fresh aid for Gaza in flotilla aftermath 9Jun10

June 10, 2010 Palestinian and Israeli physicians condemn armed assault on aid ships to Gaza 9Jun10

June 9, 2010 AL-WALAJA: Ongoing land theft and arrests -2 Israeli activists and Palestinian Mazin Qumsiyeh 9Jun10