November 30, 2010 ‘Holy Land’ does not include Bethlehem – it’s official! 29Nov10

November 30, 2010 Presbyterian Mission Network Joins BDS, Calls for Boycotts, Supports Kairos 28Nov10

November 30, 2010 ALNADI: What would you do if . . .

November 30, 2010 Abdullah Hourani, former PLO leader, dies in Jordan 29Nov10

November 30, 2010 Wikileaks – Israel assessed Abbas as weak, unpopular 29Nov10

November 30, 2010 WikiLeaks – Netanyahu said no peace with right of return 29Nov10

November 30, 2010 Israel’s latest settlement plan angers Palestinians 29Nov10


November 30, 2010 10 Dec, MELBOURNE: Caterpillar protest

November 29, 2010 Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe 28Nov10

November 29, 2010 UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29Nov10

November 29, 2010 WEISS: UN – ‘The family has requested a tent as they have nowhere else to live’ (US – ‘What, me worry?’)

November 29, 2010 Officer who shot American activist in her eye exonerated 28Nov10

November 29, 2010 Britain to act against arrest warrants targeting Israeli officials 27Nov10

November 29, 2010 Israel opens fire on more Gazans 28Nov10

November 29, 2010 US briefed Palestinians on Wikileaks cache 28Nov10

November 28, 2010 BIL’IN: Dozens of people suffer from tear gas inhalation in weekly demostration 26Nov10

November 28, 2010 WALBERG: Anti-apartheid Hagues

November 28, 2010 GRENIER: The endgame for the peace process

November 28, 2010 BLACK: Memories and maps keep alive Palestinian hopes of return

November 28, 2010 Palestinian protester kept in Israel jail as term ends 26Nov10

November 28, 2010 Israel mulls rail link to West Bank settlement 27Nov10

November 28, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: Israeli forces shoot child on Gaza border

November 27, 2010 NASRALLAH: When hope is lawful

November 27, 2010 VIDEO: Israeli bulldozers spread despair 25Nov10

November 27, 2010 RUSSELL TRIBUNAL: Concluding Statement 22Nov10

November 27, 2010 TEEU, IRELAND: Irish Trade Union TEEU votes to boycott Israel 26Nov10

November 27, 2010 MEMO COMMENTARY: British Jewry reeling from the apartheid apology

November 27, 2010 Israel slammed over railway project 26Nov10

November 27, 2010 Rabin’s son presents his Israeli Peace Initiative 26Nov10

November 27, 2010 MK proposes bill to declare Jerusalem Jewish capital 26Nov10

November 26, 2010 COOK: Publish it not

November 26, 2010 Jewish settlements targeted in divestment campaign 23Nov10

November 26, 2010 SCANDINAVIAN FUNDS: Swedish and Norwegian funds divest from companies involved in occupation of Palestinian land 25Nov10

November 26, 2010 Israel police ‘abusing minors’ 25Nov10

November 26, 2010 Hamas asks UN, Arab League to stop Israeli attack 25Nov10

November 26, 2010 Turkey warns Israel against attacks 25Nov10

November 25, 2010 HALPER: Palestine 2011

November 25, 2010 CONVOY TO GAZA: Road to Hope Aid Convoy to Gaza converging in El Arish, Egypt 24Nov10

November 25, 2010 AHAVA: Protest in London 21Nov10

November 25, 2010 RABBANI: Palestine at the UN – an alternative strategy

November 25, 2010 REIDER: The Knesset has killed the two state solution

November 25, 2010 JNF establishes bulldozer camp near demolished Bedouin village for planting of “God-TV Forest” 24Nov10

November 25, 2010 RUSSELL TRIBUNAL: Britain assists Israelis in war crimes 24Nov10

November 25, 2010 More Bedouin structures demolished in Jordan Valley 24Nov10

November 25, 2010 Israel razes Palestinian home in East Jerusalem 24Nov10

November 24, 2010 LARUDEE: “War criminals” leak strikes at heart of Israeli society

November 24, 2010 BOOK: “Gaza in Crisis – Reflections on Israel’s War against the Palestinians” by Chomsky & Pappe 24Nov10

November 24, 2010 Israel passes land-for-peace law 23Nov10

November 24, 2010 UNICEF says Israel violates the convention on the rights of the child 23Nov10

November 24, 2010 Settlers take over East Jerusalem home 23Nov10

November 23, 2010 ADONIS: Let Israel keep its freeze

November 23, 2010 FINKELSTEIN/MONDOWEISS: Lebanon, the endgame [disturbing]

November 23, 2010 BDS SUCCESSES, AIPAC AND MORE 23Nov10

November 23, 2010 Air raid shatters holiday for Gaza family 22Nov10

November 23, 2010 Israel razes Bedouin village for 7th time 22Nov10

November 23, 2010 Israel set to begin construction of barrier along Egypt border 21Nov10

November 22, 2010 LENDMAN: Stonewalling Goldstone 20Nov10

November 22, 2010 KURTZER: If the US rewards Israel’s bad deeds, we’ll all regret it

November 22, 2010 FOOTBALL: An open letter from besieged Gaza to Michel Platini and UEFA: reverse Apartheid Israel’s participation in European competitive football

November 22, 2010 SHARP: US Foreign Aid – A blank cheque for Israel

November 22, 2010 Israel army showed ‘intent to kill’ in Gaza shelling 21Nov10

November 22, 2010 Abbas rejects settlement freeze that excludes Jerusalem 21Nov10

November 22, 2010 UN pay strike closes Palestinian schools in West Bank 17Nov10

November 21, 2010 FISK: An American bribe that stinks of appeasement

November 21, 2010 BIL’IN: The march of solidarity with activist Abdullah Abo Rahma 19Nov10

November 21, 2010 RUSSELL TRIBUNAL on PALESTINE: London Session 20-22Nov10

November 21, 2010 AUSTRALIA: Queensland Council of Unions passes resolution in support of BDS 17Nov10

November 21, 2010 SWAIM: Israel’s war against the dead

November 21, 2010 MONKS: Palestine aid models must change

November 21, 2010 PA denies US veto on ITU membership 20Nov10

November 21, 2010 BAHOUR: Economic prison zones

November 21, 2010 Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue overnight 20Nov10

November 20, 2010 KOREA AGAINST THE WALL 14Nov10

November 20, 2010 Six injured in Israel attack on Gaza 19Nov10

November 20, 2010 Over 100 British MPs against change to universal jurisdiction law 19Nov10

November 20, 2010 Israel shells Gaza ‘in retaliation’ 19Nov10

November 20, 2010 SIEGMAN: Dishonesty and East Jerusalem

November 20, 2010 88 Palestinian Homes to be demolished in Silwan 19Nov10

November 20, 2010 AUSTRALIA: Five Australian unions support BDS pf Israel 19Nov10


November 19, 2010 MEDIA LENS: “Put the Palestinians on a diet” – Media bury documents revealing Israel’s deliberate policy of near-starvation for Gaza

November 19, 2010 LAMB: Is the American public about to ditch Israel?

November 19, 2010 If they haven’t bread, let them eat gravel 18Nov10

November 19, 2010 US official says Israel must refrain from East Jerusalem construction during freeze 18Nov10

November 19, 2010 Brothers killed in airstrike on central Gaza City 18Nov10

November 19, 2010 Al-SHABAKA POLICY NETWORK: Strategies if talks “succeed”

November 18, 2010 Abbas briefed on US plan for new freeze 17Nov10

November 18, 2010 HASSAN: De-Zionising Israel

November 18, 2010 ADELAIDE: Seacret Protest 12Nov10

November 18, 2010 John O’Hara (VIC) writes to The Age on the “piece” process 15Nov10

November 18, 2010 VIDEO: Cape Town Opera say NO 16Nov10

November 17, 2010 KAPLAN: In Palestine, occupational hazards

November 17, 2010 Settlement petitioned Government in 2001 to avoid paying taxes, saying it was not part of Israel 16Nov10

November 17, 2010 Belgian citizens set to sue Israel 16Nov10

November 17, 2010 Israel blames Palestinians for US delay 16Nov10

November 17, 2010 Jerusalem demolition plan approved 16Nov10

November 17, 2010 BOOK: “Out of the Frame” by Ilan Pappe 17Nov10

November 16, 2010 Israeli Deputy PM says Wall should become official border for Israel 15Nov10

November 16, 2010 Palestinians say settlers torched their olive trees 15Nov10

November 16, 2010 UK peer says Israel feeds global terrorism 15Nov10

November 16, 2010 YASSIN-KASSAB: Too late for two states

November 15, 2010 MILNE: The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take centre stage

November 15, 2010 John Ging says conditions in Gaza have not changed since Israel declared it would ease the blockade Gaza 11Nov10

November 15, 2010 Jordan Valley settlers protest Jewish activists’ march on Jericho 14Nov10

November 15, 2010 INTERVIEW: Budrus “built a model of civil resistance”

November 15, 2010 Israel eyes new freeze as watchdog cites building frenzy 14Nov10

November 14, 2010 ALSAAFIN: The reunification of my parents

November 14, 2010 FREEDOM FLOTILLA II: Anchor to weight spring 2011 13Nov10

November 14, 2010 US says we’ll fight delegitimization of Israel in exchange for settlement freeze 13Nov10

November 14, 2010 ARIEL ARTS CENTRE: Prominent film, television artists join boycott of West Bank arts center 13Nov10

November 14, 2010 ‘Israel to raze more Palestinian homes’ 13Nov10

November 14, 2010 Report says 3,000 new Jewish homes for Jerusalem in 2011 13Nov10

November 13, 2010 ABDULHADI: Resisting detention – The triumph of life, resistance and liberty

November 13, 2010 DAVIDSON: Palestine and the fate of the UN

November 13, 2010 BOOK: “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment” by Mazin Qumsiyeh 12Nov10

November 13, 2010 DUTCH PENSION FUND: divest from Israeli occupation 12Nov10

November 13, 2010 BIL’IN: remembering the 6th anniversary of Arafat’s death and more raids 12Nov10

November 13, 2010 VIDEO: Anti-Apartheid Caravan travels across the Netherlands 9-14Nov10

November 13, 2010 BOESAK & ESACK: If this is not apartheid, then what is?

November 13, 2010 COOK: Israel’s self-destruction/Reunifying the Palestinian nation

November 13, 2010 Palestinians slam settlement expansion 12Nov10

November 13, 2010 UN warns of Gaza wheat shortage 12Nov10

November 13, 2010 Khreisheh considers lawsuit against Abbas 12Nov10

November 12, 2010 AFP Press Release: Who is the obstacle to peace? 11Nov10

November 12, 2010 LITTLEWOOD: Tell how it really is in Gaza, especially if you’re an archbishop

November 12, 2010 LIGHTBROWN: Can the BBC be trusted to handle its own complaints?

November 12, 2010 Mediterranean summit cancelled again due to Arab threat to boycott over Israel 11Nov10

November 12, 2010 CHOMSKY: The betrayal of Gaza

November 12, 2010 LOEWENSTEIN: Howes on being a ‘critical friend of Israel’ and union embrace of boycott 11Nov10

November 12, 2010 Palestinians gather in Ramallah to mark the anniversary of Arafat’s death 11Nov10

November 12, 2010 Clinton says “We do not support unilateral steps” 11Nov10

November 12, 2010 Air raid targets southern Gaza 11Nov10

November 11, 2010 Tree Planting in Palestine 5-14 February 2011

November 11, 2010 VIDEO: Roadmap to Peace?

November 11, 2010 SOUTH AFRICA: Why the Cape Opera is wrong to tour Israel

November 11, 2010 SOUTH AFRICA: Artists Against Apartheid – A Declaration

November 11, 2010 New incursion by Israeli troops into Gaza 10Nov10

November 11, 2010 Crowley Reaffirms Obama’s stance against new settlement construction in Jerusalem 10Nov10

November 11, 2010 US to transfer $150m aid to Palestinians 10Nov10

November 11, 2010 Israel arrests top Hamas legislator 10Nov10

November 11, 2010 USA: Majority in four Massachusetts districts vote against Israeli apartheid 7Nov10

November 10, 2010 3 Dec, MELBOURNE: Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid for Christmas

November 10, 2010 29 Nov, SYDNEY: Film Screening “Memory of the Cactus”

November 10, 2010 29 Nov, BYRON BAY: Film screening “Return to Gaza”

November 10, 2010 Jeanie Lucas (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser re Obama on human rights 10Nov10

November 10, 2010 US JEWISH ACTIVISTS: attract positive press for anti-Occupation message 11Nov10

November 10, 2010 SIEGMAN: Peace will not be achieved by deception

November 10, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Blomfield’s “Israeli plan ‘a threat to peace talks’”

November 10, 2010 PM’s office says Israel rejects criticism over Jerusalem building 9Nov10

November 10, 2010 Over 1,300 new settlement homes approved for construction in East Jerusalem 8Nov10

November 9, 2010 AUSTRALIA: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign in support of Palestinian human rights moves forward in Australia after landmark conference 4Nov10

November 9, 2010 BRONNER: For family of slain activist, no end in sight for case

November 9, 2010 PACBI: The tired “academic freedom” argument – PACBI response to Nobel laureates’ attack on the academic boycott of Israel 8Nov10

November 9, 2010 Israeli prosecutors seek to increase sentence of Palestinian non-violent leader 8Nov10

November 9, 2010 Hundreds of Israeli police demolish mosque; 1,000 Bedouins protest the demolition 8Nov10

November 9, 2010 German minister calls on Israel to llife Gaza blockade 8Nov10

November 9, 2010 SABAWI: BDS and Israel’s battle for legitimacy

November 9, 2010 Jewish Federations acknowledge Israel’s ‘paradigm shift,’ then circle the wagons 6Nov10

November 9, 2010 Israel flotilla probe ‘a sham’ 26Oct10

November 9, 2010 AUDIO: Antony Loewenstein on Israel, Palestine and the peace talks 2Nov10

November 9, 2010 25-28 November, MELBOURNE: Palestinian Film Festival

November 9, 2010 AL TAMIMI: New plans part of Judaising Occupied East Jerusalem


November 8, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) replies to the ABC’s Kieran Doyle response re the AM report “Jewish settlements increase tensions in Israel” 8Nov10

November 8, 2010 Dr Vacy Vlazna (NSW) responds to the ABC’s Kieran Doyle re pro-Israeli bias in BBC documentary “Death in the Med” 26Oct10

November 8, 2010 LONELY PLANET GUIDEBOOK: rates Tel Aviv among world’s ‘top ten cities’ despite boycott calls 6Nov10

November 8, 2010 Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels 6Nov10

November 8, 2010 Israeli war jets hit southern Gaza targets 7Nov10

November 8, 2010 LITTLEWOOD: Murdoch’s Imaginary War

November 7, 2010 Lorraine Sinderberry (VIC) responds to Dept of Foreign Affairs letter re Israel and the case of Abdallah Abu Rahmah 5Nov10

November 7, 2010 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Kieran Doyle, (Audience and Consumer Affairs) re ABC screening of the BBC documentary ‘Death in the Med” 6Nov10

November 7, 2010 David Macilwain (VIC) writes to the ICRP re the ABC’s presentation of the BBC documentary ‘Death on the Med” by Jane Corbin 1Nov10

November 7, 2010 DUMP VEOLIA: Protest at the Natural History Museum, London 28Oct10

November 7, 2010 BOOK: “The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation: Repression beyond Exploitation” by Shir Hever Oct10

November 7, 2010 HEVER: Why does Israel still occupy the Palestinians?

November 7, 2010 MALSIN: Whither Goldstone? Did the PA kill the UN’s Gaza report?

November 7, 2010 WHO PROFITS?: Financing the Israeli Occupation Oct10

November 7, 2010 The Right of Return for Palestinian refugees sacrificed 4Nov10

November 7, 2010 Report says PA to make decision on talks late November 6Nov10

November 7, 2010 AL-MA’SARA: Israeli army uses tear gas dring the anti-Wall protest 5Nov10

November 7, 2010 Israel raided 2148 homes in October 6Nov10

November 7, 2010 ISRAEL: Theater figures urge Be’er Sheva actors to boycott West Bank arts center 6Nov10

November 7, 2010 AN-NABI SALEH: Three injured at anti-Wall protest 5Nov10

November 7, 2010 BIL’IN: On the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration 2Nov10

November 7, 2010 ANDONI: From Balfour to Obama

November 7, 2010 Israeli fast train to run through West Bank 5Nov10

November 7, 2010 24 Nov, SYDNEY: In recognition of the UN International day of solidarity with Palestinian people

November 7, 2010 18-21 November, SYDNEY: Palestinian Film Festival

November 6, 2010 Hanan Ashrawi criticizes one-state solution 5Nov10

November 6, 2010 RAFFOUL: New history or a new mirage

November 6, 2010 Israel to launch cluster war 3Nov10

November 6, 2010 State gave East Jerusalem lands to rightist groups without tenders 5Nov10

November 5, 2010 AFRICA ISRAEL: We Will Not Build in West Bank Settlements 1Nov10

November 5, 2010 ABBAS: A pledge to submit, not belong


November 5, 2010 19 Nov, MELBOURNE: ASPIRE fundraiser for Palestinian-Iraqi refugees

November 5, 2010 GORDON: Thoughtcrimes

November 5, 2010 Palestinian officials are not allowed to use Jordan Crossing 4Nov10

November 5, 2010 SETTLEMENTS GOODS: PA court to hear first settlements case