March 13, 2011 MAKHOUL: The struggle for al-Araqib is the struggle for Palestine 9Mar11

March 13, 2011 Fatah rejects Hamas unity initiative 12Mar11

March 13, 2011 Support on Facebook for Palestinian uprising 12Mar11

March 13, 2011 Palestinians urge reconciliation, unity 12Mar11

March 13, 2011 HAMMAD: Israel’s falafel food fight 12Mar11

March 13, 2011 Palestinians call for ‘third Intifada’ 12Mar11

March 13, 2011 Army storms village, dozens detained 12Mar11

March 12, 2011 DANA & SHEIZAF: The New Israeli Left 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 WATER: Tear down this Apartheid Wall 11Mar11

March 12, 2011 Palestinian Child Prisoners – DCI-PS Report to EU Parliament hearing 15Mar11

March 12, 2011 G4S world’s largest security company joins BDS campaign 11Mar11

March 12, 2011 Gaza to import building materials 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, Gaza praises Ban Ki-moon’s call for the release of all Palestinian prisoners 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 Bedouin reject compensation offer, accusing Israel of land grab 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 Palestinian refugees storm UNWRA offices in Beirut in protest of aid-cuts 11Mar11

March 12, 2011 Arab world witnesses more protests 11Mar11

March 12, 2011 Ayalon says “Israel will absolve itself from all peace deals should the PA announce state” 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 Israeli army expels Jerusalemite family from part of its home 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 Israeli settlers threaten foreign envoys 11Mar11

March 12, 2011 COOK: Netanyahu’s illusory peace plan – Israel cornered on every front 10Mar11

March 12, 2011 CRONIN: Who benefits from EU-Israel academic cooperation?

March 11, 2011 Palestinian factions meet to heal rifts 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Human rights watch calls on Israel to stop razing Palestinian homes 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Histadrut head Eini tells US Jewish leaders “Don’t underestimate BDS movement” 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Dexia excluded from Triodos sustainable investments due to involvement in Israeli settlements 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Netanyahu appoints ultra right-right national security adviser

March 11, 2011 UK: Veolia loses Portsmouth City Council contract for rubbish collection 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 David Macilwain (VIC) writes to The Age re emerging Australian Mid East policy 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Palestinian teenage boy smiles after multiple operations in Australia 25Feb11

March 11, 2011 Court decides settlers can share Palestinian home in Jerusalem 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Obama names aide as ambassador to Israel 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Denmark ups Palestinians to mission status 10Mar11

March 11, 2011 Unity rally in Palestine will not be co-opted, organizers say 9Mar11

March 11, 2011 ABDELNOUR: “Unmasking “Aid” after the Palestine Papers 3Mar11

March 10, 2011 European Parliament sub-committee on human rights to hold hearing on Palestinian Child Prisoners 15Mar11

March 10, 2011 American Methodist Church calls for end to settlements 8Mar11

March 10, 2011 Fayyad says ‘no solution, no state without Jordan Valley’ 9Mar11

March 10, 2011 Israeli preparations to quell any Palestinian mass uprising in West Bank 9Mar11

March 10, 2011 Ministry of prisoners: 10,000 women kidnapped by Israel since 1968 9Mar11

March 10, 2011 Gaza agriculture sector loses out on $36 million due to Israeli blockade 7Mar11

March 10, 2011 Israel seizes large areas of land near Jerusalem to complete separation wall 9Mar11

March 10, 2011 Jordan bans products made in West Bank settlements 9Mar11

March 10, 2011 Settlers to diplomats: Go home! 8Mar11

March 10, 2011 US veto in UN led to 60% increase in settlement activity 8Mar11

March 9, 2011 ZIADAH: What kind of Palestinian State in 2011? Neoliberalism and World Bank diktats

March 9, 2011 UK: Campaigners threaten to picket Israeli Music conference 8Mar11

March 9, 2011 DEMPSEY: A deepening rift between Germany and Israel 7Mar11

March 9, 2011 13 injured when Israeli settlers and army attack the village of Qusra 7Mar11

March 9, 2011 Israeli PM says military must remain in West Bank 9Mar11

March 9, 2011 Temporary injunction against new building in Palestinian village destroyed in 1948

March 9, 2011 El Araqib destroyed for 21st time, JNF changing facts on ground 1Mar11

March 9, 2011 Britain to upgrade Palestinian Delegation to a mission status 8Mar11

March 9, 2011 Bethlehem celebrates International Women’s Day with protest 8Mar11

March 9, 2011 Israel mulls temporary Palestinian state 8Mar11

March 8, 2011 HASS: When Israel’s protective net of tyranny tears 2Feb11

March 8, 2011 “DECONSTRUCTING TURKEL – A Critique of Error and Omissions” by Richard Lightbrown 8Mar11

March 8, 2011 Bill to punish anti-Israel boycotters passes first Knesset hurdle 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 SETTLEMENTS: Bankrolling Colonialism (Ma’an Development Centre) 2010

March 8, 2011 AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW: Facts on the Ground, Maps re settlements, wall 6Mar11


March 8, 2011 VIDEO: Homeless in their own land 24Feb11


March 8, 2011 GOTTLIEB: You can’t talk about Israel/Palestine without talking about the power difference 1Mar11

March 8, 2011 NABI SALEH: Popular Committee leader arrested in a night raid 6Mar11

March 8, 2011 Israeli air force launches new media campaign to gain international approval 6Mar11

March 8, 2011 Cabinet says Israel will demolish all West Bank outposts built on private Palestinian land by end of 2011 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Israel grouped with Iran, North Korea as world’s least popular countries 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Khirbet Tana water confiscated by Israeli army 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Notice to evacuate 15 Jerusalem apartments 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Abbas gives Fayyad more time to form cabinet 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Anglican Bishop takes Israel to court 7Mar11

March 8, 2011 Israel OKs al-Aqsa construction project 7Mar11

March 7, 2011 31 Mar, CANBERRA: ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK- Palestine Solidarity and the BDS Campaign

March 7, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret protest 4Mar11

March 7, 2011 SAUDI ARABIA PROTESTS: Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt 5Mar11

March 7, 2011 LIBYA PROTESTS: Libya regime claims counter-offensive 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 BAHRAIN PROTESTS: Bahraini protesters demand King ouster 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Netanyahu says Palestinians utilizing global anti-Israel sentiment to avoid Mideast peace 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Palestinians launch new initiatives on Facebook 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Chile voices support for Palestine 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Israeli army wakes Palestinian children to photograph them in An Nabi Salih 2Mar11

March 7, 2011 Israeli troops scuffle with protesters 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Airstrikes hit Gaza, casualties reported 5Mar11

March 7, 2011 Troops attack women’s protest, dozens wounded 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Report says West Bank settlements quadrupled 6Mar11

March 7, 2011 Egyptians marching to Gaza border 6Mar11

March 6, 2011 BARGHOUTI: Palestine and the Revolution – Lessons from Egypt 4-6Mar11

March 6, 2011 30 Mar, SYDNEY: ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK – “Singing out against Apartheid”

March 6, 2011 PINK FLOYD’S ROGER WATERS supports BDS call 6Mar11

March 6, 2011 29 Mar, MELBOURNE: ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK – Forum with Sarah Irving, Phil Monsour and Samah Sabawi “Building on the Global BDS Movement”

March 6, 2011 28 Mar, MELBOURNE: ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK – Solidarity with Palestinian Workers: Taking Action

March 6, 2011 LIBYA PROTESTS: Libya rebels repel Gaddafi forces 5Mar11

March 6, 2011 TOLAN: Pushing for a Palestinian Tahrir 5Mar11

March 6, 2011 Palestinian woman attempts to stab a soldier near Bethlehem 5Mar11

March 6, 2011 Erekat says negotiations staff are Palestinians 4Mar11

March 6, 2011 Israel says peace deal impossible at this time 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 VIDEO: “Walls of Division” with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters 3Mar11

March 5, 2011 Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem has his residency revoked – ID card says “non-Jew” 3Mar11

March 5, 2011 Fatah officials demand Abbas fires Western-backed Fayyad 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 Soldiers kidnap 4 children in East Jerusalem 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 Settlers cut down more than 500 olive trees in Nablus 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 EU’s Ashton mulls scrapping Mideast envoy job 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 Witnesses say airstrike targets central Gaza 4Mar11

March 5, 2011 Israeli bombs spread cancer in Gaza 3Mar11

March 5, 2011 Report says Israel illegally interrogates, tortures children 2Mar11

March 5, 2011 BAKER: Bold gestures go a long way 3Mar11

March 5, 2011 Non-violent anti-Wall protests held in four West Bank villages on Friday 5Mar11

March 4, 2011 SodaStream to open plant within Green Line, but not closing settlement operation 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 Israel demolishes Nablus-area Palestinian village for sixth time 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 Israel to sue Bedouin residents of demolished village for demolition costs 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 Report says “Israel kidnapped 80 children in Jerusalem since the beginning of 2011” 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 PA calls on international community to help stop settler violence 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 Seven Palestinians killed, 46 injured by army fire in Gaza in February 3Mar11

March 4, 2011 Right-wing Israelis, settlers ‘rage’ 3Mar11

March 3, 2011 US students face jail time for disrupting Israeli official’s speech 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 AIJAC’S YEHONATHAN TOMMER interviews senior PA Cabinet member NABIL SHA’ATH 28Feb11

March 3, 2011 First Israeli diplomat to resign: I can no longer represent Israel 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 LIBYA PROTESTS: US prepares to launch Libya attack 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 Israel OKs more settlements in al-Quds 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 ‘Israel planning new war on neighbors’ 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 SHERWOOD: The Israelis keep bulldozing their village, but still the Bedouin will not give up their land 1Mar11

March 3, 2011 Palestinian may succeed in purchasing part of East Jerusalem settlement 1Mar11

March 3, 2011 Israel demolishes Palestinian refugee camp in Lod 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 Jerusalem panel approves 14 new Jewish homes in Arab neighborhood 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 Palestinians walk out of UN human rights council in protest 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 PRESENTATION IN BRITISH HOUSE OF COMMONS on Jordan Valley – Apartheid and Exploitation 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 AL WALAJA: “Animals in a zoo have a bigger cage than one they’re putting our family in” 2Mar11

March 3, 2011 UNISPAL: Concerns over rising violence in West Bank 28Feb11

March 2, 2011 BAROUD: Mixed messages – Arabs challenge Israeli hasbara 2Mar11

March 2, 2011 COOK: An empire of lies – why our media betrays us 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 LIBYA PROTESTS: Battles rage in Libya 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 BAHRAIN PROTESTS: No end in sight to protests in Bahrain 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 OMAN PROTESTS: US calls on Oman to show restraint 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 YEMEN PROTESTS: Tens of thousands rally in Yemen capital 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 Turkish FM Davutoglu says ‘Israel leading human rights abusers’ 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 J Street says ‘Israel to opt for democracy or occupation’ 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 Report says “Israel to carry out specified attacks against Gaza” 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 Army invades al-Qarara, uproots farmlands 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 Settlers attack homes, property in Hebron and Huwara 1Mar11

March 2, 2011 Israel vows to raze all illegal outposts built on private Palestinian land 1Mar11

March 1, 2011 The Palestinian protest organized and supported for Palestinians by Palestinians – March 15

March 1, 2011 LOEWENSTEIN & MASHNI: Israel should be given the South African treatment 1Mar11

March 1, 2011 PETER SEEGER: Folk music legend endorses boycott of Israel 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 HALPER: A just Israeli-Palestinian peace: towards an integrated strategy 24Feb11

March 1, 2011 EGYPT PROTESTS: Egypt imposes travel ban on Mubarak & other news 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 BAHRAIN PROTESTS: US supports Bahrain ‘dialogue’ 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 OMAN PROTESTS: Protesters defy crackdown in Oman 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 YEMEN PROTESTS: Yemen ‘to declare unity government’ 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 UN urges support for Mideast reforms 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 Israeli artillery fire injures 1 in Rafah 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 Negev village residents suffer Israel brutality 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 Hamas slams ‘shameless’ Israeli probe 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 America features in one West Bank village’s day of rage 28Feb11

March 1, 2011 Police break up ‘unity’ rally in Gaza 28Feb11