May 31, 2011 MASSAD: Are Palestinian children less worthy? 30May11

May 31, 2011 Netanyahu re-confirms Jerusalem as permanent Israeli capital 30May11

May 31, 2011 ICC says Israel spending more than a billion dollars a year to Judaize holy city 30May11

May 31, 2011 New government to be announced 6 June 30May11

May 31, 2011 Canadian FM warns of involvement in Gaza flotilla 30May11

May 31, 2011 Over 1,600 Israelis enter Nablus overnight 30May11

May 31, 2011 MEDIA LENS: Bad News From The BBC – Part 2: The ‘John Motson Approach To Analysing News’ 25May11

May 30, 2011 Israeli pressure leads to Zionist support statement by G8 Ministers 29May11

May 30, 2011 Israeli Culture Minister storms out of film, calls it too pro-Palestinian 29May11

May 30, 2011 A Palestinian man forced to demolish his home in Jerusalem 29May11

May 30, 2011 Gaza committee says Ki-moon responsible for danger ahead of flotilla 29May11

May 30, 2011 Zionist plan to change the demography of occupied Jerusalem within five years 29May11

May 30, 2011 Israel slams Rafah reopening 29May11

May 30, 2011 Israel to mark Jerusalem ‘reunification’ with cash 29May11

May 30, 2011 Arab League seeks UN recognition of Palestine 28May11

May 30, 2011 MEDIA LENS: Bad News From The BBC – Part 1: ‘Replete With Imbalance And Distortion’ 25May11

May 30, 2011 LLEWELLYN: BBC is ‘confusing cause and effect’ in its Israeli coverage 23May11


May 29, 2011 NGO declares ‘commercial disaster’ in Jerusalem’s Old City 28May11

May 29, 2011 Protests in Jordan demand closure of Israeli embassy 28May22

May 29, 2011 Palestinian ‘first Arab woman’ to scale Everest 28May11

May 29, 2011 Israeli army says a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel 28May11

May 29, 2011 UN chief discourages a new Gaza aid flotilla 28May11

May 29, 2011 UN official: US could stop Palestine membership bid 28May11

May 29, 2011 CASSEL: The price of return 26May11

May 29, 2011 Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza 28May11

May 28, 2011 23,24 Jun, MELBOURNE: “The Obama Middle East Peace Initiative: Lessons learnt and implications for a dialogical roadmap for peace”

May 28, 2011 ANDONI: Kindly remain seated 27May11

May 28, 2011 Settlers claim that new settlement projects will cover all areas of Jerusalem 27May11

May 28, 2011 Senior PLO representative says ending the occupation is the only guarantee of Israeli security 27May11

May 28, 2011 Dweik rejects formation of government before reactivation of the PLC 27May11

May 28, 2011 Specialists say 95% of Gaza water is not drinkable 26May11

May 28, 2011 Egypt working with Israel on Rafah policy 27May11

May 28, 2011 Activists refuse to send Gaza aid via Israel 27May11

May 28, 2011 3 hurt after navy shells fishing boat 27May11

May 28, 2011 COOK: On an old anniversary, a new sense that change is possible 17May11

May 28, 2011 British PM Cameron drops Israel ‘racist’ charity the Jewish national Fund (JNF) 27May11

May 28, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Friedman’s “Israel and Palestine should draw on Tahrir Square for peace plan” 27May11

May 28, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to the Australian’s Editorial 27May11

May 27, 2011 Melissa Parkes MP (ALP) speaks on the Middle East in Parliament (Hansard p71) 25May11

May 27, 2011 Gaza fishermen protest over daily harassment by Israeli navy 26May11

May 27, 2011 Egyptian FM trying to amend Camp David accords 25May11

May 27, 2011 “Israel seeks to invade West Bank” 26May11

May 27, 2011 Former Mossad chief supports Palestinian UN bid 26May11

May 27, 2011 POEM by UNKNOWN AUTHOR “Can anyone hear me?” 25May11

May 27, 2011 Egypt to open Rafah border permanently 25May11

May 27, 2011 David Macilwain (VIC) responds to Koutsoukis’ “Netanyahu speech ‘an obstacle to peace’ 26May11

May 26, 2011 Steven Katsineris (VIC) writes to The Age re peace and justice in Palestine 26May11 PUBLISHED

May 26, 2011 OIC chief calls for media campaign to publicise Israeli aggression 25May11

May 26, 2011 80% of Israeli Jews view Arabs as a threat to the state 24May11

May 26, 2011 The vision of Jordan’s National Front for Reform 25May11

May 26, 2011 Settlers claim only control of West Bank mountain ridge can guarantee Israel’s security 25May11

May 26, 2011 Israel plans annexation of Salfit land 25May11

May 26, 2011 A call to march towards Jerusalem on the first Friday and Sunday of June 25May11

May 26, 2011 PA says UN still goal for September 25May11

May 26, 2011 CHANGE WE MAKE 23May11

May 26, 2011 A MOST POWERFUL VIDEO: Miko Peled on his new book “The General’s Son”


May 25, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret protest Week 35, 27May11

May 25, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret Protest Week 33 13May11

May 25, 2011 19 Jun, SYDNEY: Ideas at the House – “Israel and Palestine in the New Middle East”

May 25, 2011 VIDEO: Diana Buttu on President Obama’s speech on the Middle East and North Africa

May 25, 2011 19 Jun, SYDNEY: Film Screening “Susya”

May 25, 2011 18 Jun, SYDNEY: Hebron-Leichhardt Refugee Week Festival of Friendship

May 25, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret Protest Week 34 20May11

May 25, 2011 16 Jun, MELBOURNE: Festival of Ideas – “The Middle East: the Cockpit of National Identities and Perpetual Conflict”

May 25, 2011 NAKBA 2011: 50,000 Palestinians gate crash Lebanon/Palestine border 17May11

May 25, 2011 15 Jun, SYDNEY: “Why are we going to Gaza – a farewell to activists on Freedom Flotilla 2

May 25, 2011 15 Jun, SYDNEY: Film screening “Susya”

May 25, 2011 04 Jun, SYDNEY: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Fundraiser

May 25, 2011 4 Jun, SYDNEY: Film Screening “Budrus”

May 25, 2011 03 Jun, BYRON BAY: Film Screening “Budrus”

May 25, 2011 3 Jun, MELBOURNE: Conference – “The Arab Revolutions in Context: Socio-Political Implications for the Middle East and Beyond”

May 25, 2011 SABAWI: It is democracy not demography stupid 25May11

May 25, 2011 01 Jun, GEELONG: Discussion on ME events with Sivan BArak & Adel Yousif

May 25, 2011 Debate about Israel in the House of Representatives, Australian Parliament 23May11

May 25, 2011 GORDON: Netanyahu and the one-state solution 23May11

May 25, 2011 Fayyad hospitalized in US 23May11

May 25, 2011 Bedouin refugees complain to UN about discrimination in West Bank 24May11

May 25, 2011 Israeli universities to award academic credit for military reserve duty 24May11

May 25, 2011 Second Freedom Flotilla will include 600 activists from 40 countries 24May11

May 25, 2011 Occupation bulldozers change features of Bab al-Amoud 24May11

May 25, 2011 New nearby settlement poses serious threat to Aqsa Mosque 24May11

May 25, 2011 Occupation threatens Palestinian farm structures 24May11

May 25, 2011 Netanyahu’s speech a falsification of history 23May11

May 25, 2011 Malaysia aid ship ends sea attempt to Gaza 23May11

May 25, 2011 Netanyahu says tear up deal with Hamas 24May11

May 25, 2011 FALK: Obama’s flawed approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict

May 24, 2011 BARGHOUTI: Obama, the Arab Spring and irrelevance 23May11

May 24, 2011 Israeli incursion into Joseph’s Tomb planned for tomorrow 23May11

May 24, 2011 Israel under criticism from British leaders and politicians 23May11

May 24, 2011 Obama says the Palestinian state will not be based on 1967 borders 23May11

May 24, 2011 Israeli forces install fence around Qalqiliya village 23May11

May 24, 2011 FILM: “Route 181: Extracts from a Palestinian-Israeli Journey” 22May11

May 24, 2011 EL SHARNOUBI: Finkelstein on Arab dignity will bring peace to the Middle East

May 24, 2011 WAKIM: Australia is missing the boat on asylum-seekers 23May11

May 23, 2011 COOK: On an old anniversary, a new sense that change is possible 17May11

May 23, 2011 DAVIDSON: Criminal Criminology – An Analysis 19May11

May 23, 2011 Euro campaign asks for international protection for Freedom Flotilla 2 22May11

May 23, 2011 Israeli soldiers ransack village, fire teargas inside homes in Al-Khalil 22May11

May 23, 2011 8 PLO factions to boycott technocrat government 22May11

May 23, 2011 Thousands refused passports in Gaza 22May11

May 23, 2011 Sha’ath says we will stick to UN statehood plan 22May11

May 22, 2011 BOOK: Jewish National Fund (JNF) eBook Series May 2011

May 22, 2011 World backs Obama plan as Israel digs in heels 21May11

May 22, 2011 Turkey warns Israel over new Gaza flotilla 21May11

May 22, 2011 Refugee ‘return rallies’ planned for June 21May11

May 22, 2011 The JNF fundraiser to “Plant a Tree for Palestine” 18May11

May 22, 2011 DePaul students vote by large margin to ban Sabra hummus 20May11

May 22, 2011 Two young men wounded; dozens suffer gas inhalation in Bil’in weekly demonstration 21May11

May 22, 2011 Israeli army uses violence against fresh West Bank protests 21May11

May 22, 2011 MASSAD: Emperor Obama vs the Arab people 21May11

May 22, 2011 ADONIS: A day of mourning – past and present 20May11

May 22, 2011 Turkish FM censures US Palestine policy 21May11

May 22, 2011 Hunger strikers form decision-making body 21May11

May 22, 2011 Israel plans to seize 140,000 dunums of Dead Sea land 21May11

May 22, 2011 Palestinians and Arabs “no longer accept partial solutions” 20May11

May 22, 2011 VIDEO: Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti says Obama speech “irrelevant” 20May11

May 22, 2011 VIDEO: Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas reflects on Obama and Israel/Palestine 21May11

May 21, 2011 MELBOURNE: BDS Free Palestine rally 20May11


May 21, 2011 Israel shuts down Golan over protest fears 20May11

May 21, 2011 Soldiers fire on protesters near Gaza border 20May11

May 21, 2011 Obama, Netanyahu meet amid borders row 20May11

May 21, 2011 Palestinian factions react to Obama’s speech 20May11

May 21, 2011 01 Jun, MELBOURNE: Candelight Vigil for Peace in Palestine-Israel

May 21, 2011 MONSOUR: Lessons from Marrickville for BDS activists in Australia 21May11

May 21, 2011 SABAWI: Sun sets on two state solution (original title) 21May11

May 21, 2011 Palestine invites itself to the meeting of Veolia shareholders, 17May11   

May 20, 2011 PERTH: Seacret protest 14May11

May 20, 2011 HIJAB: Just as well that Obama had no details about Middle East peace 19May11

May 20, 2011 BECKER & VERHEYDEN-HILLIARD: Reality check – The profound hypocrisy of President Obama’s speech on the Middle East 19May11

May 20, 2011 QUMSIYEH: Obama and the changing landscape 19May11

May 20, 2011 VIDEO: Demonstrations on Nakba Day 15May11

May 20, 2011 Israeli Council of Rabbis sends letter to Obama calling for Palestinian state “to be terminated like Bin Laden” 19May11

May 20, 2011 Israeli military imposes closure on Salfit area 19May11

May 20, 2011 WHO condemns occupation’s effect on health sector 19May11

May 20, 2011 Israel ‘unworried’ about Netanyahu’s pledge to dismantle Jordan Valley settlements 19May11

May 20, 2011 Plans to erect 1,500 new settler homes in Jerusalem 19May11

May 20, 2011 Accelerating building activity reported in Jordan Valley settlement 19May11

May 20, 2011 Diana Buttu interview on Lateline “Israel must deal with the Arab spring 19May11

May 20, 2011 HEVER: Conditions for a viable Palestinian statehood 19May11

May 19, 2011 Largest student union in Europe joins boycott of Israel 18May11

May 19, 2011 World Bank praises PA progress 18May11

May 19, 2011 Barghouti expresses support for unity deal and declaration of statehood 18May11

May 19, 2011 Israel broke international law by firing at unarmed protesters 17May11

May 19, 2011 Israeli minister calls for annexation of West Bank if Palestinians declare a state 18May11

May 19, 2011 Significant advances made in relationship between Hamas and Western states 17May11

May 19, 2011 Third intifada youth to declare action plan to commemorate Naksa day Third intifada youth to declare action plan to commemorate Naksa day 18May11

May 19, 2011 Nakba solidarity demonstrations held throughout world 16May11

May 19, 2011 Tel Aviv University promotes “pro-Israeli” delegations to international campuses

May 19, 2011 Netanyahu greets new reality with old words 19May11

May 19, 2011 THE ECONOMIST (MS blog): Here comes your non-violent resistance 17May11

May 19, 2011 Israeli policy will end up isolating it to the point of sanctions 18May11

May 18, 2011 Norman Finkelstein on revolution, counter-revolution and Israel-Palestine 18May11

May 18, 2011 Netanyahu claims he would give up “isolated settlements” for peace 17May11

May 18, 2011 Lebanese government files complaint against Israel for killing 10 protesters at border protest 17May11

May 18, 2011 Israeli demolitions more than double since last year 17May11

May 18, 2011 Jewish settlers storm Palestinian school in Occupied Jerusalem, attack homes in Al-Khalil (Hebron) 17May11

May 18, 2011 Davutoğlu says we will continue efforts to incriminate Israel over flotilla attack 17May11

May 18, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: Israel’s attack on humanitarian ship to Gaza (updated report) 16May11

May 18, 2011 COMMUNITY FORUM: Samah Sabawi, former MLC Sylvia Hale and Antony Loewenstein 13May11

May 18, 2011 Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon writes on Nakba 16May11

May 18, 2011 BARGHOUTI: Challenging AIPAC’s abuse of taxpayers money 14May11

May 17, 2011 No arms deals with Israel, Aussies say 14May11

May 17, 2011 VIDEO: Stolen children, stolen lives Parts 1&2

May 17, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Jamie Hyams’ “UN cherry-picking” in the Australian Financial Review 16May11 PUBLISHED

May 17, 2011 Israel forces Malaysia aid ship from Gaza coast 16May11

May 17, 2011 UNRWA condemn Israel attacks on Nakba protests 16May11

May 17, 2011 Lebanon’s Palestinians bury victims of Israeli cross-border shooting 16May11

May 17, 2011 Israel unblocks Palestinian funds 16May11

May 16, 2011 Dramatic video shows Palestinians, Syrians entering Israeli-occupied Golan Heights 15May11

May 16, 2011 AL-WALAJA NAKBA DAY 15May11

May 16, 2011 Palestinians killed in ‘Nakba’ clashes 15May11

May 16, 2011 KARKAR: The Nakba – what does it mean in human terms?

May 16, 2011 AFP PRESS RELEASE 29: Palestinian people power challenges Israeli apartheid 16May11

May 16, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: ‘Israel tanks heading towards Lebanon’ 15May11

May 16, 2011 Clashes as Palestinians demand right of return 15May11

May 16, 2011 Turkey wants names of Israelis who stormed flotilla 15May11

May 16, 2011 Mitchell resigns as US Middle East envoy 13May11

May 16, 2011 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian protesters 15May11

May 15, 2011 VIDEO: 63 years of Nakba

May 15, 2011 Alleging security concerns, Egypt demands cancellation of “The Return March” 15May11

May 15, 2011 Boy killed as third intifada kicks off 14May11

May 15, 2011 Israeli army burns Jordan Valley grazing fields 14May11

May 14, 2011 CLOT: Why I blew the whistle about Palestine 14May11

May 14, 2011 Palestinian refugees prepare for the march of return 13May11

May 14, 2011 The Arab world rises up in support of Palestine 13May11

May 14, 2011 BBC under fire for ‘censoring’ Palestine lyric 13May11

May 14, 2011 LEVY: It’s called ethnic cleansing

May 13, 2011 “Abbas To Become Prime Minister Of Unity Government” 12May11

May 13, 2011 Israel goes to courts to legalize settlements 12May11

May 13, 2011 B’Tselem report says over three quarters of Jordan Valley placed under Israeli control

May 13, 2011 Egyptians to join Gazans on Nakba Day 12May11

May 13, 2011 Peace demands challenging Israel’s exceptionalism 12May11

May 13, 2011 Rudd’s Pro-Palestine “Justin Bieber” artwork banned by human rights festival 12May11

May 12, 2011 Obama to lay out new Middle East strategy as early as next week 11May11

May 12, 2011 GORDON: Israel’s new laws promote repression 10May11

May 12, 2011 Palestinian President will not run for next Presidential elections 11May11