August 30, 2011 Does the Palestinian UN bid threaten refugee rights? 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 KARKAR: Israel feels the wobbles of Palestinian moves for rights and self-determination, The Age & SMH 29Aug11

August 30, 2011 How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Oxfam media briefing “Hung out to Dry” re conditions on farms July 2011

August 30, 2011 John O’Hara responds to Dr Bill Anderson letters 26/8, The Age, 26Aug11

August 30, 2011 John O’Hara (VIC) comments on Colin Rubinstein’s article, The Age, 22Aug11

August 30, 2011 David Macilwain responds to Colin Rubinstein’s “‘Virtual’ Palestinian state could lead to actual disaster” 22Aug11

August 30, 2011 KILROY: Israel will hear your confession now 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 High alert in Israel’s south; IDF and Egypt deploy reinforcements 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Abbas says “We are willing to listen to suggestions, alternatives to UN move” 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Israel still seeking an apology-free rapprochement with Turkey over Flotilla attack 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Jewish settler runs over, seriously injures Palestinian child 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Palestinian on stabbing spree in Tel Aviv 30Aug11

August 30, 2011 Israel to cut relations with Qatar, sanction Al Jazeera: Israeli media report 30Aug11

August 29, 2011 Abbas asks Ashton to support UN bid 29Aug11

August 29, 2011 Three-quarters of world recognizes Palestine 29Aug11

August 29, 2011 Palestinians see progress in EU stance on UN bid 29Aug11

August 29, 2011 Abbas says I am ready to resume peace talks with Israelis 29Aug11

August 29, 2011 ‘Israel cannot stop Palestinian state’ 29Aug11

August 29, 2011 ABED-RABBO: One State vs Two States 29Aug11

August 28, 2011 Consulate says US envoy did not threaten aid to PA 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 Abbas says UN bid not meant to isolate US, Israel 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 Israel threatened launching extensive military assault on Gaza Strip 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 Palestinians barred from Aqsa Mosque 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 US diplomat threatens to cut PA funds 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 Palestinians accept new Israeli truce 28Aug11

August 28, 2011 TILLEY: Bantustans and the unilateral declaration of statehood 28Aug11

August 27, 2011 GOODWIN-GILL: Legal opinion challenges PLO statehood bid 25Aug11

August 27, 2011 El Salvador recognizes Palestine as independent state 27Aug11

August 27, 2011 Ashrawi says UN statehood bid no threat to PLO 27 Aug11

August 27, 2011 US envoy ‘threatens aid’ over UN statehood bid 27Aug11

August 27, 2011 Gaza PM says we will not recognize Israel 27Aug11

August 27, 2011 Israel snipers use laser device to kill 27Aug11

August 27, 2011 Israel prevents al Quds day rally 27Aug11

August 27, 2011 Egyptians hold massive anti-Israel rally 26Aug11

August 26, 2011 China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Israeli forces surround Jenin Freedom Theatre for second time in a month; abduct three 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Shaath says India will support Palestinians at UN 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Silwan committee unveils Israeli scheme to take over Al-Bustan zone 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Israel places 18 Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Israeli soldiers arrest 9 Palestinians including wife of prisoner 25Aug11

August 26, 2011 Israel kills six Gazans in 24 hours 25Aug11

August 25, 2011 Ayalon heads to Spain to talk it into opposing UN move 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 Israeli Cabinet decides to refrain from large-scale offensive on Gaza 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 DFLP official says elections delay ‘illegal’ 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 Fatah official says Hamas requested elections delay 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 UN bid ‘endangers Palestinian rights’ 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 Shaky truce threatened by Israeli airstrike 24Aug11

August 25, 2011 23 Sep, BRISBANE: Public Lecture with Israeli writer and peace activist MIKO PELED

August 24, 2011 ALZEER: Shooting at Freedom Kites 23Aug11

August 22, 2011 ‘Israel exploiting attacks to sway UN’ 21Aug11

August 22, 2011 ‘Egyptians against Israeli peace treaty’ 21Aug11

August 22, 2011 Casualties mount in Gaza-Israel violence 21Aug11

August 22, 2011 Arab League blasts Israel for Egyptian deaths 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Cybthia Marchant (Qld) responds to “Anti-Israel bullies’ hard centre bites in chocolate shop campaign” Weekend Australian 20Aug11

August 21, 2011 RT NEWS: Dubious evidence Israeli bus attackers based in Gaza 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Israeli forces ‘fire live ammunition’ at Hebron rally 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Abbas requests emergency Security Council session 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 PHOTO COLLAGE: Israeli warplanes continue to strike Gaza 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Aussie football aims to ease Middle East rift 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Israel continues deadly air strikes on Gaza 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Egypt withdraws ambassador from Israel 21Aug11

August 21, 2011 Dr Ron Witton (NSW) responds to “Tent city is a beacon of social justice and optimism for all Israelis”, SMH, 19Aug11 PUBLISHED

August 20, 2011 Israeli air raids damage government buildings in Gaza 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 Egyptians gather outside Israel embassy 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrike 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 Israelis injure Palestinian worshippers 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 BOOM! Israel attacks Gaza 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 ABUNIMAH: How Palestinian Authority’s UN “statehood” bid endangers Palestinian rights 19Aug11

August 20, 2011 List of Products to boycott

August 19, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Boycott the UN’s racist farce” The Australian 19Aug11

August 19, 2011 Egyptian army officer, two security men killed in Israeli border raid 19Aug11

August 19, 2011 RT VIDEO: Israel attacks Gaza 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 Israel pounds Gaza after deadly attacks near Eilat 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 FELTON: UN must again choose between capitulation and credibility 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 PALESTINE MONITOR: Racism in the Galilee part 2 – underrepresentation in Upper Nazareth 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 Israel threatens to attack Gaza 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 Several killed in attack on Israeli buses 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 PCHR Report: The illegal closure of the Gaza Strip: collective punishment of the civilian population Dec 2010

August 19, 2011 Israeli army kills disabled child in central Gaza 18Aug11

August 19, 2011 AUSTRALIAN SENATE: Senator Boswell (QLD) moved amended motion relating to boycotts of Israeli companies, particularly Max Brenner

August 19, 2011 Eric Carwardine WA) writes to blog video on “peace team” visit to Australia 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Tent city is a beacon of social justice and optimism for all” The Age 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 CROWE: Racism in the Galilee Part 1: Caging in Palestinians 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 Israel cabinet discuses Palestine UN bid 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 World powers condemn Israeli settlement move 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 Israel PM ‘snubs Clinton’ over Turkey apology 18Aug11

August 18, 2011 ELDAR: Israel will use Palestinian UN bid to restore status quo 18Aug11

August 17, 2011 BDS campaigners declare victory as international bidders for Agrexco drop out 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 ‘Israel not keen on peace with Palestine’ 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 ‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy to enter Gaza 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 Egypt forces kill 1, arrest 16 in Sinai clashes 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 Barak confirms Israel, Hamas prisoner talks in Cairo 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 US senator seeks aid cuts to Israeli army units 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 Outrage after Palestinian camp attacked in Syria 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 Medics: 1 killed, 7 injured as Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 Al-Jazeera bureau chief arrested in Israel 16Aug11

August 17, 2011 SABAWI: No level playing field for Palestinian athletes 15Aug11

August 17, 2011 STATEMENT: BNC condemns repression of BDS activism in Australia 16Aug11

August 16, 2011 U.S. resumes operations of its aid organizations in Gaza 16Aug11

August 16, 2011 National figures urge alternatives to UN bid 15Aug11

August 16, 2011 DAVIDSON: Education and Behavior In Israel and Palestine – An Analysis

August 16, 2011 Israel approves 227 new homes in West Bank settlement of Ariel 15Aug11

August 15, 2011 Egypt deploys thousands of troops and tanks in Sinai, in coordination with Israel 15Aug11

August 15, 2011 China army chief on ‘historic’ visit to Israel 15Aug11

August 15, 2011 Israeli army to impose hermetic closure on the West Bank, Gaza Strip next month

August 15, 2011 Condemnation abounds after new U.S. ambassador reiterates commitments to Israel 15Aug11

August 15, 2011 ‘Israelis must join Palestinian cause’ 15Aug11

August 14, 2011 TARAKI and LeVINE: Why boycott Israel? 15Aug11

August 14, 2011 Israel uses drones to watch offshore gas fields 14Aug11

August 14, 2011 Three children injured by Israeli troops in non-violent anti-Wall demonstrations 14Aug11

August 14, 2011 Abbas, Peres held ’4 secret meetings’ 14Aug11

August 14, 2011 Israeli soldiers torch dozens of olive trees in West Bank village 14Aug11

August 14, 2011 ‘Israel aims to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque’ 14Aug11

August 14, 2011 PA sets date for UN statehood bid 14Aug11

August 13, 2011 THE AUSTRALIAN: Targeted chocolatier Max Brenner ‘a man of peace’ by Cameron Stewart 13Aug11

August 13, 2011 UNIFIED STATEMENT: Human Rights and Community Organisations condemn attempts to silence BDS Movement 13Aug11

August 13, 2011 PCHR Press Release: PLO Must Pursue ‘Goldstone’ Accountability at UN General Assembly 11Aug11

August 13, 2011 OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL goes into lockdown: Israeli delegation’s arrival disrupted 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 UN Report criticises Israeli policies which displace Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

August 13, 2011 Israeli forces prepare for possible September unrest 13Aug11

August 13, 2011 US threatens to halt humanitarian aid to Gaza 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 September rallies to avoid confronting Israeli military 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 Abbas tells US lawmakers of NATO role in Palestinian state 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 Israel limits access to al-Aqsa Mosque 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 RUEBNER: Straining every nerve against UN membership for Palestine 12Aug11

August 13, 2011 UN OCHA “Barrier Update” July 2011

August 13, 2011 PROJECT HOPE, PALESTINE Humanitarian Opportunities for Peace and Education Aug11

August 13, 2011 The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Stated Clerk to Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu on Israel’s Boycott Law 4Aug11

August 13, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Julia Gillard set to reject Kevin Rudd on Palestine” The Australian 11Aug11

August 13, 2011 VIDEO: Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker Danny Danon speaks to Aljazeera 12Aug11

August 12, 2011 21 Sep, CANBERRA: Public Lecture with MIKO PELED, Israeli peace activist

August 12, 2011 21 Sep, MELBOURNE: Protest against Israeli Apartheid and the JNF

August 12, 2011 20 Sep, MELBOURNE: Public Lecture with Israeli writer and peace activist MIKO PELED

August 12, 2011 SHAMMAS: Kafka at the Rafah border – an American’s journey to Gaza 9Aug11

August 12, 2011 Senior Israeli archaeologist casts doubt on Jewish heritage of Jerusalem 9Aug11


August 12, 2011 PA negotiator denies delay in bid for UN recognition 10Aug11

August 12, 2011 PA formulates policies to avert financial crisis 11Aug11

August 12, 2011 Arabs to urge yes vote on Palestinian UN bid 11Aug11

August 12, 2011 Netanyahu believes UN recognition of State diminishes peace 11Aug11

August 12, 2011 Israeli army flattens Palestinian home in occupied Jerusalem 11Aug1

August 12, 2011 Jewish settlers seize Palestinian homes by force

August 12, 2011 Israel approves 1,600 settler homes in East Jerusalem 11Aug11

August 11, 2011 Lieberman: Israeli apology for Gaza flotilla raid would not improve Turkey ties 11Aug11

August 10, 2011 2,000 Palestinians flee Libya violence

August 10, 2011 Erekat: No plans to delay September UN bid 10Aug11

August 10, 2011 U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ by Israel’s approval of East Jerusalem construction plans 10Aug11

August 9, 2011 British minister condemns Israel settlement construction in Jerusalem 9Aug11

August 9, 2011 SABAWI: Don’t erode our democracy 9Aug11

August 9, 2011 14 Sep, SYDNEY: Marrickville BDS reaches finals of Sydney Vision Song Contest

August 9, 2011 8 Sep, MELBOURNE: “Boycotts, Repression and the Struggle for Palestine”

August 9, 2011 3 Sep, ADELAIDE: AFOPA Fundraising Dinner

August 9, 2011 NABI SALEH: Israeli army invades village firing live ammunition and bombs 8Aug11

August 9, 2011 Israel deputy PM says Turkey ‘rude’ to demand apology 8Aug11

August 9, 2011 Top Israeli archaeologists contest Jewish ties to Jerusalem 8Aug11

August 9, 2011 VLAZNA: Israeli hasbara revises Timor-Leste’s history 5Aug11

August 9, 2011 John Swanston (Qld) writes to The Australian re Victorian Government’s attack on BDS actions 9Aug11

August 9, 2011 PA: Donor aid at risk in global financial crisis 8Aug11

August 9, 2011 Growing number of Palestinian children with anxiety disorders 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 Veolia, major target of Palestinian BDS campaign, in financial crisis 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 AUSTRALIA: Israeli boycotts – ACCC called in 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 Hamas and Fatah agree to release political prisoners 7Aug11

August 8, 2011 Israeli soldiers tried to rape teen during interrogation 7Aug11

August 8, 2011 Israeli army cuts pff water to Jenin neighbourhoods 7Aug11

August 8, 2011 Fatah says Dahlan poisoned Arafat 7Aug11


August 8, 2011 In Australia, Rudd says abstain on Palestine vote; Gillard backs Israel 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 Palestinian envoy meets Jewish Australian group to discuss statehood 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 Dr Patrick Wolfe (Vic) writes to The Age re Minister O’Brien’s attack on BDS activists 8Aug11

August 8, 2011 Abbas To Visit Lebanon To Hold Talks on Palestinian Statehood 7Aug11

August 7, 2011 BOOK: Fast Times in Palestine 7Aug11

August 7, 2011 BOOK REVIEW: Soldiers’ testimonies on the occupied territories 7Aug11

August 7, 2011 Hamas delegation arrives in Egypt for Palestinian reconciliation talks 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Palestinians hold non-violent anti-Wall protests in 4 villages 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Israeli army detains Freedom Theater actor 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Israeli soldiers forcibly evacuate worshippers from Aqsa Mosque 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Turkey refuses to take part in joint naval exercises with Israel, USA 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Construction of 7,000 new settlement units in Jerusalem under way 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 Masri says unleashing resistance forces best response against Jewish settlement 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 EU slams new Israeli settlement plan 6Aug11

August 7, 2011 SABAWI: Liberal Zionists can oppose boycott only by blinding themselves to decades of discrimination 4Aug11

August 7, 2011 CASSAR: 44 weeks of pro-Palestinian protest in Adelaide and not a word in print 4Aug11

August 6, 2011 Occupation government approves building 930 settlement units 5Aug11

August 6, 2011 IDF redeploys Iron Dome as rocket fire from Gaza increases 5Aug11

August 6, 2011 UN Committee enters Gaza for first time in 43 years 5Aug11

August 6, 2011 PA orders Palestinian security forces to prevent violence at September bid protests 5Aug11

August 6, 2011 Israeli air strikes injure 5 in Gaza 5Aug11

August 6, 2011 SEPTEMBER 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 South African student bodies slam “Israeli Apartheid Agents” and endorse nationwide Israel boycott 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 Lawmakers seek to drop Arabic as one of Israel’s official languages 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE, August 2011

August 5, 2011 Hamas leader freed in mass prisoner release 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 Airstrikes target Gaza City 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 Palestinians ‘moving ahead’ with UN bid 4Aug11

August 5, 2011 Israel approves 900 settlement homes in East Jerusalem 4Aug11

August 4, 2011 BAHOUR: Palestinians will soon come full circle 4Aug11

August 4, 2011 Alex Bainbridge complains to Network Ten re The Bolt Report 31Jul11


August 4, 2011 AL-HASSAN: The gas that could ignite war 3Aug11