September 30, 2011 BOMSE: Why the Palmer Report deserves no deference 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Study group reveals plans to cut off Jerusalem’s Palestinian villages from their West Bank hinterland 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Turkey criticises Quartet plan to revive peace process 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Abbas wishes Peres a happy new year while occupation seals West Bank 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Palestinian FM says eight UN Security Council members support statehood bid 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 UN new members panel to meet Friday 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Israeli military to start working on a new by-pass road soon 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Guard committees deter Israeli settlers attack 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Settlers demand “free hand” to open fire at stone throwers 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 Daily Telegraph says Palestinians to sack Quartet Middle East envoy 30Sep11

September 30, 2011 European Parliament adopts resolution, confirming Palestinian bid legitimacy 30Sep11

September 29, 2011 Israel defends settlement expansion 29Sep11

September 29, 2011 Egypt slams Israel over new construction in East Jerusalem 29Sep11

September 29, 2011 Europe and US condemn Israel settlement plans 29Sep11

September 29, 2011 Serry slams Israel’s decision to build 1100 units 29Sep11

September 29, 2011 COOK: Palestine self-determination – UN bid heralds death of Palestine’s old guard 29Sep11

September 28, 2011 DAVIDSON: President Obama’s UN Speech and its Critics – An Analysis 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 Israel authorities grant Palestinian bishop Jerusalem residency 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 New Israeli pumps aimed at stealing Silwan water supply 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 UN urges end to Israeli infringements 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 Britain declines Palestine statehood bid 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 China supports Palestinian-UN bid 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 Israel plans 1,100 more settlement units as legislators call for full annexation 28Sep11

September 28, 2011 Israel okays new buildings in east Jerusalem 28Sep11

September 27, 2011 Canberra Times: US-based Israeli calls for end of ‘apartheid, supports Palestinians 26Sep11

September 27, 2011 SMH: Australia’s UN stand is wrong, says Evans 24Sep11

September 27, 2011 MP Attoun kidnapped from the Red Cross in Jerusalem 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Hamas warns of UNRWA plan to move out of Gaza 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Abbas rejects talks sans settlement halt 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Sources say Quartet push for peace talks weakened by issue of Israel as Jewish state 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Turkey: IHH draws up list of IDF soldiers linked to Gaza flotilla raid 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Security Council to begin informal debate on Palestinian statehood 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Two children, aged 8 and 10, kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Poll: One-third of Israeli Jews don’t support equal rights for Arabs 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Peres says Abbas is the best Palestinian leader for Israel 27Sep11

September 27, 2011 Netanyahu calls Abbas for unconditional negotiations 27Sep11

September 26, 2011 SAMAHA: Foreign fighters support Israel’s settlements 27Sep11

September 26, 2011 DAVIDSON: Goodbye to International Law – an analysis 27Sep1

September 26, 2011 WALBERG: BDS Update – Buttressing an Independent Palestine 26Sep11

September 26, 2011 Legal expert claims that a UN deal will see Palestinian state recognised in exchange for recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” 26Sep11

September 26, 2011 Erdogan says Israel ties may never rebound 26Sep11

September 26, 2011 Abbas to soon launch ‘in-depth’ talks with Hamas 26Sep11

September 26, 2011 Settlers put up posters calling for killing Arabs, Palestinians 27Sep11

September 26, 2011 Ashton is seeking to make progress over borders and security within 3 months 26Sep11

September 26, 2011 Setters uproot 400 olive trees south of Nablus 26Sep11

September 25, 2011 Full transcript of Mahmoud Abbas speech at UN General Assembly 25Sep11

September 25, 2011 Abbas says UN debate on Palestinian statehood bid will take weeks, not months 25 September 2011

September 25, 2011 Netanyahu to Abbas: let us meet today to revive stalled peace talks and Netanyahu’s speech 25Sep11

September 25, 2011 Quartet calls for new talks within month 25Sep11

September 25, 2011 PA foreign minister rejects Quartet statement 25Sep11

September 25, 2011 ‘Palestine to sue Israel when UN member’ 25Sep11

September 25, 2011 KOPTY: Mr. President, we don’t want a shortcut, we want our freedom 25Sep11

September 24, 2011 AL-AMIN: The futile undertaking of Palestinian Statehood 25Sep11

September 24, 2011 Abbas submits Palestinian-UN membership bid 24Sep11

September 24, 2011 Clashes break out between Palestinians and Israel security forces in East Jerusalem 24Sep11

September 24, 2011 Bill Clinton says Netanyahu isn’t interested in Mideast peace deal 24Sep11

September 24, 2011 20 Palestinians injured in Qalandia clashes 24Sep11

September 24, 2011 Israeli military invades several West Bank villages, breaking into homes 24Sep11

September 24, 2011 Palestinians set to submit UN bid 24Sep11

September 23, 2011 US Jews give Obama mixed reviews for ‘pro-Israel’ UN speech 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Qatar supports the Palestinian UN membership, condemns Israel settlement activties 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 PLO chief says Abbas will go to Security Council 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Palestinians disappointed by Obama speech 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 PLO to give UN council time to mull bid 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Israeli army forces Jerusalemite to demolish part of home with his own hands 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Dull turnout in pro-UN bid rally in Jenin 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Organisastion of Islamic Cooperation slams Israel’s approval of 900 new settlement units 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 BDS protests compels closure of Israeli retailer in London 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Turkish Foreign Minister walks out before Israeli speech at UN headquarters 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Rallies held across West Bank to demonstrate support for Palestinian statehood bid 23Sep11

September 23, 2011 Bolivia welcomes Palestinians to UN 23Sep11

September 22, 2011 GORDON & COHEN: The one-sided US veto 23Sep11

September 22, 2011 Lavinia Kay Moore (SA) writes to Melissa Parke MP congratualting her on speech in Federal Parliament 22Sep11

September 22, 2011 Lavinia Kay Moore (SA) responds to “US plea on Palestine”, Adelaide Advertier, 22Sep11

September 22, 2011 US trade union statement in support of Palestinian call for full and immediate arms embargo against apartheid Israel 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Direct negotiations are the true path to peace” 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Report: “Israeli-Palestinian team prepares for coordinated activities” 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Kuwait donates $50 million to World Bank fund for PA reform 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 China ‘supports Palestinians’ UN aspirations’ 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Abbas says no new PA cabinet until situation ‘stable’ 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Abbas ‘willing to meet Netanyahu’ 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Brazil backs Palestinian UN bid 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 Israeli army troops raid eastern Gaza 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 ‘Palestinians need just two more Security Council votes in bid for statehood’ 22Sep11

September 21, 2011 Palestinians insist on terms for Israel talks 21Sep11

September 21, 2011 GREENWALD: The mainstreaming of Walt and Mearsheimer & letter to President Obama 21Sep11

September 20, 2011 Obama hoping to re-start stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 Israel Plans 10 New Settlements In The Negev 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 Settlers Plan “Sovereignty Marches” In Palestinian Towns 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 Israeli settlers cut 500 trees near Salfit 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 Fayyad meets Barak, efforts to delay September bid 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 Israel terrorizes WB ahead of UN bid 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 French FM: Status quo between Israel and Palestinians risks ‘explosion of violence’ 20Sep11

September 20, 2011 MUNAYYER: All alone on Israel island 20Sep11


September 19, 2011 Israel announces suspension of OPT demolitions and promptly demolishes several structures 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 Arab parliament discusses breaking Gaza siege 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 Haniyeh says Hamas will not back UN bid, support statehood 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 Frantic moves to avoid Palestinian UN showdown 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 Subway station billboard battle is latest flareup in Israeli-Palestinian conflict 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 PAPPE: At the UN, the funeral of the two-state solution 19Sep11

September 19, 2011 Refugees will not be citizens of new state 19Sep11

September 18, 2011 London Philharmonic suspends musicians for anti-Israel remarks 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 Turkey: We don’t need U.S. mediation to resolve crisis with Israel 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 Quartet envoys to meet in New York 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 Jewish group plans to storm Al-Aqsa sanctuary 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 Dozens injured in Israeli army crackdowns on West Bank rallies 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 Netanyahu says “Palestinian-UN bid, a foolish move” 18Sep11

September 18, 2011 KARKAR: Australia’s selective civil courage bodes ill for Palestinian struggle 18Sep11

September 17, 2011 HALPER: Salvaging September – Palestinian Statehood Initiative 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 AL NABI SALEH: A young man from Bil’in was arrested in weekly demonstration 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 BIL’IN: Dozens suffered from asphyxiation and land planted with olive trees was burned 9Sep11

September 17, 2011 Presbyterian Church (USA) to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 FRANCE: Yes, the boycott of Israel is legal 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret protests Week 49

September 17, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret Protests Weeks 46, 47, 48

September 17, 2011 Abbas to address his people 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 “Progress” in Euro-diplomacy for limited UN upgrade 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 China press warns US against Palestinian UN veto 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Israel storms Nablus village after settler assault 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Palestinian factions say PLO step to seek seat in the UN threatens the cause 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Israel razes three buildings, roads in the jordan vally village of Aqaba 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Israeli army plans to uproot Jahaleen Arabs out of Old Jerusalem 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Occupation authorities confiscate land in the West Bank for settlement expansion 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Palestinian shot by armed settlers 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Britain a safe haven for war criminals 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 Abbas says Palestinians seek full UN membership 17Sep11

September 17, 2011 MASSAD: State of recognition 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 9 Nov, MELBOURNE: Public talk with US peace activist Kathy Kelly

September 16, 2011 Israeli Ambassador to Jordan recalled 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Israeli military carries out demolitions in Jordan Valley; further orders presented in Hebron 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Multiple arrests by Israeli military across the West Bank 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 PCHR condemns Israeli escalation against fishermen in the Gaza Strip 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Erekat says “September bid aims at obtaining full UN-membership, not independence” 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Israeli military carries out demolitions in Jordan Valley; further orders presented in Hebron 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 PA denies allegations it is buying Israeli weapons 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Abbas vows “no retreat” from Palestine UN bid 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 EU seeks limited upgrade of Palestinians’ UN status 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 UN chief says Palestine bid ‘understandable’ 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 NSW LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL passes motion on Anti-Semitism and the BDS campaign 15Sep11

September 16, 2011 O’CONNOR: Palestinians, Israelis targets of settler violence in lead-up to UN vote 16Sep11

September 16, 2011 Trades Union Congress (UK) votes to support Palestine and ewview links with organisations complicit with Israel’s occupation 14Sep11

September 16, 2011 5 Nov, ADELAIDE: 2011 Edward Said Memorial Lecture with Noam Chomsky

September 16, 2011 4 Nov, MELBOURNE: Prof Noam Chomsky lecture on “Changing Contours of Global Order”

September 16, 2011 Sheikh Salah To Sue UK Over Arrest, Deportation Order

September 15, 2011 UN discussed PA statehood bid 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 BARGHOUTI: Virtual statehood or the Right of Return 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 BARROWS-FRIEDMAN: Gaza children’s images of war censored under pressure from US Israel lobby

September 15, 2011 Report says Turkish warplanes now able to fire at Israeli targets 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 PLO official voices criticism of UN membership plan 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 Israel warns PA of harsh consequences 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 Gazans wary of Palestinian UN statehood bid 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 Former Saudi Intelligence Chief warns US of veto consequences 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 Israeli army sets up checkpoints in some West Bank areas 15Sep11

September 15, 2011 Hale, Ross, to visit Middle-East again, try to revive stalled talks 15Sep11

September 14, 2011 PALESTINIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT: Statement on September 2011 Declaration of Statehood

September 14, 2011 SABAWI: September and beyond: who speaks in my name? 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 AUSTRALIAN SENATE DEBATE re BDS campaign against Max Brenner 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 Australian parliament debate erupts over BDS 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 LOEWENSTEIN: After 9/11: the Israel-US catastrophe 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 Palestinian civil society welcomes Agrexco liquidation, calls for celebration of this BDS victory 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 PRESS RELEASE: Israeli settlers attacks Bethlehem University professor and student 13Sep11

September 14, 2011 Ashton urges resumption of peace talks 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 Arab League urges international community to back Palestinian statehood 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 UN independent panel rules Israel blockade of Gaza illegal 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 UN diplomats say countries intimidated into supporting Palestinian bid 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 Erdogan slams Israel on start of Arab tour 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 PLO to seek full UN recognition 14Sep11

September 14, 2011 HEVER: The OECD has lost 4 million Palestinians 14Sep11

September 13, 2011 LITTLEWOOD: Palestine’s future – its students – must be set free 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Israeli soldiers open fire at Palestinian houses in central Gaza 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Jerusalem man ordered to tear down own home 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 MP Rawya Shawa to Abbas: Tell Palestinians what to expect in September 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Jordan king says Palestinians have more secure future than Israel 13Sep11

September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011 Leading EU countries support Palestinian statehood bid in UN, poll says 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Ashton says no unified EU stance on UN recognition of Palestinian state 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Hamas says Palestinian statehood bid in UN does not include us 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 B’tselem says Israel Army denies Palestinians right to protest in West Bank 13Sep11

September 13, 2011 Israel export to Egypt drops 33% 13Sep11

September 12, 2011 DAVIDSON: Murky Anti-Semitism (Zionist Style) – An Analysis 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Israel approves plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin from unrecognized villages 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Israel says offshore gas secure after Turk challenge 12Sep11

September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 Ashrawi meets with European representatives to discuss UN bid 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Israeli forces detain 8 fishermen off Gaza coast 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Netanyahu says Egypt committed to peace 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Tiny Palestinian group dodged blame on 9/11 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Palestine presides over Arab League 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Undercover forces kidnap five youths in Gaza 12Sep11

September 12, 2011 Jordan’s Islamic Action Front (IAF) wants Israel embassy closed 12Sep11

September 11, 2011 FALK: Deep flaws in the UN’s Mavi Marmara report 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 QUMSIYEH: September at the UN? 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 MUST WATCH VIDEO: South African theologian Farid Esack’s open letter to the Palestinian people 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 Jewish settlers demand legal cover for killing Palestinian demonstrators 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 Erekat says US veto will destroy peace process 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 “Palestine UN Seat” Reaches to Brussels 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 US State Department condemns ‘dangerous’ settler attacks on West Bank mosques 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 BIL’IN: Israel attacks anti-wall protesters in WB 11Sep11

September 11, 2011 ‘Israel, target of 100s of cyber attacks’ 11Sep11