October 31, 2011 US Congressmen want freed Palestinians on terror list 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 US, EU scramble to delay Palestinian bid to join UNESCO 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 INTERVIEW: Professor Richard Falk speaks with Dr Hanan Chehata of MEMO 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 Report says Germany could halt Israel submarine deal over settlements 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 British chancellor lauds ‘extraordinary progress’ of PA 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 Medics report Israeli airstrike kills 1, critically wounds another 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 LORBER: Refusing to die in silence – Palestinians resist settler violence during the olive harvest 31Oct11

October 31, 2011 Despite declared ceasefire, Israel bombards several areas in Gaza 31Oct11

October 30, 2011 Gaza death toll reaches 7, one Israeli dies from injuries PHOTOS 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 PCHR Condemns Israeli escalation of attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Finnish FM says Israel’s occupation of West Bank is like apartheid 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Sunday’s Gaza-bound flotilla “delayed” 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Israeli forces clash with protesters in WB 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Israel slams Abbas, stalled unity in UN letter 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Official says settlers block Nablus villagers from land 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 BIL’IN: Troops attack weekly protest 30Oct11

October 30, 2011 Abbas faults Arab refusal of partition plan 30Oct11

October 29, 2011 Israeli occupation distributes demolition notices to Silwan residents 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 Occupation renews Saadat’s isolation for another year 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 King Abdullah says “Netanyahu seeks the collapse of the kingdom” 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 Russian aid convoy arrived in Gaza 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 Fatah official says Abbas won’t dismantle PA 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 UNESCO to vote on Monday on Palestinian entry 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 The arms firm behind the suppression of #OccupyOakland and Palestine’s popular struggle 29OCt11

October 29, 2011 French protest women’s football match France vs Israel – BDS 5 APARTHEID 0 29Oct11

October 29, 2011 Israeli forces detain 3 children – 9, 12 & 13 years old, in Bethlehem village 29Oct11

October 28, 2011 HOROWITZ: Gary Ackerman blasts NYU divestment campaign – NYU students and faculty blast back 27Oct11

October 28, 2011 Steven Katsineris (VIC) writes to the media re US funding cut to UNESCO because of Palestine membership 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Archaeologists protest removal of Muslim graves 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser re Palestinian farmers 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Abbas says to discuss PA fate with Hamas 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Saudi aid convoy to head to Gaza 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Palestinian negotiator tells Quartet: Peace Talks can start when Israel ends settlement expansion 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Israeli police close two offices of NGOs in East Jerusalem 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Israeli Army invades three towns, abducts one Palestinian from Jenin 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Fateh official says Israeli threats to assassinate Abbas are serious 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Army vehicle hits roadside bomb near Bethlehem 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Army airstrike over Gaza 28Oct11

October 28, 2011 Child suffers quadriplegia after being shot in the neck 28Oct11

October 27, 2011 MASSAD: Truths, facts and facts on the ground 28Oct11

October 27, 2011 Israeli Occupation Forces continue bulldozing works to construct the annexation Wall and isolate al-Walaja Village, northwest of Bethlehem

October 27, 2011 Australian Federal Parliamentary Friends of Palestine Study Trip REPORT 2011

October 27, 2011 Alstom loses Saudi Haramain Railway contract worth $10B 28Oct11

October 27, 2011 Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd re child prisoners 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 IOF troops seriously wound Palestinian child in east Jerusalem 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 Jewish settlers burnt or uprooted 7500 olives trees in 9 months 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 Israel to demolish bridge of the historic Mughrabi Gate in Jerusalem 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 Peres, Ashton defend Abbas after attack by Israeli FM 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 Mustafa Barghouthi says South Africa familiar with Israel’s apartheid policy 27Oct11

October 27, 2011 COOK: ‘Hannibal’ policy – Israel’s plan to kill its own soldiers 27Oct11

October 26, 2011 The Yardbirds refrain from playing Apartheid Israel 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Sarkozy says no such thing as a ‘Jewish State’ 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Latin America promotes independence for region, Palestine 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 IDF should do more to stop right-wing extremists in West Bank, top officer says 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Secret document reveals .. Abbas discussed the overthrow of Arafat with Peres 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Israel plans building 4000 new housing units south of occupied Jerusalem 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Eshel’s captives await a reply 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Army kidnaps ten Palestinians in the West Bank 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Israeli authorities prevent Al-Rugoob from meeting his released son

October 26, 2011 Israeli military demolishes a house and uproots trees in East Jerusalem 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 Israeli military covers up evidence showing Eilat attack was not carried out by Palestinians 26Oct11

October 26, 2011 ROSENGARTEN: I Wish to Tell You about Gaza 26Oct11

October 25, 2011 WAKIM: Why PM Gillard is nearly crying over Gilad 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 MUGHRABI: Prisoner swap unequal to task 26Oct11

October 25, 2011 Gaza crossing reopened after prisoner exchange 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Israeli forces make multiple arrests across the West Bank 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Blair says Arab Spring may endanger Mideast peace process 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Israeli NGO says Elad group has ‘veto’ power over Jerusalem’s City of David 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Leading U.S. columnist: Slash defense aid to Israel 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Lieberman says Abbas is the greatest obstacle to the peace process 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Israel concerned about new offices for Hamas in Jordan, Egypt 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Bahar says “Israeli groups plan to assassinate freed detainees” 25Oct11

October 25, 2011 Israeli troops fire into Palestinian funeral, injuring four 25Oct11

October 24, 2011 VIDEO: “HOME FRONT – Portraits from Sheikh Jarrah” (Four parts) 25Oct11

October 24, 2011 MAKHOUL: A reflection on the future of the solidarity movement 25Oct11s


October 24, 2011 George Costanza to ask for some ‘serenity now’ at Knesset meeting 24Oct11

October 24, 2011 Dora McPhee (VIC) writes to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd re Palestinian child prisoners 24Oct11

October 24, 2011 Israel stops the wife of a former prisoner from travelling to meet him in exile 24Oct11

October 24, 2011 Jerusalem village under siege for second day 24Oct11

October 24, 2011 Quartet envoy to visit Middle East upcoming days to revive stalled peace talks 24Oct11

October 24, 2011 Israel imposes censored Palestinian textbooks in East Jerusalem 24Oct11

October 23, 2011 HYPOCRISY HAS NO LIMITS 24Oct11

October 23, 2011 LEVY: Things they’ve told us 24Oct11

October 23, 2011 Welcome to Palestine Mission 2012

October 23, 2011 AL HAQ: Interactive Map – Escalation of settler violence 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 Palestinian prisoners ‘mulled exile in 2006′ 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 Israel set to destroy Spanish-financed solar energy plant in Hebron district 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 Palestinians confirm Israel offered partial West Bank settlement freeze in return for talks 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 Egypt, Israel ‘poised to agree prisoner swap’ 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 PRC leader ‘survives car bomb attack’ 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 Village council says Israel builds watchtower near Salfit 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 BIL’IN: Resident kidnapped, dozens treated for effects of teargas inhalation 23Oct11

October 23, 2011 ABULHAWA: Back to Basics in Palestine – Time for Unity, Synergy and Mobilization 23Oct11

October 22, 2011 Israeli plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin a gross injustice, say researchers 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Settlers earmark $100,000 “bounty” for anyone who kills two liberated prisoners 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 UN calls on Israel to stop harassing kids 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Egyptian-Israeli contacts are to implement the second phase of the swap and prepare a list 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Abbas says Olmert promised release of a large number of detainees 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Erekat says “Security Council to hold final meeting on membership bid in November” 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Gaza’s Ministry Of Detainees: “There Are 5,300 detainees still imprisoned by Israel” 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 Israeli settler destruction of 1000s of trees hits Palestinian olive harvest Loss estimated to be over half million USD 22Oct11

October 22, 2011 GUARNIERI: Who Are the Palestinians? 21Oct11

October 21, 2011 SBS News interviews Mustafa Barghouti re prisoner exchange 19Oct11

October 21, 2011 David Macilwain (VIC) responds to interview on The World Today re Palestinian child prisoners 21Oct11

October 21, 2011 Moammar Mashni (VIC) responds to reports on Gilad Shalit’s release in The Australian 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 FINKELSTEIN & MEARSHEIMER: Greater Israel – or Peace?

October 20, 2011 Dr Alan Reid (VIC) responds to The Age report about the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit 19Oct11

October 20, 2011 Don’t Collaborate with Apartheid – a call from Palestinian civil society on European universities, academics, students and people of conscience 21Oct11

October 20, 2011 Ahlam al-Tamimi: among the freed women 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Israel on its way to legalizing theft 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 UN: Statement by Bureau of Committee on Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People on Situation of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Palestinian UN bid moves step further in UN Security Council 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Abu Marzouq: Egypt exerting efforts to release remaining female prisoners 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Mashal calls on Abbas to implement National Unity Agreement 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Israel to enforce harsh restrictions on released detainees 20Oct11

October 20, 2011 Upon releasing the Infamous 477 detainees, army kidnaps four West Bank residents 20Oct11

October 19, 2011 BAROUD: Netanyahu and his endgame in Palestine 20Oct11

October 19, 2011 New Israeli excavations in Wadi al-Hilwa 19Oct11

October 19, 2011 UK says Israel must do more for peace 19Oct11

October 19, 2011 All freed detainees are now in Gaza and Ramallah 19Oct11

October 19, 2011 Hamas says Israel pledged to lift Gaza blockade as part of Shalit swap deal 19Oct11

October 19, 2011 Shalit in Egypt, interviewed by Egyptian TV 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 AL HAQ & ADDAMEER: Between a rock and a hard place: The fate of Palestinian political prisoners

October 18, 2011 VIDEO: Harvesting the Olives in Bil’in (and information on Iyad and his son) 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 MUSIC: The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music Newsletter No 25 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT: Maria Vamvakinou MP’s speech on “Breast Cancer in Gaza” 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 BARAT: Do Israeli policies constitute apartheid? 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 MARTON (The Lancet): Health care and the Palestinian bid for statehood 19Oct11

October 18, 2011 Israel to grab 950 acres of Palestinian land for illegal settlement plan 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 Israeli authorities attack agricultural project of Palestinian children 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 Israel forcibly removes flags from East Jerusalem village preparing to receive released political prisoners 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 IDF declares Gaza crossings ‘closed military zones’ as Shalit deal nears 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 ‘US bent on ending Israeli isolation’ 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 Qorea’ says “settlement activities prove Israel not interested in peace” 18Oct11

October 18, 2011 Erekat says “no date set for meeting with Quartet committee” 18Oct11

October 17, 2011 BAUMAN: Palestinian persecution echoes the Shoah, which began with discrimination, ghettoes and pogroms 18Oct11

October 17, 2011 12 Nov, MELBOURNE: PROTEST – “Tear down the Apartheid Wall”

October 17, 2011 BERNSTEIN: Talking With Alice Walker on Palestine 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 NTEU defeats pro BDS motion in Australia 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 BURNS: Extracts from the Andrew Vincent Memorial Oration “Lessons of the Middle East – Seeing things from both sides” 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 UN says Israel’s plan for new settler district ‘unacceptable’ 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 Zionist plan to efface Jerusalem’s historic walls 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 Israeli TV analyst says Aruri should be liquidated soon 17Oct11

October 17, 2011 Israel names 477 prisoners to be released 17Oct11

October 16, 2011 Detained in the 70s – What Nael Barghouthi missed 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 Haniyeh says Gaza paid ‘dear price’ to free prisoners 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 Prisoners group says Israel agreed to scrap isolation policy 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 PCHR Weekly Report: 1 Palestinian dead, 3 wounded, 17 adults & 7 children abducted by Israeli troops 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 KAFR QADDOUM: troops suppress march in solidarity with striking detainees 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 BIL’IN: weekly protest expresses support to striking detainees 16Oct11

October 16, 2011 Israeli settlers invade neighborhoods in I’rtas village 16Oct11

October 15, 2011 HEARST: Could Arab staying power ultimately defeat Zionism? 16Oct11

October 15, 2011 WEIR: The real story of how Israel was created 16Oct11

October 15, 2011 Arab League says ICC should probe Palestinian detainees’ status 15Oct11

October 15, 2011 Jewish settlers burn 300 olive trees near Salfit 15Oct11

October 15, 2011 EU slams Israel for WB demolitions 15Oct11

October 15, 2011 Israel to build 2600 more settler units 15Oct11

October 15, 2011 Settlers Attack Qurtuba School Students Studying By Roadblock 15Oct11

October 15, 2011 Ankara to host 40 freed Palestinian detainees 15Oct11

October 14, 2011 VIDEO: Israeli peace activist and author Miko Peled speaks at the Federal Parliamentary Friends of Palestine dinner at Parliament House in Canberra on 21 Sep11

October 14, 2011 BNC supports palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike, and calls for intensifying BDS 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 BOOK: “Corporate Complicity” ed by Asa Winstanley and Frank Barat 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Moammar Mashni (VIC) responds to Tal Ellison (Letters 13/10) re release of Gilad Shalit and Palestinian prisoners, The Australian 14Oct11 PUBLISHED

October 14, 2011 Erekat denies plans to meet Israelis in Jordan 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Settlers grab more land in Salfit and install mobile homes 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 50 thousand settlers will desecrate the Ibarahimi Mosque 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Israeli army deports 17 foreign solidarity activists 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Israel settlers attack girls school in WB 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Amnesty asks Canada to apprehend Bush 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Israeli soldier captured on video shooting Palestinian youth in Beit Ummar 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Hamas releases details on first phase of swap deal 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Abu ‘Een warns of possible Israeli manipulation of prisoner swap 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Washington criticises Netanyahu’s plans for legalising settlement outposts 14Oct11

October 14, 2011 Mark Bradbeer (VIC) writes to the Australian Nurses Federation newsletter re Israel’s repeated breaches of the Geneva Conventions 14Oct11 PUBLISHED

October 13, 2011 Lavinia Kay Moore (SA) writes to Adelaide Advertiser re report on prisoner swaps 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 WHITE: Not enough is being said about the inequality for Palestinians in Israel 14Oct11

October 13, 2011 MILLS: Courageous Israeli peace activists and the violence at Anatot (Occupied Palestine) 14Oct11

October 13, 2011 EID: Declaration of a Bantustan in Palestine 14Oct11

October 13, 2011 UNRWA says Israel becoming ‘more efficient’ at displacing Palestinians 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 Ten Palestinian female students hospitalized after Israeli army assault 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 Hamas and Israel confirm prisoner swap 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 Prisoner exchange: the first stage will see the release of all female captives 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 Israeli intelligence says prisoner swap deal doesn’t include Al-Barghouti, Saadat, nor As-Syyed 13Oct11

October 13, 2011 Abbas leaves Bogotá empty handed after failing to secure Columbia’s vote 13Oct11

October 12, 2011 MILIBAND: Gaza represents the ultimate failure of politics 13Oct11

October 12, 2011 POLITICAL PRISONERS 13Oct11

October 12, 2011 Army demolishes mosque in Jordan Valley 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Middle East Quartet to invite Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiation table 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Arrest of Ahmad Abu Hasham in early dawn raid, Beit Ummar 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 The Foreign Minister of Tanzania affirms his country’s support for the Palestinian people 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Israel urged to “protect Palestinian civilians” by UN human rights chief 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Envoy says Abbas, Sarkozy to meet in Paris 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Israel ‘to legalise outposts on private Palestinian land’ 12Oct11

October 12, 2011 Shaath says Palestine has 9 votes in Security Council 12Oct11

October 11, 2011 COOK: “Israel’s” Jewishness – precondition for Palestinian statehood 12Oct11

October 11, 2011 AUDIO: Samah Sabawi interviewed on ABC National Breakfast show 11Oct11

October 11, 2011 Robert Birch (NSW) responds to Pollard’s “Settler clashes with Palestinians reach boiling point” SMH 11Oct11

October 11, 2011 Open letter to EU High Representative and Foreign Affairs Ministers ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council regarding the eviction of Naqab Bedouins (5 October 2011)

October 11, 2011 JABARIN: Palestine and Israel – A rights-based approach 11Oct11