December 31, 2011 BIL’IN: More injuries at weekly protest PHOTOS 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Inspirations from Palestine in 2011 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Israel cancels pardon of former militant leader 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 UK condemns Israeli ‘provocation’ in Jerusalem 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Reconciliation committee cancels Gaza meeting 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Israel could demand compensation for Jewish property in Arab lands 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Occupation gives notices of demolition of 13 homes and confiscation of 160 dunum 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 Jewish settlers invade an archaeological area near Bethlehem 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 DAVIDSON: An “historic partnership” with the devil – An Analysis 31Dec11

December 31, 2011 PCHR Weekly Report: One Palestinian killed, 11 wounded by Israeli forces this week 31Dec11

December 30, 2011 LITTLEWOOD: The sad, sad world of Israel’s big-time liars 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 MILNE: The ‘Arab spring’ and the West: seven lessons from history 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE Issue No 165 JANUARY 2012

December 30, 2011 Israeli soldiers round up 5 Palestinians, storm home of disabled 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Palestinian farmers disappointed with olive harvest 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 International campaign urges Bensouda to address issue of Palestinian MPs 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 VIDEO: Public hearing re Nakba events – Testimony of Amnon Neumann 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Israel to open Karm Abu Salem Gaza crossing 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 NAZEMROAYA: The march to war – Iran and the strategic encirclement of Syria and Lebanon 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Israeli airstrike destroys training base, no injuries 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 IDF confirms preparations for extensive future Gaza military action 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Israel killed 118 Palestinians, demolished 535 buildings in 2011, says official 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Gazan farmers blocked from exporting most produce because of Israeli blockade 30Dec11

December 30, 2011 Palestinians hoping to leave Gaza Strip asked to collaborate with Israel 30Dec11

December 29, 2011 Knesset Rejects Bill to Prohibit “Racism” 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Reconstruction of Gaza lingering three years after war 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Israeli navy attacks international observers, injures Palestinian, on monitoring boat in Gaza waters 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Israeli government approves additional 130 new settlement units in Bethlehem area 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 WALL: This is the right moment for churches to pay attention to Israel’s occupation 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 HEITNER: My Name is Samia Halaby 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Peace on ice: Palestinians fix sights on global activism, unity 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Palestinians back campaign to claim heritage rights over Hebron 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Israeli army to transfer thousands of West Bank bedouins to other areas 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 ‘US, Egypt junta talk to save Israel ties’ 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 IDF chief says Gaza war against Hamas was an ‘excellent’ operation 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Palestinian killed, 11 wounded, as army bombards Gaza 29Dec11

December 29, 2011 Addameer calls attention to the 443 Gazans detained in Israeli prisons 29Dec11

December 28, 2011 PAPPE: Confronting intimidation, working for justice in Palestine 29Dec11

December 28, 2011 VLAZNA: Rudd, Bonhoeffer and the War on Gaza 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 VIDEO (full length documentary): “Tears of Gaza” 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 PACBI: Israel’s exceptionalism: normalizing the abnormal 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 High Court allows Israel to mine, take resources from Palestinian Territories 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Haneyya calls for Arab-Islamic plan to salvage Jerusalem 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Israeli soldiers deliver demolition notices, detain more West Bankers 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 13-year-old boy injured by Israeli gunfire in Gaza 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Airstrike kills 1, injures 2 in the Gaza Strip 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 MK demands firing of colleagues who refuse to recognize Israel as Jewish State 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Israel kidnapped more than three thousand Palestinians in 2011 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Fayyad: “No peace without Jerusalem” 28Dec11

December 28, 2011 Israel has 101 different types of permits governing Palestinian movement 28Dec11

December 27, 2011 COOK: Israel’s new house rules: deepening authoritarianism 27Dec11

December 27, 2011 Shane McCartin (VIC) responds to Or Avi-Guy’s “New order, same rules”, The Age, 27Dec11

December 27, 2011 PEARLMAN: A new Palestinian intifada? 27Dec11

December 27, 2011 IZZIDIEN: Christmas in Gaza 27Dec11

December 27, 2011 ALJAMAL: Raw memories of war 27Dec11

December 27, 2011 THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: If Jesus was born today, ‘Bethlehem would be closed’ 25Dec11

December 26, 2011 VIDEO: Israeli Tree Campaign “Judaises” expropriated land 27Dec11

December 26, 2011 VIDEO: THE WALL OF HATE 27Dec11

December 26, 2011 Arab parliamentary Union (APU) to send new aid convoy to Gaza 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Haniyeh to leave Gaza for first time since siege began 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Pope calls for Palestinian-Israeli dialogue 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Lieberman says no return to 1967 borders 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Netanyahu says no negotiations if Hamas join government 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Abbas in Bethlehem: “We believe in peace, we seek peace and justice” 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 BIL’IN: Troops attack weekly protest; dozens injured 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 ABUSALAMA: Merry Christmas from Gaza

December 26, 2011 Syriac Orthodox scouts add unique legacy to Christmas 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Bethlehem celebrates Christmas (in pictures) 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 DANA: Page by page, Marwan Barghouti’s anti-war tome walked out of prison 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Islamic-Christian commission slams Knesset bill stating Jerusalem Israeli capital 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Israel to build 8000 new housing units in Old Jerusalem 26Dec11

December 26, 2011 Euromed says Israel barred travel of 4000 Palestinians in 2011 26Dec11

December 25, 2011 VIDEO: So this is Christmas – Gaza and the World

December 25, 2011 BAHOUR: ‘Palestinian clowns’ are everywhere 25Dec11

December 24, 2011 Lacoste accused of attempting to censor ‘too pro-Palestinian’ art 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 Veolia takes severe blow as it fails to win  485 million pound 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 PCHR Weekly Report: One Palestinian killed, three wounded by Israeli forces this week 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 EU warns Israel against connecting Ma’ale Adumim with Jerusalem

December 24, 2011 BIL’IN: Santa joins West Bank wall protest (PHOTOS) 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 AG closes case against Israeli participants of 2010 Gaza flotilla 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 Palestinian officials say US isolated over support of Israel settlements 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 Israel MKs slam Jerusalem mayor for suggesting surrender of Palestinian neighborhoods 24Dec11

December 24, 2011 Hamas will focus on popular protests in struggle with Israel, group chief says 24Dec11

December 23, 2011 BLESSINGS TO ALL from AFP 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Israel voids defense contract with Turkey 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 MUST SEE VIDEO: DONOR OPIUM the impact of international aid to Palestine 24Dec11

December 23, 2011 Jewish settlers attack Jerusalemite child, destroy olive trees in Al-Khalil (Hebron) 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Hamas urges Palestinians to reject strip search at roadblocks 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Israeli tanks invade south Gaza 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Netanyahu office ‘shocked’ as Abbas meets ex-prisoners 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Hamas agrees to join PLO 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Jenin refugee camp targeted with high number of arrests 23Dec11

December 23, 2011 Former legislator sentenced to three months 23Dec11

December 22, 2011 SCHATZ: Is Palestine next? 23Dec11

December 22, 2011 MUST WATCH VIDEO: Fire on the Marmara 23Dec11


December 22, 2011 Israel attacks European criticism of West Bank settlement activity 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Update about Sausan and Amal, 2 Palestinian girls arrested as their home was demolished 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Israeli State Attorney finds it difficult to defend “Boycott Law” 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Brides boycott Ahava and Sodastream 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Disabling parliamentary life in West Bank damaging to the national interest according to deputy speaker 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 PA sign free trade agreement with Mercosur 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Israeli troops impose curfew over Nablus village 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Female prisoners on hunger strike over exchange deal 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 New government will not be formed before 26 December 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Great Britain donates ÂŁ14.6 to further education in Gaza 22Dec11

December 22, 2011 Nine Security Council member states condemn Israeli settlement expansion 22Dec11

December 21, 2011 HASS: Palestinians are heroes, braving Israeli dictatorship 22Dec11

December 21, 2011 PELED: Ethnic cleansing of invented people 22Dec11

December 21, 2011 CASSAR: Our second Christmas of protests in Adelaide– now kids ask, ‘What is Palestine?’

December 21, 2011 Second stage of Shalit swap complete as 550 Palestinian prisoners released 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Khudari says no more justifications for Gaza siege 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Israel hosts British MPs to buy support 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Jewish extremists attack Christmas carolers 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Berlin raps new Israeli settlement plan 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Two Palestinian families allowed by Israeli court to remain in their homes in Silwan 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Israel bulldozes industrial structures in Silwan 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 PSC accuses Lacoste ElysĂ©e Prize of ‘Palphobia’ 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 182 countries vote for Palestinian right to self-determination 21Dec11

December 21, 2011 Israeli forces demolish main road near Nablus 21Dec11

December 20, 2011 International academics seek to keep ‘biased’ department at Israeli university open 21Dec11

December 20, 2011 ADELAIDE: Seacret Protest Weeks 60-63

December 19, 2011 Muhammad Khatib of Bil’in arrested – Urgent help needed 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Government markets 1,000 apartments beyond Green Line 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Alice Beauchamp (NSW) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Sarah Haynes (WA) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Jeff Loewenstein (VIC) writes to FM Kevin Rudd retreatment of Palestinian child prisoners by Israel 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Palestinian textbook debate reaches US Republican campaign 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Israeli troops arrest 50 Palestinians in one week including 11 minors 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 New Israeli plan to build 23 settlement units east of Old Jerusalem 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Rising anti-Israel mood in Europe triggers Israeli fears once again 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Jordan to complain to UNESCO over Dead Sea scrolls 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Palestinian citizens of Israel protest potential ban on mosque loudspeakers 19Dec11

December 19, 2011 Activists hold third annual conference on Boycott of Israel in Hebron 19Dec11

December 18, 2011 AL-NAAMI: War rapidly approaches 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Martin Griffiths (NZ) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Ray Higgs (NSW) writes to the FM Kevin Rudd re treatment of Palestinian child prisoners in Israel 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Ray Higgs (NSW) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Brazil announces $7.5m donation to UNRWA 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 New York charity abets Israeli settler violence 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Jaffa neighborhood undergoes further Judaization 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Barak says Israel won’t accept Palestinian state that perpetuates Mideast conflict 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Diplomat wife dies after forced to renew Jerusalem permit 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Heavy artillery attack on Bureij camp, one civilian reported dead 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 BEIT KAHEL, MA’SARA & BIL’IN: Israeli troops raid Beit Kahel and supress demonstrations in other villages 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Obama says our funding for Israel historical 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 NABI SALEH: 21 arrested in demonstration commemorating the death of Mustafa Tamimi 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 In Beit Omar, soldiers threaten to kill Palestinian and his family 18Dec11

December 18, 2011 Korea funds computers in Gaza schools 18Dec11

December 17, 2011 VLAZNA: Slouching towards Christmas 18 December 2011

December 17, 2011 Anthony Lawson (Thailand) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Caroline Graham (NSW) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Jeffrey Loewenstein (VIC) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Paul Maroun (VIC) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Lieberman is Israel’s greatest BDS advocate 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Officials plan water plant to end crisis 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 EU paper says Palestinians in Israel ‘core issue’ 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 US proposal links PA aid to halting UN push 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Israeli navy fire injures Gaza fisherman 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Soldiers say “West Bank problem is Jews, not Palestinians” 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 PCHR Weekly Report: 5 Palestinians killed (including a child), 23 wounded this week 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Israel destroys 500 Palestinian homes and displaces 1,000 during 2011 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 Addameer concerned about wave of arrests since first phase of prisoner exchange 16Dec11

December 17, 2011 Bethlehem mayor says boycott Israel until we get state 17Dec11

December 17, 2011 WALBERG: Boycott move unites East, West 17Dec11

December 16, 2011 Gaza official says 6 women, 55 children set for release 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Israel prepares to release 550 Palestinian prisoners in Hamas deal 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 In Arabic and in Hebrew, a name is more than just a name 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Iceland formally recognizes Palestinian state within 1967 lines 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Occupation authorities continue home demolition policy in the Negev 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Delegations of 15 states coordinate efforts to stage worldwide rally for Jerusalem 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Israeli tanks ruin farmland in Gaza 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Settlers torch Ramallah mosque 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 Israeli mayor ‘willing to cede land beyond wall’ 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 TILLEY: A call to Christians at Christmas 16Dec11

December 16, 2011 VIDEO: Ben White talks about his new book “Palestinians in Israel” 16Dec11

December 15, 2011 NIEUWHOF: Veolia tries to sugarcoat Israeli violations of international law 16Dec11

December 15, 2011 EU launches water management project in West Bank 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Israel plans 2600 settlement units in Beit Safafa 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Israel to allow 600 christians from Gaza to travel to Bethlehem, if they’re between 35 and 40 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Gaza health ministry appeals for urgent dialysis filters 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 20 NGOs demand international quartet to end demolition of Palestinian homes 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 ‘West should amend democracy concept’ 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Resident seriously injured by army fire in Gaza 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Legislator taken by Israeli army in Ramallah 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Israeli settlers try to torch historic mosque in Jerusalem, spray-paint anti-Muslim graffiti 15Dec11

December 15, 2011 Second phase of prisoner swap deal underway 15Dec11

December 14, 2011 CHARLES: The unknown hell of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon 15Dec11

December 14, 2011 ALAREER: I was Mustafa Tamimi 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Labor Senator for WA Glenn Sterle tells SBS that the series “The Promise” would be seen as “anti-Semitic” 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 POLLAK: A courageous Palestinian has died, shrouded in stones 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 JNF board member quits over evictions 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Abbas raises Palestinian flag at UNESCO 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Soldier who shot unarmed protester to death says I didn’t see him 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Israel Education Minister: Palestinian state in West Bank ‘dangerous move’ 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Israeli military isolates 50,000 Jerusalemites 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Jewish settlers throw stones at Palestinian cars, injure baby girl 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 Israel’s Dimona risks uncovered 14Dec11

December 14, 2011 PLO official invites Gingrich to Palestine 14Dec11