January 31, 2012 Israel demolishes 2 homes in Jerusalem 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Meshal says Hamas won’t tolerate Israeli schemes to turn Jordan into Palestinian homeland 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Gul points to possible opening of Hamas office in Turkey 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Tunisian group calls for legislating against relations with Israel 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Anti-Zionism conference held in Gaza 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Jordan, Israel to build solar thermal power plant 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 PLO member parties urge halt to Israel talks 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Molcho ‘suggests Israel could give up Jordan Valley’ 31Jan12

January 31, 2012 Israel expanding south Hebron settlement 31Jan12

January 30, 2012 FISK: The present stands no chance against the past 31Jan12

January 30, 2012 VIDEO: Director Peter Kosminsky of drama ‘The Promise’ responds to pro-Israeli critics 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 VIDEO: The Nakba Remembered 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 Netanyahu says prospects of progress in Mideast peace talks ‘not good’ 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 Israel detained student because of his graduate project 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 Villagers start hunger strike to protest land confiscation 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 World Bank chief to visit Palestine, Israel 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 Blair to meet with Palestinian, Israeli officials 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 US scholars’ delegation calls for academic and cultural boycott of Israel 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 BIL’IN: journalist injured and dozens affected by poisonous gas 30Jan12

January 30, 2012 Recovery in Gaza – garden by garden 30Jan12

January 29, 2012 Sydney Morning Herald’ response to a reader’s query about hidden Israeli sponsorship in the media 30Jan12

January 29, 2012 HALPER: Activists resisting home demolitions face ‘IDF Price Tag’ attack 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Poll: 70% of Israeli Jews believe Jews are ‘Chosen People’ 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Hamas divided over its presence in Syria 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 BAHOUR: The writing has always been on the wall 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Israeli military court approves illegal interrogation of a minor 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Israeli army to raze two Palestinian homes in Bethlehem village 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Republicans woo Jewish voters by campaigning against Palestinians 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Israel urged to halt WB home demolitions 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 PLO cabinet to meet Monday over failed talks 29Jan12

January 29, 2012 Israeli tank shells home in Gaza City 29Jan12

January 28, 2012 “We won’t be silenced,” say students arrested over Peres boycott call 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 The Irish FM visits Gaza, calls for end to blockade 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 17 new demolition notices in the northern Jordan Valley 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 Israeli settlers plant trees on village land 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 Group says Israel must remove West Bank landmines 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 1 dead, 4 wounded by Israeli forces in 60 incursions 27January 2012

January 28, 2012 Fayyad, Peres, meet during Davos Forum 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 Israeli envoy Molcho presents verbal stance on borders 28Jan12

January 28, 2012 New UN report shows sharp rise in Palestinians uprooted by Israeli demolitions 28Jan12

January 27, 2012 NABULSI: Diary (on the Palestinian struggle) 29Jan12

January 27, 2012 BAROUD: US urges UN reform while abusing power 28Jan12

January 27, 2012 AJL: One state, two states – who is the subject of Palestinian liberation? 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Israel may use phosphorous shell in Gaza 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Egypt’s people’s council head declines invitation to visit Israel 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Israel’s refusal to present borders with Palestinian state marks end of talks 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 US Government pledges $3.8 billion in loan guarantees to Israel 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Israeli forces ‘demolish 2 homes’ in Bedouin village 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Marwan Barghouti sent to isolation after Israel comments 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Palestinian politicians doubt elections will take place 27Jan12

January 27, 2012 Ashrawi says Israel ‘thwarting’ all efforts to resume peace talks 27Jan12

January 26, 2012 Group of Israeli judges in Silwan to reconsider the military point 27Jan12

January 26, 2012 Palestinian Minister of Detainees calls for boycotting Israeli military courts 27Jan12

January 26, 2012 SBS Ombudsman response to complaints about “The Promise” 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Massive march in Al-Khalil (Hebron) against negotiations, violation of rights 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian teacher from her home, four others 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Israeli army razes building in occupied Jerusalem, displaces 20 Palestinians 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Israel plans to launch cyber maneuver 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Marwan Barghouti says conflict ends after Israeli withdrawal 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Abbas wants Jordan meeting to be last 26Jan12

January 26, 2012 Israel to demolish 12 Jordan Valley homes 26Jan12

January 25, 2012 BAROUD: The puzzling matter of the Israeli Liberals 26Jan12

January 25, 2012 Palestinian Students’ Campaign for Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) 26Jan12

January 25, 2012 Israeli troops arrest two Palestinian boys 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 Hamas slams Israel’s kidnapping of two Jerusalemite officials from Red Cross 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 Israeli soldiers arrest another MP less than a year after his release 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 EU to push Israel, Palestinians to return to full peace talks 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 Israel to demolish school, homes near Hebron 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 Speaker of Palestine parliament receives six months administrative detention 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 THE AGE: PM’s Jewish move queried 25Jan12

January 25, 2012 ONE DEMOCRACY: Now join up the struggles 25Jan12

January 24, 2012 Several residents injured in air strikes targeting Gaza 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 ICAHD Peace Center ‘Beit Arabiya’ demolished for the fifth time 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 VIDEO: The brilliant LOWKEY 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 FRIESEN: A testing ground 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 British Jews cancel meeting with Abbas in wake of pressure from Netanyahu 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Israeli army notifies farmers of land confiscation in Nablus village 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Rampant abuse in horrific Israeli jail 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 ‘Zionist Bicom behind UK Press TV ban’ 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Gaza govt constructs, refurbishes 50 security buildings 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Republican National Committee (USA) endorses one-state solution 23Jan12

January 24, 2012 Israeli court stays building plan in Jerusalem 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Abbas says Israel document ‘worthless’ to talks 24Jan12

January 24, 2012 Israeli settlers reject Netanyahu’s request to evacuate largest outpost in West Bank 24Jan12

January 23, 2012 FIDH REPORT “Shielded from accountability – Israel’s unwillingness to investigate and prosecute international crimes” 24Jan12

January 23, 2012 SHERWOOD: The Palestinian children – alone and bewildered – in Israel’s Al Jalame jail 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 ELDAR: Israel is shaming Australian Jews 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Former Dutch PM says Netanyahu violates international justice 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 PLC speaker to appear in Israeli court 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 10 percent of Israeli academics labeled ‘anti-Zionist’ by campus watchdogs 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian human rights team 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Hamas MPs hold sit-in in Gaza City 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Palestinians protest PA talks with Israel 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Palestinian shot at checkpoint 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 US newspaper owner writes op-ed proposing Israel assassinate Obama 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Soldiers raid community center, arrest local activist 23Jan12

January 23, 2012 Child dies of wounds suffered in Gaza attack 3 years ago 23Jan12

January 22, 2012 MONDOWEISS: EU diplomats propose boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli colonialism 23Jan12

January 22, 2012 BIL’IN: Weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 GUARNIERI: Into an unsettled new year 23Jan12

January 22, 2012 THE ECONOMIST: Toddling to talks about talks 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 NABI-SALEH: protest against the theft of their land and against the occupation 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Al-Ashqar says “26 elected legislators currently imprisoned by Israel” 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Bishops from North America and Europe say “to be pro-Israeli has to mean being pro-Palestinian” 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Protest in The Hague against Netanyahu 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Jordan summons Israel envoy over undiplomatic letter 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Mashaal confirms he will stand down as Hamas chief 22Jan12

January 22, 2012 Israeli army bombards Gaza; no injuries reported 22Jan12

January 21, 2012 KUFR QADDOUM: Israeli troops attack nonviolent protest 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Sh*t Students Can’t Say (About Israel) 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 Israeli High Court’s racist ruling: Where is the international community? 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 Haniyya calls on PA to stop talks with Israel 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 European Commission slammed for links to Israeli lab in West Bank 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Edward Said’s devastating critique of Huntington’s “Clash of Civilisations” 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 AJDS: What the ECAJ tried to outsmart: the ruling from the UK complaints authority about “The Promise” 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 VIDEO: Inspiring BDS actions 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 Israel ‘detains patient’ at Erez crossing 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 Director of Jerusalem community center arrested 21Jan12

January 21, 2012 FISK: The ‘invented people’ stand little chance 21Jan12

January 20, 2012 SADEH: The badly kept secret of Israel’s trade throughout the Muslim world 21Jan12

January 20, 2012 Report says Meshal notified Hamas leadership he will not seek reelection 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Thailand officially recognizes Palestinian statehood 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 PLO under ‘huge pressure’ to extend negotiations deadline 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Israeli forces detain another MP in West Bank 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Hamas says “Dweik’s abduction aims at sabotaging national unity” 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Army kidnaps PLC head Dr. Dweik 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 MAKHOUL: Waging liberation in and outside Israel’s prison walls 21Jan12

January 20, 2012 Humanitarian chief warns UN of Palestine ‘de-development’ 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 2 fighters killed, 2 wounded by Israeli forces this week 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Rory McElligott (ACT) responds to “SBS series likened to Nazi film”, Canberra Times, 20Jan12 PUBLISHED

January 20, 2012 Israeli undercover agents wound 3 Palestinians, detain 2 children in Aiswayia 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Fayyad calls for national debate on PA financial crisis 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 EU delegates say PLO should return to Jerusalem 20Jan12w

January 20, 2012 Seventy-six acres of lands confiscated in Bethlehem 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Israeli tanks open fire on Northern Gaza 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 UN says “Gaza siege, collective punishment” 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Three Arab students exiled from Jerusalem for seven days 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 Twelve Palestinians abducted by Israeli troops Wednesday morning 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 TILLEY: “Adalah’s battle will get harder” 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 COOK: Israel’s immigration plan for ‘ethnically pure’ bunker state 20Jan12

January 20, 2012 DAVIDSON: “The Divergent Faces of Israel” 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Mhairi Fraser (NSW) responds to “Jewish outcry on SBS series” SMH, 19Jan12 PUBLISHED

January 19, 2012 Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to step down from his position 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 French parliament report accuses Israel of water ‘apartheid’ in West Bank 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 On-LINE OPINION: “UNESCO Commissioner spells out global fallout from Palestine decision” by David Singer 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Israel confiscates 117 dunums of Jerusalemite land 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Palestinians in Holland press for Netanyahu arrest warrant 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 PWA chief says world must act on Israel’s water apartheid 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 2 dead in Israeli strike on Gaza 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Israel readies for possible offensive against Gaza 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Knesset committee removes Dr. Tibi for one week 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Shouting “Kill him…Kill him”, settlers attack a young Jerusalemite with knives 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 VLAZNA: Truth tiptoeing through the antisemitism minefield 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Israel attacks UK Dep PM Clegg over settlement comments 19Jan12

January 19, 2012 Rex Williams (ACT) responds to Pollard’s “Israel accused of crowding out Palestinians” 19Jan12

January 18, 2012 LeVINE: Israel’s ‘national suicide’ 19Jan12

January 18, 2012 Settler leader says democracy in Israel must be dismantled 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 BOYCOTT AHAVA: Tell the Natural History Museum to sever ties with Ahava 19Jan12

January 18, 2012 UK loses bid to deport Bethlehem-born cleric 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 Flower, strawberry trucks leave Gaza for export 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 Settlement construction causing the slow demise of the two-state solution 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 Palestinian sentenced to five life terms for murder of Israeli settler family 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 Tel Aviv stock exchange website shut down by hackers 18Jan12

January 18, 2012 COOK: EU report on Israel – saving the two state solution? 18Jan12

January 17, 2012 VIDEO: Jerusalem in the 1930s 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 IN MEMORIAM: Dr Paul Kitchen’s medical skills will be missed by Palestinians in Holy Land 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 ABC-THE DRUM: “The Promise: controversy rages, understanding lost” by Larry Stillman 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 Stewart Mills (NSW) responds in depth to Wertheim complaint against SBS screening of “The Promise” 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 THE AGE: “Jewish outcry on SBS series” by Leesha McKenny, 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 Massive march organized in Jakarta in support of the Aqsa 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 New hack targets Israeli stock exchange, El Al 16Jan12

January 17, 2012 Joint US-Israel military exercise postponed 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 Israeli settlers burn car belonging to senior PA official 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 PA security arrest and attack a Palestinian for participating in protest 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 Hundreds of ultra-orthodox protesters block roads, throw stones in Beit Shemesh 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 Ban Ki-Moon says all Israeli settlements illegal 17Jan12

January 17, 2012 EUROMID REPORT: “Restricted hopes” on breach of WB Palestinians’ right to travel by Israeli authorities 17Jan12

January 16, 2012 FILM: “Testimony” 17Jan12

January 16, 2012 INTERVIEW: Haneen Zoabi speaks on “Challenge Zionism; demand equality and co-existence” 17Jan12

January 16, 2012 Activists call for British musician James Blake to boycott Israel 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 THE AGE: “Israel accused of crowding out Palestinians” by Ruth Pollard 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 AFP Letter to SBS Ombudsman in support of “The Promise” on behalf of more than 100 signatories 14Dec11

January 16, 2012 Moammar Mashni (VIC) responds to Greg Sheridan’s “Territorial compromise loses ground in Arab Spring” 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 New Israeli plan to build 204 housing units in French Hill 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 Gaza needs 100,000 housing units 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 Israeli soldiers detain 14 Palestinians at roadblocks since start of 2012 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 PLO, Israel to meet for fourth round of talks 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 PLO Committee meets to discuss future PNC election 16Jan12

January 16, 2012 European aid convoy ‘Miles of Smiles 8’ arrives in Gaza 16Jan12

January 15, 2012 LITTLEWOOD: Why doesn’t the European Union pull the plug on Israeli trade? 16Jan12

January 15, 2012 LINTON: Israel’s law keeping Arab families apart 16Jan12


January 15, 2012 Window for Palestinian state “rapidly closing” says European Union report 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Comedian Frankie Boyle’s open letter criticising BBC re his jokes about Palestine 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Violinist suspended for Israel Proms protest takes claim to tribunal 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 US preparing for an Israeli strike on Iran 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Zionist media campaign in bid to ruin Palestinian parliamentary visit to Geneva 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Israeli soldiers disguised as Arabs kidnap a number of Silwan residents 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Egypt grants citizenship to children of Palestinian fathers 15Jan12

January 15, 2012 Settlers cut more than 100 olive trees near Salfit 15Jan12