March 14, 2012 Study: Children struggle to cope after Israeli detention 14Mar12

March 14, 2012 Egypt declares truce in Gaza 14Mar12

March 14, 2012 PEEBLES: Homes destroyed, shattered lives 14Mar12

March 13, 2012 VLAZNA: Why boycott Strauss? 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 FALK: Hana Shalabi – The bravest form of nonviolence 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 EL-HASAN: Israel, the US watchdog in the Middle East 13MAr12

March 13, 2012 Gaza activists prepare for Israeli Apartheid Week 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 US, Jordan urge Abbas to refrain from threats to dismantle Palestinian Authority 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Health of hunger striker badly deteriorates 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Ashrawi: “Israel is committing extrajudicial executions 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Militant groups claim responsibility for launching projectiles 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Israeli forces summon released prisoners near Hebron 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Settlers agree to leave illegal West Bank outpost 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Settlers destroy dozens of trees in Beit Ummar 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 NABI SALEH: Army attacks protesters, journalists 13Mar12

March 13, 2012 Five killed, 46 injured in fourth day of Gaza airstrikes 13Mar12

March 12, 2012 Abbas calls Arab League chief over Gaza fighting 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 Israel slaughter in Gaza to go on ‘as long as necessary’ says Netanyahu

March 12, 2012 SHAMS: Gaza – the politics of darkness 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 ADU calls for emergency Arab summit to discuss aggression on Gaza 12MAr12

March 12, 2012 Gaza power station shuts for third time 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 Egypt in ‘race against time’ to stop Gaza escalation 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 7 Palestinians, including a child, killed and 24 others wounded 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 Settlers attack two towns near Hebron 12Mar12

March 12, 2012 Fifteen Palestinians killed, 30 injured, in 24 hours 12Mar12

March 11, 2012 Miles of Smiles 10 makes it into Gaza 12Mar12

March 11, 2012 PA demands maps of land mines deployed in the West Bank 11March12

March 11, 2012 Masada unit launches night raid on Palestinian prisoners 112Mar12

March 11, 2012 Israel has issued 100,000 administrative detention orders against Palestinians since 1967 11Mar12

March 11, 2012 Israel endorses building 55 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem

March 11, 2012 Two Palestinian killed; 14 in less than 24 hours 11Mar12

March 11, 2012 12 Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli offensive 11Mar12

March 11, 2012 VILLAGE PROTESTS: Two protesters wounded in Friday demos against Israeli Annexation Wall 11Mar12

March 11, 2012 Six Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip as escalation continues 11Mar12

March 10, 2012 Palestinian prisoner in isolation since February for solidarity hunger strike 11Mar12

March 10, 2012 Two killed in second airstrike 10Mar12

March 10, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 2 children killed, 4 civilians wounded by Israeli troops this week 10Mar12

March 10, 2012 Israel kills leader of Palestinian militants behind Shalit kidnapping 10Mar12

March 9, 2012 CATRON: Apartheid is a crime, not an analogy 10Mar12

March 9, 2012 BATSHEVA DANCE COMPANY: NY activists protest performance in Brooklyn 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 (Nakba) 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Israeli soldiers serve demolition notices in Jordan Valley 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Israeli authorities raze Araqib village in Negev for 36th time 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 World VIPs unite for global march to Jerusalem 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ challenges Christian Zionism 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 17 Apr, MELBOURNE: International Day for Palestinian Political Prisoners

March 9, 2012 Israel ‘detains 13-year-old’ in Nablus 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Harvard hosts conference on one-state solution 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Army judge postpones hearing on Shalabi appeal 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Abbas agrees to head interim government 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Israeli settlers uproot and take 100 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 Despite her deteriorating condition, Ash-Shalabi continues her hunger-strike 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 31 March, BRISBANE: Film screening “Lemon Tree” to commemorate Palestinian Land Day

March 9, 2012 NSW STATE PARLIAMENT: the Hon Lynda Voltz on Palestine, Israel and military drones 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 VIDEO: Detainee and hunger striker Hana Shalabi’s mother appeals to the world to save her daughter 9Mar12

March 9, 2012 30 Mar, ADELAIDE: International BDS Day and Land Day

March 9, 2012 URGENT ACTION: Academic Ahmad Qatamesh receives third detention order 9Mar12

March 8, 2012 Ron Witton (NSW) writes to Gabriel Gate alerting him to BDS actions against Israel and his enorsement of the Isareli “Gourmet Pearl Couscous” 9Mar12

March 8, 2012 Duncan Shipley-Smith (NSW) writes to organiser of Israeli musician Moshe Ben Ari Australian tour 9Mar12

March 8, 2012 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Calling for release of Palestinian female political prisoners 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 THE ECONOMIST: Israel, Iran and America – Auschwitz complex 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Rex Williams (ACT) responds to Stuart Rees’ article “Palestine Matters, not Gillard-Rudd soapies”, The Drum, 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 NGO asks Israel’s AG to probe alleged Shin Bet abuse of Palestinian women 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Hamas MPs demand international intervention in favor of Palestinian prisoners 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Fatah leader says there is no peace process 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Israeli bulldozers destroy Palestinian wheat crops in Negev 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Judge Adeis warns of Jewish plan to create artificial quake razing Aqsa Mosque 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Court delays hearing on Abbas’ PM role 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Israeli military operation ‘shuts Erez crossing’ 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Maariv says “Muslim woman, Israel’s secret weapon to counter Apartheid Week” 8Feb12

March 8, 2012 Amy kidnaps 12 Palestinians in the West Bank 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Settlers attack Palestinian village near Ramallah 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Two Palestinian children killed by an Israeli bomb in Hebron 8Mar12

March 8, 2012 Hana Shalabi: 20 Days on Hunger Strike 8Mar12

March 7, 2012 Willy Bach (NSW) comments on Stuart Rees’ article “Palestine Matters, not Gillard-Rudd soapies”, The Drum, 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 Hamas official says no elections without West Bank freedoms 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 Palestinian officials say Obama ignored Palestine in Netanyahu meeting 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 First Gaza export to West Bank in 5 years 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 Israeli settlement waste ‘poisoning Palestinians’ 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 Soldiers kidnap 16 Palestinians in the West Bank 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 REMNICK: Israel threatened 7Mar12

March 7, 2012 Army kidnapped 200 residents in Hebron since the beginning of 2012 7Mar12

March 6, 2012 REES: Palestine matters, not Gillard-Rudd soapies 7Mar12

March 6, 2012 VIDEO: UCLA students stage walk-out at StandWithUs event featuring Israeli soldiers 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 VIDEO: Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) Brisbane BDS 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Report says Israel to dissect West Bank with rail network reaching 1948 occupied land 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Erekat says PA disappointed by Obama speech 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Youth seriously injured by army fire near Ramallah 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Report says Israeli army kidnaps Palestinians for training new Isareli recruits 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Army kidnaps 10 Palestinians including 5 children 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Three relatives of detainees arrested during jail visit, 21 civilians arrested in morning invasions 5Mar12

March 6, 2012 Israeli authorities deny appeal by hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 SENSTAR/MAGAL SYSTEMS: Magal subsidiary wins new prison contracts in Canada and Australia 6Mar12

March 6, 2012 Protesters disrupt conference of Israeli lobby group in Washington DC 6Mar12

March 5, 2012 BAROUD: Between politics and principles for Hamas 6Mar12

March 5, 2012 JEWISH NEWS: AUJS chooses to turn back on Israeli-Apartheid Week 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 SODA STREAM: Wellington, New Zealand BDS action result and resources for activists 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 MUNAYYER: US must seize opportunity to support Palestinian non-violence 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 MEMO COMMENTARY: Those who care about justice will stand by British Baroness Jenny Tonge 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 All Palestinian prisoners to go on hunger strike in April 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Israeli army razes agricultural building in Tulkarem city 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Israel is planning to turn Islamic museum into synagogue 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Gaza factories face closure amid fuel crisis 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Abbas says he will not be PM if illegal, problematic 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Al Aqsa Foundation says landslide risk in Silwan amid Israeli digs 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 EU’s Ashton says Israeli TV station raids break accords 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Soldiers invade Jenin, nearby areas, break into homes 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Army prevents medical committee from visiting hunger-striking detainee 5Mar12

March 5, 2012 Israel accepts appeal against new settlement plan in Hebron 5Mar12

March 4, 2012 Report says Palestinians to present conditions for return to peace talks with Israel 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 Israeli troops arrested 380 Palestinians in February including 54 children 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 BIL’IN: Village protests declare support for Hana Shalabi 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 MILES OF SMILES: Three new aid convoys to Gaza including one for women 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 WEST BANK PROTESTS: Israeli troops use gas to suppress anti-Wall protests 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 Palestinians march in solidarity with detainee Hana Shalabi 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 Report says “120 Palestinians to be displaced due to military orders” 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 PFLP chief says Syria offices remain open 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 London’s SOAS launches Palestine studies center 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 US, France seek answers after Israel raids TV stations 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 Shalabi supporter hospitalized after solidarity strike 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 Fatah activists deface posters calling for one-state solution 4Mar12

March 4, 2012 ISSA: Seeking a new horizon for Palestinian prisoners 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 Rightist NGO ranks Israel MKs according to support of settlement building 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 Egyptian parliament calls for supplying Gaza with electricity and fuel 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 Shalabi determinedto continue her hunger-strike 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: One civilian killed, 6 wounded by Israeli troops this week 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 “Israel kidnapped 380 Palestinians in February” 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 VIDEO: Joseph Dana of +972 talks about the Anti-Boycott Law in Israel 3Mar12

March 3, 2012 Thousands compete in Gaza marathon despite cold weather 3Mar12

March 2, 2012 BUTTU: Palestine, Israel and the struggle for equal rights 3Mar12

March 2, 2012 Israeli Police Terrorize Prisoners in Asqalan 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 O’HAGAN: Tom Hurndall – a remarkable man’s photographs of the Middle East 2Mar11

March 2, 2012 Israel slammed over rough justice for Palestinian prisoners 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 Lieberman says no withdrawal from Jordan Valley 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 Israeli military court postpones Shalabi hearing 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 Israel set to release prisoners 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 JEWISH NEWS: Australia-Israel relations after the fall of Rudd 2Mar12

March 2, 2012 JEWISH NEWS: NSW lawmakers unite for Israel 2Mar12

March 1, 2012 30 Mar, MELBOURNE: Speakout in support of Global March on Jerusalem, International Day of BDS and Land Day

March 1, 2012 Lady Tonge resigns Lib Dem (UK) party whip over Israel remarks 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: Media and Society 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Vatican asks Peres to help find ‘price tag’ culprits 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 HEWLETT PACKARD: case study of surveillance and control 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Hamas lashes out at UNRWA for reducing services to refugees 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Britons to take action against Israel’s illegal detention 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 BEIT HANOUN: “We are with Hana Shalabi and Al Aqsa” – demonstration in Beit Hanoun’s No Go zone 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Israel’s “New West Bank” 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Palestinian runner uses Gaza marathon to prepare for London 2012 Olympics 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Israel renews administrative detention of MP for fourth time 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Israeli soldiers arrest 390 Palestinians in February 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 PA calls on Israel to release Hana Shalabi 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 PA wants Security Council to visit Palestine 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Communication Ministry raids Ramallah TV station 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 Oakland carries Khader Adnan to Occupy San Quentin 1Mar12

March 1, 2012 ABU NIMAH: A lesson for Israel and the PA 1Mar12