May 31, 2012 RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS: French campaign to stop group playing in Israel 31May12

May 31, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Hungry for Freedom”, June 2012

May 31, 2012 Rex Williams (ACT) responds to Michael Brull’s article “Israel doesn’t deserve unconditional loyalty”, The Drum, 30May12

May 31, 2012 ABC’s THE DRUM: Israel doesn’t deserve unconditional loyalty by Michael Brull 30May12

May 31, 2012 Palestinians see ‘sharp increase’ in demolitions 31May12

May 31, 2012 Israel finances NIS 4 million light show for tourists in East Jerusalem “national park” 31May12

May 31, 2012 Palestinians to ask UN to recognize West Bank village as World Heritage site 31May12

May 31, 2012 Israel reduces number of prison meals for Palestinian children 31May12

May 31, 2012 Israel to return 91 bodies on Thursday 31May12

May 31, 2012 UN envoy warns of ‘one-state reality’ 31May12

May 31, 2012 Israeli forces ‘seize 4 Gaza fishermen’ 31May12

May 31, 2012 Army bulldozes farmlands near Hebron 31May12

May 31, 2012 Israel extends monopoly over oil/gas supply to West Bank and Gaza: PA quiet 31May12

May 31, 2012 JAMES: Palestine – The underappreciated student left 31May12

May 31, 2012 Swiss giant to begin labelling settlement products 31May12

May 31, 2012 Jerusalem municipality and Israeli government fund new settlement close to Al-Aqsa 31May12

May 30, 2012 VEOLIA: In talks to sell ailing bus unit in Israel 30May12

May 30, 2012 JNF violates agreement on Al Araqib land 30 May12

May 30, 2012 VEOLIA: Company not awarded public transport tender in The Hague 30May12

May 30, 2012 Hamas says political detention in West Bank still rampant 30May12

May 30, 2012 Israeli tanks advance in southern Gaza 30May12

May 30, 2012 UNICEF insists on dealing with Israeli companies for its projects in Gaza 30May12

May 30, 2012 CEC to register Gaza voters in July 30May12

May 30, 2012 Attacked by Israeli fundamentalist in Tel Aviv, six female Arab students injured 30May12

May 30, 2012 Settlers fire ‘spreads’ into Palestinian land 30May12

May 30, 2012 Prisoners ‘reject Israeli proposal’ on family visits 30May12

May 30, 2012 New computer virus hits Iran & West Bank in unprecedented cyber attack 30May12

May 30, 2012 LENDMAN: Israel’s Enforcer 30May12

May 30, 2012 Fuel crisis impacts water and sanitation services in Gaza 30May12

May 29, 2012 Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to The Adelaide Advertiser re attack on Palestinian farmers 29May12

May 29, 2012 Man held at Globe theatre protest 29May12

May 29, 2012 Turkish court charges senior IDF officials over Gaza flotilla deaths 29May12

May 29, 2012 2 Israeli police convicted in Palestinian death 29May12

May 29, 2012 Soldiers bar CEC members from entering Gaza 29May12

May 29, 2012 UAE Red Crescent donates $817,000 to Gaza food program 29May12

May 29, 2012 Hunger-striking prisoner ‘collapses in court’ 29May12

May 29, 2012 Palestinian contractors’ union to boycott UNICEF 29May12

May 29, 2012 Israel ranks 25th of OECD’s 36 countries in quality of life 29May12

May 29, 2012 BAKER: In Israel, we do not trust 29May12

May 29, 2012 DCI submits complaint on behalf of child detainee 29May12

May 29, 2012 Rafah march for deteriorating hunger strikers as family appeals for support 29May12

May 29, 2012 Christian villages attempt to revive ancient Biblical language 29May12

May 29, 2012 Israeli navy arrests Palestinian fishermen at sea 29May12

May 28, 2012 VIDEO: Why we say ‘no’ to Habima at the Globe: Dr Ghada Karmi 29May12

May 28, 2012 28 June, PERTH: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond Tribal Loyalties”

May 28, 2012 26 June, MELBOURNE: Prof Jamal R Nassar on “The Arab Spring – root causes and implications”

May 28, 2012 24 June, SYDNEY: Voices for Gaza fundraiser “In memory of Najah”

May 28, 2012 23 June, BYRON BAY: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond Tribal Loyalties”

May 28, 2012 23 June, SYDNEY: Hebron Leichhardt Refugee Week Festival of Friendship

May 28, 2012 22 June, BRISBANE: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond Tribal Loyalties”

May 28, 2012 20 June, BRISBANE: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond tribal Loyalties”

May 28, 2012 19 June, BRISBANE: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond Tribal Loyalties”

May 28, 2012 Condemnation after videos show settlers burning Palestinian olive groves 28May12

May 28, 2012 ON LINE OPINION: “How far do Palestinians have to go to have their voices heard?” by Jim Barr 28May12

May 28, 2012 VIDEO: Brilliant message from Miriam Margolyes – Why we say ‘no’ to Habima at the Globe 28May12

May 28, 2012 AVNERY: A bird’s eye view of Zionism’s and Israel’s strategic aim 28May12

May 28, 2012 German aid to Israel’s war machine is an invitation to abuse human rights 28May12

May 28, 2012 PA elections officials to visit Gaza in bid to revive unity deal 28May12

May 28, 2012 The Elevation of Jeffrey Feltman to UN post 28May12

May 28, 2012 Hackers attack PA news site 28May12

May 28, 2012 ELDAR: Israel’s right of return and the right to rob 28May12

May 28, 2012 Carter says Brotherhood would keep Israel treaty 28May12

May 28, 2012 Settlers attack villages near Nablus, resident wounded 28May12

May 28, 2012 Deir Istiya’s farmers pray for their trees 28May12

May 28, 2012 Israel implanting thousands of ‘fake’ Jewish graves around Aqsa Mosque: Palestinian group 28May12

May 28, 2012 Ray Bergmann (QLD) writes to Foreign Minister Bob Carr to intervene in the case of Palestinian Ridha Khalid (abu Anwar) abducted by Israeli soldiers 28May12

May 28, 2012 AL HAQ REPORT: The Jerusalem Trap 28May12

May 27, 2012 Gideon Polya (VIC) writes open letter re threat to Australian superannuation funds from pro-Zionist Labor and Apartheid Israel 27May12

May 27, 2012 Dr Ron Witton (NSW) writes to Monash University’s Vice-Chancellor re Limmud Oz and censorship 27May12

May 27, 2012 Byron Friends of Palestine write to Byron Shire Echo re Zionist censorship at home and abroad 27May12

May 27, 2012 15 June, SYDNEY: Book event “Beyond Tribal Loyalties: personal Stories of jewish peace Activists” ed Avigail Abarbanel

May 27, 2012 HELP OLIVE KIDS – See report for 2012 fundraiser and how to give 27May12

May 27, 2012 US Senate fight over Palestinian ‘refugees’ 27May12

May 27, 2012 INTERVIEW: Author of ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ vents again 27May12

May 27, 2012 Israeli troops open fire at southern Gaza 27May12

May 27, 2012 Israeli military order expels Palestinian family from its land 27May12

May 27, 2012 WHO adopts resolution slamming Israel’s siege on Gaza 27May12

May 27, 2012 Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian child, Jerusalemites 27May12

May 27, 2012 Israel issued 13,000 demolition orders against Palestinian real estate 27May12

May 27, 2012 Abu Kweik to resume hunger strike after his administrative detention extended 27May12

May 27, 2012 Nativity Church deportees ‘did not sign agreement’ to be exiled 27May12

May 27, 2012 AL-MA’SARA: Village holds its weekly nonviolent protest 27May12

May 27, 2012 BIL’IN: Army attacks weekly nonviolent protest 27May12

May 27, 2012 MOOR: Why ‘Brand Israel’ is failing 27May12

May 26, 2012 Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to Israeli ambassador to the UN re Israel’s latest faux pas 26May12

May 26, 2012 UK Press Commission Rules: Tel Aviv is Capital of Israel 26May12

May 26, 2012 UN renews rights chief’s mandate for 2 years 26May12

May 26, 2012 UN Committee 2012 session concludes Israeli system tantamount to Apartheid 26May12

May 26, 2012 BASHIR: Power of Culture – PalFest breaks the siege of Gaza 26May12

May 26, 2012 Israel forces Palestinian to demolish his house adjacent to Al-Aqsa 26May12

May 26, 2012 Israel expands settlement projects in West Bank 26May12

May 26, 2012 US report criticizes Palestinian security forces 26May12

May 26, 2012 US to reaffirm commitment to Israel’s security 26May12

May 26, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 6 wounded, 30 abducted in 90 Israeli incursions this week 26May12

May 25, 2012 12 June, MELBOURNE: Editor Avigail Abarbanel discusses “Beyond Tribal Loyalties”

May 25, 2012 10 June, MELBOURNE: Public Forum: LimmudX – too hot to handle?

May 25, 2012 9 June, MELBOURNE: Public Forum “Beyond Tribal Loyalties” with Avigail Abarbanel & Nicole Erllich; Chair: Michael Shaik

May 25, 2012 2 June, BRISBANE: Benefit Concert & Dinner – proceeds to go to APHEDA

May 25, 2012 31 May -24 June, NEWTOWN, NSW: Sound work to mark the 10th anniversary of Israel’s Apartheid Wall

May 25, 2012 30 May, MELBOURNE: Dr Catriona Drew (SOAS) “Two States for Two Peoples” Seminar

May 25, 2012 Israeli court orders state to consider allowing Gaza students to study in West Bank 25May12

May 25, 2012 Poll: Majority of Germans think Israel is ‘aggressive’ 25May12

May 25, 2012 Abbas says Palestinians in Lebanon should disarm 25May12

May 25, 2012 Lawyer says Israel offered $6 million to Mavi Mamara victims 25May12

May 25, 2012 Gaza fishing fleet leashed by Israel, starved for fuel 25May12

May 25, 2012 UK Foreign Minister says Israel’s settlements harm its international standing 25May12

May 25, 2012 An hour before release, Palestinian prisoner transferred to administrative detention 25May12

May 25, 2012 Amnesty International: Israel often uses excessive force, killed 55 Palestinians in 2011 25May12

May 25, 2012 Latest attempt at legalization of Ulpana settlement neighborhood 25May12

May 25, 2012 Israel Starts Digging Graves In “Numbers Graveyard” 25May12

May 25, 2012 ABU ATA: Water apartheid leaves Palestinian children ill 25May12

May 24, 2012 MUNAYYER: Not all Israeli citizens are equal 25May12

May 24, 2012 IN PHOTOS: Demonstration in London against the visit of Israel’s Lieberman 24May12

May 24, 2012 Well-known Beit Jala restaurant destroyed by Israel, again 24May12

May 24, 2012 Israel demolishes multiple homes, structures throughout South Hebron Hills area on Wednesday 24May12

May 24, 2012 Knesset passes law to encourage illegal settlements in the West Bank 24May12

May 24, 2012 Turkey indicts Israeli commanders over Mavi Marmara raid 24May12

May 24, 2012 Dig ‘proves’ Bethlehem existed centuries pre-Jesus 24May12

May 24, 2012 Abed Rabbo resigns as head of PBC 24May12

May 24, 2012 EU defends right of Palestinians to peaceful protest 24May12

May 24, 2012 Israeli incursion east of Deir al-Balah in Gaza 24May12

May 24, 2012 SOUTH AFRICA: Israeli envoy lecture cancelled at UKZN 24May12

May 24, 2012 BOYCOTT ISRAELI BLOOD DIAMONDS: Bank of Israel governor visits Diamond Exchange 24May12

May 24, 2012 BAROUD: “Palestine’s Israel in safe hands” 24May12

May 24, 2012 Israeli forces abduct Palestinians from across the West Bank, take them to unknown destinations 24May12

May 23, 2012 CJPP News: Israel prevents Al Haq advocate from visiting Australia 24May12

May 23, 2012 IDF probing 15 cases of soldiers ignoring settler attacks on Palestinians 23May12

May 23, 2012 GORDIN: In South Africa, storm over West Bank products is spiraling into a hurricane 23May12

May 23, 2012 ELDAR: West Bank isn’t in Israel, but its factories, somehow, are 23May12

May 23, 2012 Jarboni transferred to hospital 23May12

May 23, 2012 Gaza Paralympians determined to succeed in London 23May12

May 23, 2012 Jerusalem expansion reaches point of no return 23May12

May 23, 2012 UK community split over JNF invitation to Avigdor Lieberman 23May12

May 23, 2012 Israel’s control and use of water leads to water crisis 23May12

May 22, 2012 Nabi Saleh’s Bassem Tamimi convicted by Israeli courts based on coerced testimony from 15-year-old boy 22May12

May 22, 2012 UK student union to support campus divestment initiatives 22May12

May 22, 2012 Palestinian prisoners still on hunger strike 22May12

May 22, 2012 Netanyahu says ‘Fatal mistake’ to concede sacred sites 22May12

May 22, 2012 Faculty demands return of Arabic to University of Haifa’s logo 22May12

May 22, 2012 HASS: In remote Palestinian villages, catastrophe becomes routine 22May12

May 22, 2012 Hamas and Fatah agrees in Cairo to activate Doha declaration 22May12

May 22, 2012 Court to announce Rachel Corrie verdict on 28 August 22May12

May 22, 2012 Israeli forces ‘demolish East Jerusalem home’ 22May12

May 22, 2012 84% of Palestinian children in Jerusalem live below the poverty line 22May12

May 21, 2012 Coca Cola Palestine wins award for sustainable development 21May12

May 21, 2012 Talk on possible EU boycott of Israeli settlements stirs controversy 21 May12

May 21, 2012 Netanyahu says Israel will continue to build Jerusalem and keep it united 21May12

May 21, 2012 Jerusalem Alquds Conflicts between Palestinian and Israelis 21May12

May 21, 2012 Israeli settler shoots at Palestinians while IDF soldiers stand by 21May12

May 21, 2012 BOOK: “The Invention of the Land of Israel” by Shlomo Sand 21May12

May 21, 2012 Israel Jazz Festival at Guggenheim: Attendees treated to free “Israel” water 21May12

May 21, 2012 BARAKAT: Quietly, East Jerusalem Palestinians are becoming Israeli citizens 21May12

May 21, 2012 Israel’s left calling for abolition of Jerusalem Day 21May12

May 21, 2012 Sharing Jerusalem no longer possible – Settlements thwarting Palestinian state 21May12

May 21, 2012 Hamas, Fatah meet in Cairo to discuss reconciliation 21May12

May 21, 2012 56 Palestinian structures razed this year 21May12

May 21, 2012 Soldiers attack nonviolent protest near Hebron 21May12

May 21, 2012 78 percent of Jerusalem Palestinians living in poverty 21May12

May 20, 2012 JIRYIS: Amidst fragmentation and dispossession: which Palestine? 20May12

May 20, 2012 Denmark to ban labeling West Bank products as ‘Made in Israel’, report says 20May12

May 20, 2012 UN official: Israeli practices cause great human suffering 20May12

May 20, 2012 Jewish settlers destroy olive trees in Al-Khalil 20May12

May 20, 2012 Abbas meets Tantawi in Cairo 20May12

May 20, 2012 Palestinian Airlines seeking to expand in Gulf 20May12

May 20, 2012 Arabic not allowed among teachers, students, in Kfar Sava hospital 20May12

May 20, 2012 Detainee Mahmoud Al-Sarsak on hunger strike since 63 days determined to continue 20May12

May 20, 2012 OCHA Report: “370 injured during Nakba commemoration” 20May12

May 20, 2012 404 patients face life-threatening conditions in Gaza 20May12

May 20, 2012 30 May, SYDNEY: Forum and discussion with Inbal Sinai “Co-resistance” Palestinians and Israelis working together

May 20, 2012 SBS VIDEO: Iraqi Palestinian refugees reunited in Australia 20May12

May 20, 2012 Austrian minister says Lieberman’s presence in Israeli cabinet ‘unbearable’ 21May12

May 20, 2012 Prison Authority ends isolation of 18 prisoners 20May12

May 20, 2012 Jacques Rancière postponed visit to Israel (earlier this year) following an appeal from Palestinian boycott movement 20May12

May 20, 2012 Palestinian Heritage Museum re-opens in Jerusalem 20May12

May 20, 2012 O’CEALLAIGH: “We will not be silenced”: Stop the Wall youth activist speaks on repression and resistance 20May12

May 20, 2012 Interview: Launch of Leila Khaled biography cancelled after Zionist pressure 20May12

May 19, 2012 US policy to Israel, Palestine must change, says US Green Party presidential nominee 19May12

May 19, 2012 Farmers critically wounded in unprovoked Israeli attack 19May12

May 19, 2012 NARWANI: Excuse me, but Israel has no right to exist 19May12

May 19, 2012 Israel prevents the ex-detainee Nizar Tamimi from traveling to Jordan 19May12

May 19, 2012 Prisoners ready strike again if Israel violates terms of the agreement 19May12

May 19, 2012 Humanitarian development convoys arrive in Gaza 19May12

May 19, 2012 Abbas amends election law by decree 19May12

May 19, 2012 Israel to expand Ariel and build 2100 housing units on lands of Qalqilya and Tulkarem 19May12

May 19, 2012 Complaint about extreme police violence to demonstrators passed to Israeli Justice department 19May12

May 19, 2012 1500 settlers invaded Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus: large military guard 19May12

May 19, 2012 Settlers invade the courtyards of Al-Aqsa mosque 19May12

May 19, 2012 The United States gives Israel an immediate $70 million for “Iron Dome” systems 19May12

May 19, 2012 Gaza-built boat to sail from Gaza 19May12

May 18, 2012 South African government takes concrete step against illegal Israeli settlement products – Significant BDS victory 18May12

May 18, 2012 US Quakers divest $900,000 in shares from Caterpillar 18May12

May 18, 2012 AUDIO: “Protest on Trial” Melbourne

May 18, 2012 VIDEO: Ilan Pappe on “The Nakba of Palestine” 18May12

May 18, 2012 Knesset bill will prohibit Nakba Day ceremonies in educational institutions 18May12

May 18, 2012 Several prisoners still on hunger strike in Israeli jails 18May12

May 18, 2012 Israel tied with North Korea in BBC negative influence poll 18May12

May 18, 2012 Abbas swears in new ministers in Ramallah reshuffle 18May12

May 18, 2012 Jerusalem rabbinical court grants Rabbis custody over Nablus tomb, violates Oslo status quo 18May12

May 18, 2012 Finance committee of the Knesset ratifies allocation of NIS 44 million support settlements 18May12

May 18, 2012 Verdict in Corrie lawsuit to be announced 28 August 2012 18May12