September 30, 2012 At UN, Indonesian FM calls for boycott of Israeli products 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 ALSAAAFIN: Palestinian Authority runs Israel’s Guantanamo 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 Israel’s control of water in Occupied Palestine 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 Minister says PA, Algeria to sign economic agreement 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 Settlers attack rally against land annexation 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 Gaza fisherman dies after Israel shooting 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 Two Injured In Northern Gaza 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 BIL’IN: Soldiers attack weekly protest 30Sep12

September 30, 2012 LAMB: 30 years after the massacre at Sabra-Shatila, new challenges grip Lebanon’s Palestinian camps 30Sep

September 29, 2012 Palestine’s Mahmoud Sarsak ‘rejects’ FC Barcelona invite to match with Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 Egypt officially rejects proposals for free trade zone with Gaza 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 Palestinians shrug off Abbas bid for statehood at UN 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 Full text: Abbas address to UN General Assembly 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 Israeli authorities ‘prevented Red Cross visit to hunger striker’ 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 “More than 75,000 arrests made by army since Sep 2000” 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 Israeli boycott poll 29Sep12

September 29, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 2 killed, 2 wounded by Israeli forces this week 29Sep12

September 28, 2012 Abbas seeks super observer status for Palestinians 28Sep12

September 28, 2012 High Court rejects Gaza students’ petition to study in West Bank 28Sep12

September 28, 2012 Map of Apple’s new iOS6 system fails to list Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, report says 28Sep12

September 28, 2012 Dozens of settlers assault Palestinian farmer 28Sep12

September 28, 2012 Morsi says “International community must act against Israel’s violations” 28Sep12

September 28, 2012 GORDON: Salam Fayyad, the World Bank and the Oslo game 28Sep12

September 27, 2012 INTERVIEW: Frank Barat interviews Ronnie Kasrils about Anti-Apartheid 28Sep12

September 27, 2012 Targeting BDS in California 27Sep12

September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012 ERAKAT: Statehood bid one year later: no State, no Bid, no Freedom 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 Barak calls for disengagement from West Bank and annexation of settlements 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 Israel should end settler impunity for violence 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 Deadlock in peace talks “will lead to apartheid state” 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 Henry Kissinger says “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel” 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 West Bank university puts Israeli policies to the test 27Sep12

September 27, 2012 Israel to build new settler-road near Qalqilia 27Sep12

September 26, 2012 Abbas adopts ‘Dershowitz Formula’ for resuming talks with Israel 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Quakers Divest from Veolia and Hewlett Packard 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 2012 Save the Children Report: “The Impact of Child Detention” 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 2012: Israel has demolished 465 buildings and displaced 676 Palestinians 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Qatar pledges millions in aid for Gaza rebuilding 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Palestinians set for Pyrrhic victory in United Nations 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 UN says door for Israeli-Palestinian peace may be closing 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Lawyer says Israel must identify remains of Palestinian bodies 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 RUDOREN: Year after effort at UN new aim for Palestinians 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Meretz head submits plan to replace Oslo Accords 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 UNHRC: “Israel fails to prosecute soldiers, settlers, who attack Palestinians” 26Sep132

September 26, 2012 PCHR statement regarding recent Israeli violations in Jerusalem 26Sep12

September 26, 2012 Vacy Vlazna (NSW) writes to Sydney Morning Herald on their journalistic integrity 26Sep12

September 25, 2012 SBS RADIO: 30th anniversary of the Sabra-Shatila massacre 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 BAROUD: Charity economics, subservient politics: why Oslo must go 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 Israel and PA discuss Gaza offshore gas plans 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 Palestinians demand Oslo cancelled 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 NORWAY: No more tax deductables for funding settlements in occupied territory 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 IRELAND: Oireachtas Committee calls for ban on Israeli settlement goods 25Sep12

September 25, 2012 SOUTH AFRICA: Pro-Israel lobby is outplayed by BDS campaign, analyst says 25Sep12

September 24, 2012 ABC RADIO NATIONAL: Palestinian author and lawyer Rajah Shehadeh on Late Night Live 25Sep12

September 24, 2012 AUSTRALIAN SENATE: Senator Lee Rhiannon’s adjournment speech on Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in the Palestinian territories 24Sep12

September 24, 2012 7 Oct, MELBOURNE: VCC Act for Peace presents an eyewitness to “Life under occupation”

September 24, 2012 5 Oct, MELBOURNE: VCC Act for Peace presents an eye witness to “Life under occupation”

September 24, 2012 KUFR QADDOUM: Soldiers attack weekly nonviolent protest 23Sep12

September 24, 2012 UN holds conference on “Jewish Refugees” 23Sep12

September 24, 2012 Legal expert counts 469 settlements in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem 23Sep12

September 24, 2012 Palestinian Authority curbs freedom of expression in the West Bank 23Sep12

September 24, 2012 French writer accuses US and Israel of ignoring international law 23Sep12

September 24, 2012 KARMI: Palestinians need a one-state solution 23Sep12

September 23, 2012 Rex Williams (ACT)writes to Canberra Times re Prof Ilan Pappe’s visit to Australia 19Sep12

September 22, 2012 PLO leader says one-state solution is option, not inevitable 22Sep12

September 22, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 2 Palestinians executed; 3 wounded by Israeli forces this week 21Sep12

September 21, 2012 Legal expert counts 469 (illegal) settlements in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 Poll: Majority of Palestinians, Israelis say attack on Iran would result in major war 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 European Parliament approves EU-Israel trade agreement 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 Palestinians seek UN upgrade opposed by Israel, US 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 Despite calm, Palestinian Authority still on brink of collapse 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 Settlers steal Palestinian lands near Bethlehem 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 World Bank grants PA $14.3 million 20Sep12

September 21, 2012 Two Palestinians assassinated in Gaza 20Sep12

September 20, 2012 AUDIO: Ilan Pappe speaks at the University of Melbourne 19Sep12

September 20, 2012 THE AGE: “Historian likens Israel to Aboriginal dispossession” by Jen Rosenberg 19Sep12

September 19, 2012 Palestinian leadership might reconsider the Oslo Accords 18Sep12

September 19, 2012 ANZISKA: A Preventable Massacre 19Sep12

September 19, 2012 VIDEO: Ilan Pappe’s National Press Club address 19Sep12

September 18, 2012 AUDIO: Ilan Pappe on ABC Radio Conversation Hour with Jon Faine 18Sep12

September 18, 2012 Murderers of Italian activist, Vittorio Arrigoni to face life imprisonment 18Sep12

September 17, 2012 VIDEO: Ilan Pappe and others on ABC TV Q&A with Tony Jones 17Sep12

September 17, 2012 IDF begins moving major bases to Israel’s Negev 17Sep12

September 17, 2012 All-female party to run in Palestinian elections 17Sep12

September 17, 2012 Work halted on park being built on Arab land with help of Israel Railways 17Sep12

September 17, 2012 AUDIO: Ilan Pappe on Radio National Breakfast Show 17Sep12

September 17, 2012 KARKAR: “The never-ending horror story – Sabra and Shatila 30 years later” 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 VIDEO: Phil Monsour feat.Rafeef Ziadah – “Ghosts Of Deir Yassin”

September 16, 2012 EU’s Ashton calls on Israel to save hunger strikers 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 At refugee camp, UN envoy witnesses daily struggles for Palestinians in Lebanon 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 Israeli army uses surveillance drone at Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 Hundreds of settlers attack Palestinians in Hebron 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 95% of Gaza groundwater ‘not fit for human use’ 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 Fatah leader says 2-state solution still our goal 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 NABI SALEH: Soldiers attack weekly protest 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 KUFR QADDOUM: Army attacks weekly protest 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 BIL’IN: Protesters injured in weekly protest 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 ADELAIDE: Israeli Film Festival protest 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 NA’AMAN: The checkpoint – terror, power and cruelty 16Sep12

September 16, 2012 VIDEO: Ilan Pappe lecture “The Forgotten Palestinians”, Sydney, 16Sep12

September 15, 2012 AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: ‘Disgraceful’ documentary by Joshua Levi 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 Collapse of PA will lead to collapse of Israel-Jordan peace agreement 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 Israel demolishes Bedouin village for the 42nd time 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 Israel blocks agricultural project funded by Norway 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 Safadi in grave danger after 86 days of hunger strike 14Sep12

September 15, 2012 EU pledges extra 100 million euros for PA 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: 3 killed, 11 wounded by Israeli forces this week 15Sep12

September 15, 2012 Roundtable on Occupation Law: Part of the Conflict or the Solution? Part I: Noura Erakat 15Sep12

September 14, 2012 West Bank settlement offers free housing 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Judge orders release of Palestinian after video proves soldiers used unreasonable force 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Israeli court rules contentious Hebron house must be returned to settlers 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 British MPs support UN recognition of Palestine 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Slain US envoy ‘understood Palestinian situation’ 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Palestinian leaders call for ‘liberation’ from Oslo Accords 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Settlers occupy Palestinian lands near Bethlehem 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Army invades central Gaza 14ep12

September 14, 2012 Israel seeks expansion of 40 settlements 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Egyptian aid convoy makes it into Gaza 14Sep12

September 14, 2012 Racism pushing Palestinian citizens of Israel to Ramallah 14Sep12

September 13, 2012 3 Palestinian hunger-strikers in ‘rapid deterioration’ 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 Israel takes cut of Palestinian tax revenues 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 Israel unlawfully exploits resources in OPT 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 Canada Jews outraged by top church’s vote to boycott Israeli settlement goods 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 Collapse of PA will lead to collapse of Israel-Jordan peace agreement 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 India pledges $10m to PA 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 KOPTY: West Bank protests expose Oslo as the prop of occupation 13Sep12

September 13, 2012 WHITE: Why a boycott of Israeli academics is fully justified 13Sep12

September 12, 2012 Palestinians know why they are protesting 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 In bid to counter Palestinian efforts, Israeli diplomats told to raise issue of Jewish refugees 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 India reiterates support for Palestinian state 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 PA to enact minimum wage 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 Israel to confiscate Nablus land for bypass road 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 80 injured in clashes between residents, security forces In Hebron 13Sep12

September 12, 2012 To prevent PA collapse, Israel to transfer money to Fayyad 13Sep12

September 12, 2012 PELED: Nabi Saleh, Summer 2012 12Sep12

September 12, 2012 ALSAAFIN: Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails – The case of Ahmad Saadat 12Sep12

September 11, 2012 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Anti-Semitism still a roadblock to peace” 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 UN chief says Israel’s blockade on Gaza Strip serves only to bolster extremists in region 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 Haniyeh claims government has broken international isolation 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 Israelis kill six Palestinians in Gaza 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 Israel ‘blackmailing’ Palestinian Water Authority 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 Israeli court rules in favor of Nablus farmers 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 PA making efforts to facilitate Jenin industrial zone 11Sep12

September 11, 2012 LAMB: Obama surrenders again on Palestine but will he benefit? 11Sep12

September 10, 2012 Arab villagers come together to rebuild razed home in northern Israel 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 ABC Radio National: 360 documentary “Breaking the Silence” 10 Sep12

September 10, 2012 Controversy over Red Hot Chili Peppers heats up 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 91 children hospitalized after drinking contaminated water 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Ramallah protestors call on Abbas to resign 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Israeli cabinet backs first West Bank University in illegal Ariel settlement 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Egypt says Sinai campaign coordinated with Israel, doesn’t violate peace treaty 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Jordanian “Lifeline” campaign to finance 23 projects in Gaza 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 PA asks Israel to review Paris Protocol 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 15 hurt in Nablus village after settler raid 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Fayyad defends economic policies 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 Abbas says “We will head to the UN 27 Sep” 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 CULTURAL BOYCOTT: Return Jerusalem Baramki House to rightful owners 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 EU considering ban on settlement trade 10Sep12

September 10, 2012 KHALIDI: America has shown which side it’s on 10Sep12

September 9, 2012 Egyptian Army says it destroyed 31 Gaza supply tunnels 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 “Every minute matters” for gravely ill hunger striker Samer al-Barq, says father 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Russell Tribunal on Palestine-New York Session 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 BOOK: “Wrestling in the daylight – A rabbi’s path to Palestinian solidarity” by Brant Rosen 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Abbas says Palestinians will seek UN recognition, despite U.S. pressure 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Silwan natives rally against Jewish archeological conference 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Israel plans to expand Gilo settlement on the lands of Beit Safafa 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Jerusalem Foundation says occupation commits ethnic cleansing against Jerusalemites 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Abbas says PA will not obstruct protests 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Arafat nephew says no need for new murder probe 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 Four residents, including two children, kidnapped by the army In Hebron 9Sep12

September 9, 2012 STRICKLAND: Inequality and the ‘Forgotten Palestinians’ 9Sep12

September 8, 2012 Israel’s cynical definition of ‘refugee’ 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 Fatah’s Shaath backs Fayyad amid calls to resign 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 Settlers burn 130 olive trees in northern West Bank 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 NABI SALEH: Soldiers attack weekly protest 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 BIL’IN: Soldiers attack weekly protest 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli forces kill 3 Palestinians, wound 7 in air strikes and ground attacks 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 NYPD opens branch in Israel 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 Extremist settlers attack a Palestinian in Jerusalem 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 Israeli high court orders release of Gaza “red lines” document 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 Indian Campaign to stage protest against collaboration with Israeli universities 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 SIEGMAN: The Triumph and Tragedy of Greater Israel 8Sep12

September 8, 2012 ASHRAWI: Between Palestinian refugees and Jewish migrants 8Sep12

September 7, 2012 AUDIO: Dr Peter Slezak speaks with former Israeli soldiers and Palestinian families 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 Sacked teachers to return to work in occupied West Bank 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 Palestinian NGOs protest against EU decision to expand relationship with Israel 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 MUSLEH: The capital of Palestine: Arab-free in 2015 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 Policy paralysis scuppers Palestinian economic dream 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 Arabs back Palestinian bid for UN non-member status 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism 7Sep12

September 7, 2012 Pushed by Obama, Democrats alter platform over Jerusalem 7Sep12

September 6, 2012 FILM: “Lacan Palestine” 7Sep12

September 6, 2012 CANBERRA TIMES: “Carr gives Middle East process a shot in the arm” by Colin Rubinstein 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Israeli occupation profiteer “Better Place” runs taxis at Amsterdam airport, with EU backing 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Israel prevents Gazan child’s travel for treatment 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Israel hands over old vegetable market in Hebron to illegal Jewish settlers 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Palestinians call to end economic subordination to Israel 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Protests, strikes spread in West Bank 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 26 Bedouin-owned structures demolished in one day 6Sep12

September 6, 2012 Jordan urges world to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts 6Sep12