January 31, 2013 Bisharat in ‘NYT’ says taking Israel to The Hague would promote peace and uphold the integrity of international law 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 BISHARAT: Why Palestine should take Israel to court in The Hague 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 LITTLEWOOD: Are Zionists now calling the shots in the Anglican Church? 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Large Israeli force raids Jenin village 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Israeli forces ‘confiscate’ property in Jenin village 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Palestinians face growing food crisis 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Rights Groups Say Israel Must Submit Review Report to UN 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Gaza welcomes UN investigation into Israeli drone attacks 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Israeli forces serve eviction and demolition notices to entire district in Jerusalem 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Israel president demands crackdown on racism in football 31Jan13

January 31, 2013 Israel hands over frozen Palestinian funds 31Jan13

January 30, 2013 Israel’s ‘Great Book Robbery’ unravelled 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Oscar nod for protest film cheers Palestinians 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Israel boycotts UN rights scrutiny session 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Kentucky paper publishes piece describing Palestinians as ‘chosen people’ 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Palestinian villagers take IDF to High Court over military drills 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Study says Israel ranks among world’s most harmful land-grabbers 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Thousands demonstrate in Ramallah demanding resignation of Fayyad 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Argentinian ambassador discusses cooperation with Palestinians 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 8 Feb, CANBERRA: Palestinian Cultural Night

January 30, 2013 Jordan’s King meets Mashaal, urges two-state solution 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 COOK: Israel’s left turn to the far right 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 Army prevents entry of saplings, construction material, into Beit Iksa 30Jan13

January 30, 2013 BOOK: “The Invention of the land of Israel”: by Shlomo Sands 30/Jan13

January 29, 2013 Israeli wall isolates Palestinian communities 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 SMH: Israel criticised over Palestinian deaths 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Cornell partnership with military-linked Israeli school greeted by protests on first day of class 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Palestinian refugees flee war in Syria 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Bedouin slam Israel’s land offer as ‘back-room deal’ 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Israel to urge court: Drop Palestinian farmers’ complaint against settler attacks 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 At least 166 homes in Israeli settlement built on private Palestinian land 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Impunity to kill: six Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces in less than a fortnight 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 India Reiterates Solidarity with Palestine 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Israeli forces demolish buildings in East Jerusalem 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Settlers install an illegal outpost near Qalqilia 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 SANDAK: A grenade here, a grenade there – so they’ll learn 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 South African agricultural company severs Israeli relations 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 BOOK: “Israeli Rejectionism: A hidden agenda in the Middle East peace process” by Zalman Amit & Daphna Levit 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 Soldiers invade mosque in East Jerusalem 29Jan13

January 29, 2013 COLE: Dead children and arrested babies: Palestinian life under Israeli colonialism 29Jan13

January 28, 2013 Sharon brain scan shows response to stimuli 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 VEOLIA: Israeli ministry confirms Veolia still owns West Bank landfill, despite corporation’s repeated denial 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 Sarkozy says bring down ‘walls of Jericho’ around Israel 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 British MP compares Jewish treatment of Palestinians to Nazis 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 BOYLE: The United States promotes Israeli genocide against the Palestinians 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 Soccer / Israel 2013 – Pro-Palestinian group protests at UEFA offices 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 Prisoners threaten mass hunger strike action 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 Russian aid convoy “Hope and Love” leaves for Gaza today 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 Radwan slams international groups for not aiding Palestinian refugees in Lebanon 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Coalition will constrain Netanyahu 28Jan13

January 28, 2013 THEAGE: US rejects Carr’s plea on Mid-East 28Jan13

January 27, 2013 Israeli-Arab MK Hanin Zuabi accuses Yair Lapid of hating Arabs 27Jan13

January 27, 2013 Seven Palestinians injured by army fire in Gaza 27Jan13

January 27, 2013 KUFR QADDOUM: Soldiers attack weekly protest 26 January 2013

January 27, 2013 BIL’IN: Army attacks weekly protest 27Jan13

January 27, 2013 KHALEK: Meet Lubna Hanash, the 6th unarmed Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers this month 27Jan13

January 27, 2013 KANE: Don’t believe the (liberal Zionist) hype: Israel’s elections ratified the apartheid status quo 27Jan13

January 27, 2013 Abbas asks Israel to let in Palestinians fleeing Syria 27Jan13

January 26, 2013 Portuguese Architect Eduardo Souto Moura – Reject the Apartheid Prize! 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Anger over Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak’s visit to Gaza 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Paralyzed by Israeli missile, child faces Israeli legal system 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Extremists attack Arab children in Jerusalem for boarding Israeli bus 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Abbas to invite newly elected Israeli MK’s to Ramallah 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Military academy to be built in Gaza 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 US to send Egypt F16 fighter jets despite Israeli opposition 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Stop the Wall campaigner arrested as family condemns brutal treatment 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Activists re-erect tents at Bab al-Karamah 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 US says Israel likely to boycott UN rights review 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 UN to investigate US, Israel drone killings 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 ZUNES: Israel’s settlements outside official border flout international law 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 Israel’s colonial terrorism: settlers drench Palestinian land with wastewater 26Jan13

January 26, 2013 DUFFILL: Establishing the facts about the boycott of Israeli academic institutions 26Jan13

January 25, 2013 CORPORATE WATCH: A new BDS target in the Jordan Valley – Hishtil 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 EU provides € 11.45 to support Palestinian agriculture sector 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Bath fairtrade stallholder harvesting olives to support Palestine 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 UN special coordinator for ME peace says two-state solution slipping away 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Army invades several West Bank districts, kidnap several residents 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Israel erects new checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and breaches the ceasefire again 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 US protests “State of Palestine” placard in UN 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 BOOK: “Back Stories – US news production and Palestinian politics” by Amahl Bishara 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Palestinians say they may have no choice but to take Israel to Hague court 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Arbitrary arrest of human rights defender Mr Hasan Karajah 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Palestinians warn Israel on settlements 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 FREEMAN: Grand waffle in the Middle East 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 Conditions in Israeli prisons take toll on Palestinian families 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 HAMMOND: The myth of the UN creation of Israel 25Jan13

January 25, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 10 civilians, including 3 children, wounded by Israeli forces this week 25Jan13

January 24, 2013 AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: Menzies – An enemy of tyranny and friend of freedom 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: “MP’s attack on Menzies sparks Liberal outrage” by Adam Kamien 25Jan13

January 24, 2013 CORPORATE WATCH: New evidence of mislabelled settlement produce – Mehadrin 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Gaza naval police excavate archaeological site off the Gaza coast 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 The Israeli occupation is clearer from Hollywood 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Israeli soldiers storm Jenin, bulldoze cultivated land in Bethlehem 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 US renews call for resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Ky-Many Marley, “Get up stand up” against Israeli Apartheid! 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 NUSEIBAH: Unfreezing the Right of Return: first stop, Gaza 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Voters punish Netanyahu but keep him in power 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Israeli Occupation forces invade Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Abbas after Israeli election says ready to talk to a government that recognizes Palestinian state 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli soldier, another wounded 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Abbas condemns Malaysian PM’s visit to Gaza 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 BOOK: “Generation Palestine: Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement” ed Rich Wiles 24Jan13

January 24, 2013 Hague warns Israel is losing international support over Palestine 24Jan13

January 23, 2013 Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to The Australian re 30 Aug 2012 article “Shop targeted for daring to sell Israel shoes” 23Jan13 PUBLISHED

January 23, 2013 UN says Palestinians fleeing Syria face ‘horrible’ conditions in Lebanon 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Ashrawi says Israeli elections to yield more radical government 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 BDS campaign enters mainstream discourse as St. Louis mayoral candidates take sides over city Veolia contract 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Palestinian-Israeli turnout to hit record low 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Jerusalem legal aid accuses Israel of violating privacy 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Released prisoner dies from health condition 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 UN says psychological trauma ‘doubled’ in Gaza since war 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Palestinian Minister warns of Israeli threats to bomb Dome of the Rock 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 HASS: Palestinian ghettos were always the plan 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Settlers uproot olive saplings in Al-Khader 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 Israeli bulldozers remove large areas of Ma’man-Allah (Mamanullah) graveyard 23Jan13

January 23, 2013 VIDEO: Out of the ballpark – Susan Abulhawa’s speech to the PennBDS conference 23Jan13

January 22, 2013 MERC: Krudd (Kevin Rudd) – preferred poster boy for pro-Israel propagandists? 23Jan13

January 22, 2013 Stewart Mills (NSW) writes to The Hon Christopher Pyne MP re your reported commment about FM Carr and Israeli settlements 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Israeli Occupation arrests several Palestinians from the West Bank 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 What happened to Palestinian books when Israel was created in 1948? 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Israel releases Palestinian after 25 years in jail 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Malaysian delegation arrives in Gaza 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Soldiers demolish Bab Al-Karama 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Netanyahu: “No to Palestinian state, Yes to settlements” 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Israeli authorities change route of Wall to fully annex Jerusalem for Israel 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 REES: BDS campaign questions academics’ courage 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 LEVY: A silent Palestinian voice amid the din of the Israeli election 22Jan13

January 22, 2013 Obama’s dysfunctional relationship with Netanyahu likely to trundle on 22Jan13

January 21, 2013 J-WIRE: Technion fires back 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to British High Commissioner re British support for Israel 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Pyne slams Carr as ‘dangerous amateur’ 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 THE AGE: Arab MP struggles to persuade a disillusioned community to vote 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 MERC: Mike Kelly’s mission impossible 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Palestinians warn of ‘apartheid state’ if Netanyahu wins Israeli election 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Knesset candidate calls for bombing Aqsa Mosque’s Dome of the Rock 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Americans condemn US support of Israel amid economic crisis 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 New French-British peace initiative to be proposed 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Egypt vows to round up undocumented Palestinians 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Soldiers kidnap mother and her baby near Hebron 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Army invades Bab Al-Karama 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 BOOK: “The Bride and the Dowry” by Avi Raz, 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Army isolates West Bank’s northern plains 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 VLAZNA: Palestinian unity – Israel’s nemesis 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 HATUQA: EU trade sustains Israeli settlements in West Bank 21Jan13

January 21, 2013 Israeli army blocks aid convoy to Jordan Valley 21Jan13

January 20, 2013 AUSTRALIAN JEWISH NEWS: ” Labor’s abstention explained” 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 THE AGE: “Settlements stay, vows Netanyahu” by Robert Tait, 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 THE AGE: “Labor’s star rises in Israel after giving ground on Palestinian peace” by Ruth Pollard, 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Airstrike on Damascus kills 12 Palestinian refugees 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Israeli forces ‘detain 9 in Bethlehem town’ 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Two new Israeli settlements to be constructed in West Bank 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 UNRWA to provide new jobs to Gaza refugees 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Israel to apologize toTurkey over Mavi Marmara 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 REMNICK: Letter from Jerusalem – The party faithful 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Jewish-Arab party makes long-shot election bid in Israel 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Masri calls on Jordan, Lebanon to assume responsibility toward refugees 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 PA says Israel to allow more olive oil past Green Line 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 WHITBECK: Partitioning the ‘Two-State Solution’ 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 BIL’IN: Dozens injured in weekly protest 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 ART: On the Exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Party’s over for Perry Farrell – Lollapalooza Israel collapses as artists said to stay away 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 KFAR QADDOUM: Soldiers attack weekly protest 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 Palestinian activists set up another tent encampment near Jerusalem 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 FASHION: Styling in Palestyle – couture with a social agenda 20Jan13

January 19, 2013 THE AGE: “Battle for the soul of Israel” by Ruth Pollard 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Cameron Stewart’s report “Bob Carr in joint plea to US on Mid-East 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 VIDEO: Sodastream – How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Gillard’s survival technique” by Graham Richardson 18Jan13

January 19, 2013 MERC: The PM who put her job on the line for Israel 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 SULTANY: Another voice – as Israel moves right, Obama must become tougher 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Israelis use Facebook to deliver poke at democracy in elections 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Bob Carr in joint plea to US on Mid-East” 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 EID: Will the new Palestinians end security coordination? 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 First ever Palestinian-Egyptian automobile company sponsored by Gaza Strip Investment Fund opens 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Netanyahu pledges not to evacuate settlements 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Fatah says Abbas will head unity government 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Activists set up new protest village northwest of Jerusalem 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Nablus gunmen hand themselves in to PA custody 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 Settlers cut 50 olive trees near Bethlehem 19Jan13

January 19, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report – 4 civilians killed, including 1 child, by Israeli forces this week 19Jan13

January 18, 2013 J-WIRE: University – bad “misguided strategy” by Larry Stillman 18Jan13

January 18, 2013 High Court to state: Don’t evict Palestinians from south Hebron firing zone 18Jan13

January 18, 2013 Bennett’s West Bank plan ignores existence of about 100,000 Palestinians 18Jan13

January 18, 2013 Israel “concerned” after US failure to activate security coordination between Tel Aviv and Cairo 18Jan13

January 18, 2013 Army demolishes Bab Al-Shams 18Jan13

January 17, 2013 DAWBER: Did Israeli troops deliberately provoke teenager so they had an excuse to shoot him? 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 VIDEO: Israel uses control of birth registry and ID cards to control Gaza population 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 HASS: Israel’s Palestinians are not a minority 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 IDF probe finds 80 bullets fired without justification in death of West Bank Palestinian 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 Israel court lifts injunction blocking removal of protest village 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 Saudi Arabia pledges $100 million to PA 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 Israel could face Criminal Court charges for evicting civilians in Hebron 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 Imprisoned Al-Eesawy tried in two courts on same charges 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 Peace Now report says “Netanyahu’s settlement policies undermine realistic peace deal” 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 EU approves €100m to PA, UNRWA 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 At least 17 including 7 reporters injured as army attack Bab Al-Shams again 17Jan13

January 17, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Targeting Jewish businesses ‘just wrong’ 17Jan13

January 16, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Netanyahu uses Palestine’s game to turn tables” by Alex Joffe, 16Jan13

January 16, 2013 Palestinian farmer shot by Israeli forces dies of his wounds 16Jan13