March 14, 2013 Palestinians to High Court: Israel’s West Bank land claim will cut Bethlehem off from south 14Mar134

March 14, 2013 Practical steps to boycott Israel 14Mar13

March 14, 2013 AL-NA’AMI: Israel and the looting of Arab natural resources 14Mar13

March 13, 2013 22 Mar-1Apr, SYDNEY: Exhibition “Stations of the Cross” including message in support of Palestinian human rights

March 13, 2013 EU’s Ashton sends letter in response to Ashrawi’s correspondence regarding Israel’s latest violations 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 New shoes for Gaza children 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Gaza government considering internal sea transport line 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Gaza ministry allows import of frozen chicken from Israel 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Israeli security officer brutally beats unarmed Palestinian shepherd 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Israel going for one million Jews in the West Bank 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 World Bank report: Palestinian economy has been in steady decline since 1994 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 UN OCHA reports 200+ Palestinians injured in clashes with Israel in one week 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 LEVINE: On questioning the Jewish State 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Israel’s iron dome: doubts over success rate 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 LAWRENCE: Fair trade helps Palestinian farmers stay on their land 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 BOOK: “Brokers of Deceit” by Rashid Khalidi 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 Israeli doctors accused of collusion in torture 13Mar13

March 12, 2013 Israel forces ‘order 15 families to leave homes’ 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 Palestinians paid $ 3.6m in fines to Israel in 2011 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 Israeli man asks Palestinian Authority for political asylum 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 Union Construction & Investment’s (UCI)TABO project issues title deeds for 254 dunums of land in Palestine 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 HASS: Judge, jury and creditor – How Palestinians finance the Israeli military court system 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 Israeli army carries out limited invasion into Gaza 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 California BDS debate heats up – Riverside campus passes divestment measure as Stanford rejects the same 12MAr13

March 12, 2013 KATSINERIS: Palestinian hunger strikers vow to resist occupation 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 Ashton says “EU committed to its own regulations in dealing with Israel” 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 “Mavi Marmara Aid Convoy” on its Way to Gaza 12Mar13

March 11, 2013 Rhys Stanley (NSW) responds to Sheridan’s Australian article “Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd completely wrong on Israel” 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Another Israeli-only highway set to cut through East Jerusalem neighborhood brings protest 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Factions to meet in April for unity talks, official says 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Israeli officials to pressure UN to negate Palestinian right of return 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Three Israeli teens spit at Arab woman, tell her to leave their Nazareth neighborhood 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Rate of Jewish immigration to Israel leveling off 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 Tissue test requirement for Israelis living in Gaza goes back to court 11Mar13

March 11, 2013 AL-NAAMI: Having the cake and eating it 11Mar13

March 10, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd completely wrong on Israel” by Greg Sheridan 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 A look behind state funding of settlements – and down the rabbit hole 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Israel breaks up checkpoint wedding to challenge citizenship laws 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Protests in Paris against Israeli president Peres 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Dutch ministry advises businesses to label settlement products 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Israeli security officers become multimillionaires on their retirement 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 BIL”IN: Dozens injured in weekly protest 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 ALJAZEERA INSIDE POST: On the road to Israeli apartheid? 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 SABASTIA: Demonstration against the occupation and settlements 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Israel marks International Women’s Day with violent assault on worshippers at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 Israeli security forces spray raw sewage at Palestinian homes 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 BEIT JALA: Protest against the occupation and for prisoners 10Mar13

March 10, 2013 The missing narratives in Palestinian schoolbooks 10Mar13

March 9, 2013 THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Spies like us 9Mar13

March 9, 2013 Palestinian protester shot by Israelis is sixth civilian killed this year 9Mar13

March 9, 2013 Acre Jews protest sale of home to Arabs, raising ethnic tensions 9Mar13

March 9, 2013 Ahead of International Women’s Day, Palestinians appeal to Israeli MKs for solidarity 8Mar13

March 9, 2013 Sweden upgrades Palestine Mission to embassy status 9Mar13

March 9, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 34 Palestinians wounded, including 10 children, by Israeli troops this week 9Mar13

March 9, 2013 WALT: Obama, American Jewry and the prospects for Middle East peace 9Mar13

March 8, 2013 ON-LINE OPINION: A response to AIJAC – “How is Wilders different to these?” by Ali Kazak 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Robert McClelland is first MP to admit he knew of Ben Zygier case 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Release of Arafat death probe results delayed 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Netherlands calls on stores to label products from Israeli settlements 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Hugo Chavez and the Palestinian resistance 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Peres clashes with EU officials over settlements 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Canada to cut aid if PA pursues Israel at International Criminal Court 8mar13

March 8, 2013 EU-funded Israeli theft 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 The PA refuses talks on non-contiguous Palestinian state 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Israeli forces order demolition of southern West Bank hamlet 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Palestinian dies of injuries suffered two weeks ago 8Mar13

March 8, 2013 Army carries out a limited invasion into Khan Younis *Mar13

March 8, 2013 EL-HASAN: Palestine, a provisional government and non-lethal civil disobedience 8Mar13

March 7, 2013 NEW MATILDA: “The Vision of Stephane Hessel” by Stuart Rees 8Mar13

March 7, 2013 BOOK: “Rhythms of Time – reconnecting Palestine’s past” by Keith W. Whitelam 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 Ancient Palestinian village threatened by Israeli settlement 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Top-level briefings received on Ben Zygier ” by Paul Maley, 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 Japan donates $10 Million to PA’s budget 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 Palestine mourns Chavez’ death 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 Israel to hand PA 700 firearms ahead of Obama visit 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 PA approves plan to register UNESCO sites 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 UNICEF says Israel mistreats Palestinian children in custody 7Mar13

March 7, 2013 ABU SHEHADEH: The reality of life for Palestinian citizens of Israel 7Mar13

March 6, 2013 ‘You’re not allowed to use public transportation at all’: A report from Israel’s segregated buses 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Feiglin MK denied entry to the Dome of the Rock mosque in Occupied Jerusalem 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 European campaign to boycott Israeli phone companies in West Bank 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Palestinian students force British envoy out of West Bank university 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Obama will not demand a West Bank withdrawal plan from Netanyahu 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Gaza youth broadcast to world via Facebook radio shows 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Turkey appoints ambassador to State of Palestine 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Center says 15 prisoners rearrested since Shalit deal 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Settlers uproot 100 olive trees near Bethlehem 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Malaysia donates $6.4 million for Gaza construction projects 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Israeli army breaks into Ramon Prison 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 LEVY: The pain of almost a million arrests 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Hot chocolate and war crimes 6Mar13

March 6, 2013 Gazing at a portrait of Gaza 6Mar13

March 5, 2013 Jerusalem man forced to demolish his own home 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Dennis Ross says Israel should unilaterally take 8% of West Bank while stating ‘it has no intention of expanding into future Palestinian state’ 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Advertising campaigns target AIPAC and US aid to Israel across Washington DC 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 A young doctor fights the depression epidemic in Palestine 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Israel Closes Karam Abu Salem Crossing in Gaza 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Palestinian political prisoners of 1948 oPt live in grim conditions, action required 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Norwegian human rights activist Venke Aarethun awarded with honorary Palestinian citizenship 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Palestinians plan to globalise prisoner issue 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Settlers attack three children near Jerusalem 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 Obama demands a timetable for Israeli withdrawal 5Mar13

March 5, 2013 BERGESON: The biblical pseudo-archeologists pillaging the West Bank 5Mar13

March 4, 2013 BDS victory at La Trobe University 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 J-WIRE: The ZFA beats to a different drum 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Gaza PM calls on Palestinians to join ongoing prisoners’ Intifada 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 New Israeli coalition will have to freeze construction outside settlement blocs, Netanyahu’s aides say 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Shas official tells Haaretz says we’re ready to evacuate settlements, back Mideast talks 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Issawi says hunger strike is my last remaining stone 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Palestinian Foreign Minister says Palestine must sign Rome Statute to access ICC 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Settlers build new illegal outpost near Nablus 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Obama visit is off if Netanyahu fails to form government by mid-March 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 Israeli officer shakes hand with settler who attacked Palestinians 4Mar13

March 4, 2013 ZAHER: The unequal right to water in unrecognized Bedouin villages 4Mar13

March 3, 2013 THE AGE: “Hamas leader plays to win” by Paul McGeough 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 Israeli Ministry launches ‘Palestinians only’ buses 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: BDS activists slammed for invoking apartheid in call to ban Israeli band 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 A pogrom in Qusra 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 New Chinese-Israeli project threatens Suez Canal 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 PA refuses to assist in deportation of prisoners 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 Hamas, Fatah officials say US opposes Palestinian unity 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 Building material skyrockets as Egypt targets Gaza tunnels 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 PA says Jaradat died in room for informers 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 3 minors released from Israeli custody 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 BIL’IN: Five, including PM, medic and journalist, injured 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 Israeli officer writes on Facebook – “It’s a shame the Arab whore didn’t die” 3Mar13

March 3, 2013 McGEOUGH: Leader waits in shifting sands of Middle East 3Mar13

March 2, 2013 Gareth Smith (NSW) writes to Prime Minister Gillard re duel citizens who aid and abet human rights abuses in Israel 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: The Last Word “Laughter and Humour” March 2013

March 2, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Obama will find an Israel adrift” by John Lyons, 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 SUSAN ABULHAWA on Galloway’s walk-out in Oxford debate 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Herod exhibit digs up controversy 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Prisoner families’ weekly “sit-ins” in Gaza – PHOTOS 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 UK Zionist Federation refuses to accept left-wing pro-Israel movement 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Two Palestinians critically wounded by live fire 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 West Bank boiling as popular resistance grows 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Clashes at Hebron rally marking mosque massacre 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Jerusalem road cuts through Palestinian village 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Palestinians race to disrupt Israeli marathon 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 US Secretary of State Kerry says Turkish PM’s Zionism comments ‘objectionable’ 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Israeli forces ‘detain Fatah leaders in Jerusalem’ 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 Jerusalem child sentenced to 19 months 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 59 civilians wounded, 60 abducted by Israeli troops this week 2Mar13

March 2, 2013 A Voice and Presence Passes: Remembering Stéphane Hessel (1917-2013)

March 1, 2013 J-WIRE: Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) complains to your ABC 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 THE AGE: “EU report blasts Israeli zoning, urges sanctions” by Ruth Pollard, 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 REES: Cruelty as policy – the Israeli army’s culture of revenge 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Abbas says E1 building is ‘Red Line’ for Palestinians 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Israel will release results of Palestinian prisoner’s autopsy 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 At UN conference, Erdogan calls Zionism ‘crime against humanity’ 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Racist attack on woman in Jerusalem as Israeli forces detain more Palestinians 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Israeli forces destroy water supply network south of Jenin 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 LEVY: Arab-Israeli in Haifa uses art to help Palestinian refugee sister 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Oxford student union votes down Israel boycott 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Economy minister welcomes EU settlements report 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Israeli doctor secretly enters Nablus to treat Palestinian 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 Hunger striking detainees Sharawna and Al-Eesawy moved to hospital 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 HATUQA: Israel ramps up demolition of Palestinian homes 1Mar13