May 12, 2013 Israel angry with Scottish Church report criticising its policies 12May13

May 12, 2013 Noam Chomsky helped lobby Stephen Hawking to stage Israel boycott 12May13

May 12, 2013 Targeting Stephen Hawking and Dustin Hoffman: Right-wing ‘pro-Israel’ advocacy as hate speech 12May13

May 12, 2013 PACHECO: Expanding the legal paradigm for Palestine – an international law conference at Birzeit University 12May13

May 12, 2013 SodaStream “treats us like slaves,” says Palestinian factory worker 12May13

May 12, 2013 WALAJA: Israeli soldiers, Palestinian protestors clash in Walaja 12May13

May 12, 2013 Australia, Israel commemorate 1917 battle with joint stamp 12May13

May 11, 2013 31 May, MELBOURNE: MAPW brealfast with Dr Mona El Farra

May 11, 2013 30 May, MELBOURNE: Public Lecture with Dr Mona El Farra

May 11, 2013 BDS campaign gaining momentum worldwide to support the Palestinian civil struggle 11May13

May 11, 2013 Israelis much more confident in Obama than Palestinians, poll finds 11May13

May 11, 2013 Palestinians choose a new president – on reality TV 11May13

May 11, 2013 Israel demolishes Al-Araqeeb village in the Negev 11May13

May 11, 2013 Palestine seeks full Interpol membership 11May13

May 11, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 11 Palestinian civilians, including 9-year old girl, wounded by Israeli troops 11May13

May 11, 2013 Israeli Religious Affairs Ministry says “Israel is reviewing a law allowing the division of prayer times between Muslims and Jews in Al-Aqsa Mosque” 11May13

May 11, 2013 Palestinians in Beit Jala protest against Separation Wall route 11May13

May 11, 2013 Miracle Palestinian refugee doctor 11May13

May 11, 2013 Israel again rebuffs peace with the Arab world 11May13

May 11, 2013 Amid public uproar, Royal Jordanian forced to disavow sponsorship of Israel tourism conference 11May13

May 11, 2013 WHITE: Five reasons why Hawking is right to boycott Israel 11May13

May 11, 2013 Six prominent world renowned figures and institutes boycott Israel 11May13

May 10, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN (EDITORIAL): University of open minds 10May13

May 10, 2013 Jordan summons Israeli ambassador over Temple Mount riots 10May13

May 10, 2013 Israel won’t pursue criminal charges, despite damning report 10May13

May 10, 2013 Israel razes 10 properties in Jenin industrial zone 10May13

May 10, 2013 Israel orders Yatta residents to demolish properties 10May13

May 10, 2013 Israel approves nearly 300 new settlements to coincide with Kerry-Livni meeting 10May13

May 10, 2013 Israel fails to find a demographic balance in Jerusalem 10May13

May 10, 2013 Palestinian hunger strikers released from Israeli jail 10May13

May 10, 2013 Outrage over disgusting ‘cripple Stephen Hawking’ jokes after he joins boycott of Israel 10May13

May 10, 2013 Furore deepens over Stephen Hawking’s Israel boycott 10May13

May 10, 2013 AFOPA Seacret protest, weeks 133-136 10May13

May 10, 2013 Hebrew University’s “monstrous carbuncle” on Jerusalem skyline to showcase Einstein legacy 10May13

May 10, 2013 VLAZNA: Wherefore by their friends ye shall know them: Zionists vs UNSW BDS 10May13

May 9, 2013 VIDEO: How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli problem 10May13

May 9, 2013 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Israel rocked as Hawking joins boycott, 9May13

May 9, 2013 CRIKEY: Hawking, boycotts and the settlements 9May13

May 9, 2013 ‘Jews a Race’ genetic theory comes under fierce attack by Israeli DNA expert 9May13

May 9, 2013 80 percent of East Jerusalemites live below poverty line 9May13

May 9, 2013 Jordan MPs ‘demand Israel envoy’s expulsion’ 9May13

May 9, 2013 New settlement bloc established in Bethlehem 9May13

May 9, 2013 9,500 Palestinian children detained by Israel since 2000 9May13

May 9, 2013 China supports an independent Palestine 9May13

May 9, 2013 Israel forces Palestinian to demolish his home in Jerusalem 9May13

May 9, 2013 State Comptroller says Israel Police don’t enforce law properly in Arab communities 9May13

May 9, 2013 Palestinian source tells Haaretz – Assad’s green light to strike Israel merely symbolic 9May13

May 9, 2013 Israel detains Grand Mufti of Jerusalem 9May13

May 9, 2013 VIDEO: “Al-Nakba” 9May13

May 9, 2013 Stephen Hawking ‘backs Israel boycott’ 9May13

May 8, 2013 Palestinian militants in Syria – Assad grants green light to attack Israel 8May13

May 8, 2013 Israel to negotiate renewal of cooperation with UN Human Rights Council 8May13

May 8, 2013 Prisoner X scuttled operation to return bodies of Israeli MIAs in Lebanon 8May13

May 8, 2013 Israel wants detainees to pay for their medical expenses 8May13

May 8, 2013 PA slams Israeli attack on worshippers marking Eastern Orthodox Easter 8May13

May 8, 2013 Settlers burn 20 dunams of farmland near Nablus 8May13

May 8, 2013 Israel PM freezes settlement tenders 8May13

May 8, 2013 Sheffield University dumps Veolia, capping successful year for UK student Palestine movement 8May13

May 8, 2013 “ANSAR 4″ Jordanian aid convoy arrives in Gaza 8May13

May 8, 2013 MASRI & AWWAD: West Bank villages face shortage of water while settlements thrive 8May13

May 7, 2013 Arab League slights boycott of Israel by backing ‘land swaps’ 7May13

May 7, 2013 29 May, CANBERRA: Talk by Gaza doctor Mona El Farra

May 7, 2013 28 May, CANBERRA: Talk by Gaza doctor Mona El Farra

May 7, 2013 PETITION: Support Jake Lynch’s academic boycott of Israel and end USyd’s collaboration with the Technion 7May13

May 7, 2013 Oberlin students vote for divestment 7May13

May 7, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Gaza boy’s home is Israeli hospital” 7May13

May 7, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “It’d hurt us to boycott Israel” by Tim Harcourt, 7May13

May 7, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Labor split over Israel boycott ” by Christian Kerr, 7May13

May 7, 2013 EU contributes €20M to the PA’s April salaries, pensions 7May13

May 7, 2013 Israel’s deputy foreign minister asks Google to change ‘Palestine’ tagline 7May13

May 7, 2013 China suggests 4-point proposal for peace talks 7May13

May 7, 2013 Israeli forces demolish Hebron wells, electric network 7May13

May 7, 2013 Israel approves plan to displace Negev Bedouins 7May13

May 7, 2013 Israel issues demolition orders to 11 Ramallah homes 7May13

May 7, 2013 Fayyad denies criticizing PA in New York Times interview 7May13

May 7, 2013 IDF allows Israeli settlers to renovate abandoned base in Gush Etzion 7May13

May 7, 2013 HATUQA: Palestinian non-violence subject of new graphic novel 7May13

May 6, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: “Student body rethinks anti-Israeli boycott” by Christian Kerr, 6May13

May 6, 2013 The Palestinians’ West Bank: squeeze them out 6May13

May 6, 2013 Decision postponed for Separation Wall in Battir 6May13

May 6, 2013 Unruly building engulfs East Jerusalem life 6May13

May 6, 2013 Another awakening: US travel sites feature West Bank as tourist destination 6May13

May 6, 2013 Twelve Palestinians injured near Ramallah 6May13

May 6, 2013 HOWEIDY: Palestinian refugees from Syria struggle for recognition in Egypt 6May13

May 6, 2013 PLO slams Israel over treatment of Palestinian Christians 6May13

May 6, 2013 Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter in Gaza 7May13

May 5, 2013 Palestinian Israelis reject the Arab initiative 5May13

May 5, 2013 London’s High street shops hit by wave of sit-in demonstrations over sale of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements 5May13

May 5, 2013 BOOK: “A Month by the Sea – Encounters in Gaza” by Dervla Murphy

May 5, 2013 Israel closed Karm Abu Salem 17 days in April 5May13

May 5, 2013 Jews ‘furious’ over Scottish church saying they have no claim to Holy Land 5May13

May 5, 2013 Denmark and Finland to upgrade relations with Palestinians 5May13

May 5, 2013 To break their strike, Israel denies Jordanian detainees access to liquids 5May13

May 5, 2013 Israeli warplanes ‘target weapons shipment’ in Syria 5May13

May 5, 2013 Fayyad: Palestinian leadership a failure 5May13

May 5, 2013 Israeli forces deploy in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday 5May13

May 5, 2013 VLAZNA: From Lidice to Deir Yassin – the unbearable shame of forgetting 5May13

May 4, 2013 English language textbook support for Palestinian refugees May13

May 4, 2013 Gareth Smith (NSW) writes to the Byron Echo re antisemitism and criticising Israel 4May13

May 4, 2013 China offers to host Netanyahu and Abbas at Beijing meeting 4May13

May 4, 2013 Britain concerned about violence in West Bank, Gaza 4May13

May 4, 2013 Google edition adopts Palestine 4May13

May 4, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 1 Palestinian killed, 8 wounded by Israeli forces this week 4May13

May 4, 2013 Palestinian Authority halts efforts to join UN agencies 4May13

May 4, 2013 The University of Sheffield Palestine Society celebrates university’s decision to drop Veolia 4May13

May 4, 2013 UNRWA says 235,000 Palestinian refugees have been displaced inside Syria 4May13

May 4, 2013 AL MASARA: Weekly demonstration 4May13

May 3, 2013 BDS will continue to grow in Australia, regardless of comical attacks 4May13

May 3, 2013 VIDEO: Justice is universal – A panel discussion on Palestine, comparative frameworks and solidarity 4May13

May 3, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Greens raise funds for Gaza ‘ark’ 4May13

May 3, 2013 Settlers cut olive trees near Ramallah 3May13

May 3, 2013 Prisoners’ relatives reject PA decision to stop paying Israeli fines 3May13

May 3, 2013 Israeli court orders demolition of part of mosque in Jerusalem 3May13

May 3, 2013 Settlers begin building new illegal outpost 3May13

May 3, 2013 Victims of likely ‘price tag’ arson get bill for fire 3May13

May 3, 2013 Livni flies to Washington for talks with Kerry on Arab League proposal for Palestinian state 3May13

May 3, 2013 High Court orders Defense Ministry to halt construction of part of West Bank barrier 3May13

May 3, 2013 Church of Scotland says Jews do not have a right to the land of Israel 3May13

May 3, 2013 OIC report says end of blockade on Gaza more important than aid 3May13

May 3, 2013 Israeli incursion in north Gaza Strip 3May13

May 3, 2013 Accepting concept of land swaps strengthens culture of concessions, claims Hamas 3May13

May 3, 2013 KANJ: Israel’s ethnocentric experiment 3May13

May 2, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Protests lack link to Israel: BDS fan 2May13

May 2, 2013 Former International Development Secretary Clare Short speaks to MEMO on peace in the Middle East 2May13

May 2, 2013 Settlers start over 50 fires in West Bank 2May13

May 2, 2013 Israel hails Arab League’s stance on land swaps 2May13

May 2, 2013 Israel PM says territory not root cause of Mideast conflict 2May13

May 2, 2013 UN Secretary-General says situation in Palestinian cannot continue 2May13

May 2, 2013 HANIEH: The Oslo illusion 2May13

May 2, 2013 BBC criticised for dropping film with ‘severe ramifications’ questioning the mass exodus of Jewish people after fall of Jerusalem in AD70 2May13

May 1, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: Behaviour in Palestine May 2013

May 1, 2013 THE AUSTRALIAN: Julie Bishop sceptical about the Prime Minister’s comments on BDS 1May13

May 1, 2013 BBC accused of bias over Israel-Palestine 1May13

May 1, 2013 Arab League agrees to endorse new peace plan including land swap 1May13

May 1, 2013 Pope urges ‘courageous decisions’ in Mideast 1May13

May 1, 2013 Man killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza City 1May13

May 1, 2013 Girl from Gaza takes first prize in international math competition 1May13

May 1, 2013 FERRARA & RABINOWITZ: Gaza’s gas – EU millions up in smoke 1May13

May 1, 2013 Israeli coalition parties join forces to reduce land allocated to Bedouin 1May13

May 1, 2013 Italy’s new foreign minister Emma Bonino wants Israel in EU 1May13