June 30, 2013 Margaret Hackett-Cassar (SA) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 29Jun13

June 30, 2013 Beyond Arab Idol: Palestinian creativity is flourishing all over 30Jun13

June 30, 2013 Hamas warns against ‘futile’ negotiations 30Jun13

June 30, 2013 Frequent border closures add to Gaza gas woes 30Jun13

June 30, 2013 VILLAGE PROTESTS: Weekly protests across West Bank 30Jun13

June 30, 2013 DAVDISON: The crime of indifference 30Jun13

June 29, 2013 LAMB: The White House threatens to end aid if Palestine joins the ICC 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Britain denounces Israeli plan to expand “Har Homa” 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Settlers burn Palestinian farmlands near Nablus 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 6 Palestinians wounded, 35 abducted in 48 Israeli incursions this week 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Pillay says 20 years after historic human rights breakthrough, much work remains 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 EU provides €10 million to support Palestinian families living in extreme poverty in West Bank, Gaza 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Sourani meets with Finnish Minister of International Cooperation, reviews human rights situation in Palestine 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Some 1,500 Israeli Arabs block major road in protest over home demolition 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 Secret talks held over release of pre-Oslo prisoners 29Jun13

June 29, 2013 France condemns Israeli decision to build new settlements 29Jun13

June 28, 2013 Stewart Mills (NSW) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Thousand settlers spend weekend in E1 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Netanyahu says peace with Palestinians is a must, but it won’t stop defamation of Israel 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Israel weighs demolition of flagship EU sustainability project in West Bank village of Susya 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Peres, Netanyahu reject idea of bi-national state 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Kerry wants end to Israel-Palestinian stalemate 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Israel demolishes properties in Tubas ‘without notice’ 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Israeli forces demolish houses, agricultural structures near Jericho 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Israeli authorities uproot trees in Bethlehem 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 John Bransby responds to Australia Post’s reply re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 McDonald’s refuses to open branch in Ariel settlement 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 ZUNES: Troubling implications of Susan Rice’s appointment as National Security Adviser 28Jun13

June 28, 2013 Kenya solidarity calls to cancel Israel festival 28Jun13

June 27, 2013 Gareth Smith (NSW) writes to the Byron Echo re Australian action over Japanese whaling but not Palestine 28Jun13

June 27, 2013 BYRON ECHO: Australia Post stamp ‘insulting’ says Australians for Palestine 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Supreme Court gives Israel 30 days to resolve controversy over East Jerusalem highway 27JUn13

June 27, 2013 Palestinians shelve bid to have West Bank village recognized as UN heritage site 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 French media analyst convicted of defamation, fined in Mohammed al-Dura case 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 In Israel, growing chorus against Palestinian state 27JUn13

June 27, 2013 Israel to confiscate more land in Nablus 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Israel okays 69 settlement homes on eve of Kerry visit 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Netanyahu to freeze settlement construction, return to negotiations 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Israeli authors campaign against eviction of West Bank villagers 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Palestinians may revolt if peace efforts fail, Jordan’s king warns 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 ABC’s THE DRUM: “Coalition plans to punish those who boycott Israel” by Jake Lynch 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 12-14 July, MELBOURNE: Arab Film Festival

June 27, 2013 Duncan Shipley-Smith (NSW) writes to Australia Post’s stock response to complaints re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 27Jun13

June 27, 2013 Linda Mearing (NSW) writes to FM Bob Carr re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 26Jun13

June 27, 2013 Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to Commonwealth Ombudsman re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 26Jun13

June 27, 2013 Paul Maroun (VIC) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 26Jun13

June 27, 2013 VLAZNA: Stamping impunity on Israel’s war crimes 27Jun13

June 26, 2013 Dr Colin Sheppard (VIC) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 26Jun13

June 26, 2013 Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Helen Bayes (VIC) writes to Postal Ombudsman re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Sarah Haynes (WA) writes to the West Australian newspaper re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Dr N Leka (NSW) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Julie Webb (NZ) writes to Australia post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Leslie Bravery (NZ) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Ali Kazak (ACT) writes to Australian Post CEO re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13

June 26, 2013 Netanyahu urges Palestinians to negotiate until conflict is resolved 26Jun13

June 26, 2013 SAHLI: Palestinian development under occupation is a delusion 26Jun13

June 26, 2013 UNRWA announces highest ever budget deficit 26Jun13

June 26, 2013 HANDBOOK: Israeli land grab and forced population transfer of Palestinians – A handbook for vulnerable individuals and communities 26Jun13

June 25, 2013 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: “Palestinians forced to rely on food aid” by Ruth Pollard 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Prof Jake Lynch (NSW) responds to The Australian’s campaign against BDS 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Consensus wisdom: the boycott of Israel is working 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Israeli air force strikes Gaza 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Lieberman after rockets: ‘Israel has no choice but to consider conquering Gaza’ 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Egypt’s crackdown on Gaza tunnels takes economic toll on Palestinians 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 KARMI: The Palestinians’ last option – a struggle for equal rights 25Jun13

June 25, 2013 Israel Blocks East Jerusalem Palestinian Children’s Theater Festival 25Jun13

June 24, 2013 Israel to confiscate more West Bank land 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 LEVY: Is Israel a legitimate state? 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 VIDEO: How to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict – 0, 1 or 2 state solution 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 Abbas accepts resignation of Rami Hamdallah 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 Bulldozing Palestinian history on Israel’s southern hills 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 House demolitions: Zionism’s constant background noise 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 ART: On the exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 Palestinians employed in West Bank settlements entitled to Israeli wages and benefits, court rules 24Jun13


June 23, 2013 Arab Idol winner Assaf named first Palestinian UN ambassador 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 HASS: Palestinian Mohammed Assaf wins Arab Idol 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 4 civilians wounded by Israeli troops this week 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 Hundreds of thousands watch Palestinian ‘Idol’ Assaf perform 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 Israel may cut off electricity supply to West Bank 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 US to cut military aid to Israel by 5 per cent 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 ARAB IDOL: Mohammed Assaf sings “Raise your keffiyeh” 23Jun13

June 22, 2013 World’s largest oil painting displayed in Bethlehem 22Jun13

June 22, 2013 Dahlan says Hamdallah resignation no surprise 22Jun13

June 22, 2013 President to meet Hamdallah over PM’s resignation 22Jun13

June 22, 2013 Abbas under “intense pressure” to return to negotiations 22Jun13

June 22, 2013 WHITE: The meaning of a two-state solution 22Jun13

June 21, 2013 Hamdallah offers resignation to Abbas 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 UN Report: Palestinian children tortured, used as human shields by Israel 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 Young Palestinians launch initiative to influence Palestinian future 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 PA signs cooperation agreement with UNDP to develop infrastructure in East Jerusalem and “C” areas 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 Netanyahu says Israel is willing to negotiate with Palestinians without preconditions 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 Israel to demolish 9 homes in Nablus village 21Jun13

June 21, 2013 B’Tselem asks occupation forces to stop using dogs against Palestinian civilians 21JUn13

June 21, 2013 KANJ: The plucky professor and the last bigoted democracy 21Jun13

June 20, 2013 AUSTRALIAN SENATE MOTION: London declaration on combating antiSemitism 21Jun13

June 20, 2013 J-WIRE: Stamps of friendship 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 PCHR report on the Impact of Israeli Closure on the Gaza Strip 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Blair says time running out for Mideast peace 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Israel informing Palestinians of land confiscation by mail 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Israel denies Arab artists entry to West Bank 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 18 Palestinians Kidnapped In West Bank 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 US donates $123 million to UNRWA 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Israel is stealing Palestinian oil and gas 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 State officials in California sign letter denouncing BDS movement on college campuses 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 ROBBINS: Palestuinian prisoner says singing sensation Mohammad Assaf has given us a ‘national umbrella’ 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 DEGER: After Kerry visit, Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly re-open economic negotiations 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Highest number of individual hunger strikers since last year, as 4 Palestinian political prisoners begin the battle for their rights 20Jun13

June 20, 2013 Retired South African diplomat says Israel repeating apartheid 20Jun13

June 19, 2013 MERC: Australia Post issues Israeli propaganda stamps 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 4 Jul-10 Aug, BRISBANE: Photographic Exhibition “BE the difference – Hope for kids in Palestine”

June 19, 2013 Latest DC mantra: The two-state solution is dead, long live the two-state solution! 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 ‘No alternative’ to Palestinian state: Bill Clinton in Israel 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 Report on the Fourth National BDS Conference, 8 June 2013, Bethlehem 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 “We destroyed Arab villages to create our state”, retired General said 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 Settlements budget exceeds allotted finances by millions 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 Top businessmen warn Netanyahu – stalled peace process will ruin Israel’s economy 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 ABUKHATER: The Palestinian Authority insults our intelligence 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 Anti-Arab graffiti sprayed, tires slashed in suspected ‘price tag’ attack 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 Gates Foundation invests in occupation profiteer G4S, just as Dutch charity cuts ties 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 NUSEIBAH: Decades of displacing Palestinians: how Israel does it 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 US business owners can be fined and imprisoned for supporting Israeli boycott 19Jun13

June 18, 2013 AFOPA (Adelaide) erects billboards showing “Disappearing Palestine” 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 We should praise Hawking’s boycott of Israeli meeting 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 ARIJ says Israel’s absentee property law is the greatest plunder of all time 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 HAARETZ: Brouhaha over Israel boiling Down Under 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 Clinton says Israel must make peace with Palestinians in order to survive 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 President of international war crimes tribunal may have worked to shield Israelis from prosecution 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 Dr. Ashrawi condemns recent Israeli officials’ remarks regarding establishment of Palestinian State 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 Dr. Erekat says “Israeli Government has officially declared the death of two-state solution” 18Ju13

June 18, 2013 Report says “Tel Aviv university received finances from settler group” 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 King says no confederation between Jordan and Palestine before establishment of a state 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 Israeli forces issue 3 demolition orders in Silwan 18Jun13

June 18, 2013 ABULHAWA: The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle 18Jun13

June 17, 2013 Palestine drops bid to register new UNESCO heritage site 17Jun13

June 17, 2013 What’s between the JNF and pro-Israel graffiti in Hebron? 17Jun13

June 17, 2013 “Yes, we are funding the occupation,” Swedish minister glibly tells Gaza youth 17Jun13

June 17, 2013 HAZKANI: Catastrophic thinking – Did Ben-Gurion try to rewrite history? 17Jun13

June 16, 2013 ‘NY Times’ publishes defense of racial segregation in Israel 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 Former South African Ambassador to Israel rejects JNF trees planted in his name 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 In Israel’s ruling coalition, discord grows over peace process with Palestinians 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 US House passes bill to ensure Israel can ‘remove existential threats’ 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 UN chief says Israeli settlements undermine peace hopes16Jun13

June 16, 2013 Settlers burn 300 olive trees near Nablus 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: 7 civilians wounded, 51 abducted in 69 Israeli incursions this week 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 MAKSOUD: Richard Falk will not be another Richard Goldstone 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 VLAZNA: Palestine Game-changers 16Jun13

June 15, 2013 Sweden may cut Palestinian aid 15Jun13

June 15, 2013 Thousands of Arab Negev residents rally against Prawer Plan 15Jun13

June 15, 2013 Intelligence chief says chaos in Arab world favours Israel 15Jun13

June 15, 2013 INTERVIEW: Noam Chomsky speaks on “The legacy of aggression and impunity” 15Jun13

June 15, 2013 PA blocking third Intifada and will sit with Netanyahu if he accepts 1967 borders 15Jun13

June 14, 2013 Britain refused Israel military equipment for fear it would add to ‘internal repression’ 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 UN Rights investigator says he will not resign, despite criticism 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Alicia Keys urged to cancel concert in Israel 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Israel pushes plans for 1,100 settler homes 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Arab Idol’s Mohammad Assaf thanks Palestinian fans 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Senior Israeli minister says Palestinians will be governed by Jordan 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Settlers deface Christian cemetery in Jaffa 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 HASS: The most humane little checkpoint 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 KUTTAB: Pre-Oslo prisoners still obstacle to Palestinian-Israeli talks 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Palestine decries Israel’s new outposts plan 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Palestinian activist Abir Kopty says Oslo should go, the peace process serves Israeli interests 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Israeli withdraws from two-state solution Cambridge Union debate after no Palestinian on panel 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 ABC NEWS: Limits on Palestinians Living With Israeli Spouses 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 Attackers desecrate Palestinian Christian graves near Tel Aviv 14Jun13

June 13, 2013 Netanyahu backtracks on joint statement with Poland on Israeli-Palestinian conflict 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 World Bank, the PA and Israel work together to confiscate Palestinian land for West Bank dump site 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 Dr. Ashrawi meets with the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 Israeli military vehicles penetrate into Palestinian lands in Gaza Strip 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 Work starts on seven-storey building on Palestinian land next to Al-Aqsa 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 UK says Israel faces increasing isolation if peace efforts fail 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 Solar powered wheelchair project to improve quality of life for Gaza’s disabled 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 OIC chief says Israel confiscates Palestinian economic and water resources 13Jun13

June 13, 2013 FARAH: The Ghettoization of East Jerusalem 13Jun13

June 12, 2013 PA official warns of worsening financial crisis 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 Kerry to postpone visit to the Middle East 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 Israel issues orders to deport eight families from Jerusalem 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 Israel says no to Palestinian preconditions for talks exposes hypocrisy of PM 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 Washington recommends extra $488 million in military aid to Israel 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 Danon repeats claim about two-state solution 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 BBC Director General faces claims that political pressure led BBC to drop film on ‘Jewish exile’ 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 One-state solution for Middle East picks up steam 12Jun13

June 12, 2013 BULLIMORE: A case study in obsession 12Jun13

June 11, 2013 Abbas rejected Israeli proposal to release 50 prisoners in exchange for resumption of peace talks 11Jun13

June 11, 2013 US calls for UN Rapporteur resignation over Israel criticism 11Jun13

June 11, 2013 MARUSEK: Marching to Jerusalem 11Jun13

June 10, 2013 ART: “Whole in the Wall” by Khaled Jarrar 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 J-WIRE: Palestine – The Abhorrent Arab Aberration 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 ILO says Israeli curbs threaten US plan for Palestine economy 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 Israeli official says no Palestinian state with 1967 borders 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 VIDEO: Breaking the Silence – women’s testimonies 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 UN to grant urgent aid to Palestinian victims of settler violence 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli troops wound 7 civilians, including 2 children, in attacks this week 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 EU tells Israe – if negotiations fail, we will support Palestine at Hague 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 Thousands of settlers protected by Israeli army damage property in Palestinian neighbourhood 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 Settlement construction starts at 7-year high 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 PA official says settlers destroy 2,500 olive trees in June 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 PA says Israel forging documents for settlement construction 10Jun13