December 23, 2013 BARGHOUTI: Is BDS’ campaign against Israel reaching a turning point 23Dec13

December 21, 2013 BAROUD: Boycott is Historically Palestinian 21Dec13

December 17, 2013 ASA members vote 2-1 for academic boycott of Israel 18Dec13

December 16, 2013 NASSER: From mediator to antagonist: Kerry’s coup 16Dec13

December 16, 2013 Congress leaves town without passing lobby priority: visa-waiver bill for Israelis 16Dec13

December 16, 2013 EU to offer massive incentive package to Palestinians, Israelis to reach agreement 16Dec13

December 16, 2013 UNRWA calls Gaza ‘disaster area,’ pleads for end to Israeli blockade 16Dec13

December 16, 2013 Gaza suffers $ 64 million in losses after winter storm 16Dec13

December 16, 2013 Kerry says next group of Palestinian prisoners to be released as planned at end of month 16Dec13

December 14, 2013 Palestine’s ambassador to the Holy See presents credentials to Pope 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 Abbas rejects US plan for permanent Israel troop presence 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 60 percent of West Bank without power 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 Widespread flooding in Gaza forces thousands to flee homes 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 US defence budget includes additional military aid for Israel 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 Ashrawi calls on UK to recognise Palestinian state 14Dec13

December 14, 2013 RAVID: Swell of boycotts driving Israel into international isolation 14Dec13

December 13, 2013 Israel inches closer to ‘tipping point’ of South Africa-style boycott campaign 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 5000 prisoners in Israeli jails, including 200 children 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 Erekat criticizes Guatemalan presidential visit to occupied East Jerusalem 13Dec12

December 13, 2013 Thousands of students ‘evicted’ in pro-Palestine solidarity campaign 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 Livni says construction beyond settlement blocs harming Israel’s security 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 One in five Gazans receiving EU salaries don’t have work 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 In West Bank, Arab home faces demolition while Jewish ones get stamp of approval 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 Israeli government halts controversial plan to resettle 30,000 Bedouin 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 Israeli occupation tortures most Palestinian prisoners 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 Israeli politicians seek to curb Hamas while planning settlements for “next 50 years” 13Dec13

December 13, 2013 PURKISS: Christmas greetings from Bethlehem 13Dec13

December 12, 2013 COOK: Judaisation vs Justice – Israel’s war on the Bedouin proves 1948 settled nothing 12Dec13

December 11, 2013 Group claims new Israeli excavations under al-Aqsa 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 Israel, Jordan, Palestinians ink water-sharing deal 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 SHACKLE: Britain’s strongest statement on settlements yet 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 Marwan Barghouti vows to ‘honor Mandela’s struggle’ 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 Nix East Jerusalem-based TV series, Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi urges NBC 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 Dutch water giant cuts ties with Israeli counterpart due to settlements 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 Israel-Romania row over settlements building 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 AL-TAMIMI: Jenin-Palestinian Authority crackdown on anti-negotiations activists

December 11, 2013 Professors call on American Studies Association to vote down Israel boycott 11Dec13

December 11, 2013 US plan keeps Israeli army in Jordan Valley for 10 years 11Dec13

December 10, 2013 WHO concerned over humanitarian health crisis in Gaza 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 PA, Israel, and Jordan to sign Red Sea-Dead Sea deal 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 UK government warns British citizens against doing business in Israeli settlements 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 UN says Israel to allow some construction materials into Gaza 9Dec13

December 10, 2013 Roger Waters compares Israeli policy to Nazi Germany, slams ‘powerful Jewish lobby’ 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 Netanyahu says Israel and Palestinians aren’t close to final peace deal 9Dec13

December 10, 2013 Kerry says Israeli force cannot defeat or defuse the demographic time bomb 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 Kerry asks Israel to postpone release of Palestinian prisoners 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 Bennett calls for annexing parts of the West Bank and describes negotiations as ‘a joke’ 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 BUTLER: Academic freedom and the ASA’s boycott of Israel: a response to Michelle Goldberg 10Dec13

December 10, 2013 Israel tells Holland: Security trumps prosperity when it comes to Gaza scanner 10Dec13

December 9, 2013 UK to donate 15.5 million pounds to UNRWA 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 China offers to start projects in the West Bank 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 Israeli authorities refuse Dutch FM access to Hebron Old City 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 Israel blamed in Palestinian teenager’s death 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 Israel to increase settlements expansion budget 10 fold 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 MURRAY: The high cost of Israel’s water policies 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 INTERVIEW: Roger Waters on ‘It’s a duty for artists to speak out’ 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 Israeli forces attack protests commemorating Mandela across West Bank 9Dec13

December 9, 2013 Jerusalem neighborhoods brace for large wave of home demolitions 9Dec13

December 8, 2013 Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli sniper near Ramallah 8Dec13

December 8, 2013 BAHOUR: Dear Mayor, thank you, but no thank you 8Dec13

December 8, 2013 Netherlands to fund security check system to increase Gaza’s imports and exports 8Dec13

December 8, 2013 Obama considers Palestine’s state application to the UN as crossing a red line 8Dec13

December 8, 2013 Canadian Protestant church launches settlement boycott campaign 8Dec13

December 8, 2013 Kerry says Israelis, Palestinians are closer to peace than ever before 8Dec13

December 7, 2013 HANANIA: Mandela and Palestine 7Dec13

December 7, 2013 TAYLOR: Palestinians remember Mandela as ‘most courageous who supported us’ 7Dec13

December 7, 2013 Israeli forces attack protests commemorating Mandela across West Bank 7Dec13

December 7, 2013 Barghouti: Mandela gave Palestinians hope for freedom 7Dec13

December 6, 2013 Palestinian Knesset members urge Kerry to oppose Prawer Plan 6Dec13

December 6, 2013 LETWIN:‘Palestinian Struggle is Not about Independence – It is about Liberation’ – Interview with Dr. Haidar Eid 6Dec13

December 6, 2013 Swiss: French Arafat conclusion ‘debatable’ 6Dec13

December 5, 2013 36 aid groups demand end to house demolitions by Israel 5Dec13

December 5, 2013 Summary Report On Human Rights Violations In 2013 5Dec13

December 5, 2013 Corasanti unknowingly affirms criticism of ‘The Almond Tree’ 5Dec13

December 5, 2013 Ashrawi: Dutch government must exclude settlement companies from the Netherlands-Israel cooperation forum 5Dec13

December 5, 2013 American Studies Association endorses academic boycott of Israel 5Dec13

December 5, 2013 Swiss scientists stand by Arafat findings 5Dec13

December 4, 2013 French experts rule out Arafat poisoning 4Dec13

December 4, 2013 Toward an Ethic of Legitimate Dissent: Academic Boycott at the American Studies Association 4Dec13

December 4, 2013 Hebrew University Conference Dealt Two Significant Blows 4Dec13

December 4, 2013 Israel To Build 3000 New Settlement Units 4Dec13

December 4, 2013 Israel ‘clears West Bank land for settler homes’ 4Dec13

December 3, 2013 Israeli forces demolish water wells and tents in the Jordan Valley 3Dec13

December 3, 2013 IDWEDAR: Life in Gaza – ‘We wake up to terrifying sonic booms and try to sleep while Israelis are shelling’

December 3, 2013 Amnesty calls for an end to the power crisis in Gaza 3Dec13

December 2, 2013 World Zionist organization designs plans tp ‘balance demographics’ in Galilee region 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 Press body accuses Israel army of targeting journalists 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 Knesset member: Plans to build 20,000 settlement homes not cancelled 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 Israeli President, PM say Prawer Plan will move forward 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 Mishaal arrives in Malaysia for meetings with its leaders 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 IOF to displace 150 citizens from Wadi al-Maleh 2Dec13

December 2, 2013 Bedouin rise up against Israel eviction plan 2Dec13

December 1, 2013 Unprecedented number of MPs seen at Palestine lobby of parliament 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 UN rights chief Navi Pillay said in July that she was “alarmed” by the proposal to displace Bedouins 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 Peter Gabriel to UK: Condition Israel relations on respect for human rights 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 SHERWOOD: Britons protest over Israel plan to remove 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 ‘Day of rage’: Police, protesters clash in Israel at plans to evict 40,000 Bedouins 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 Police, protesters clash across Israel at rallies against Bedouin relocation 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 Israeli police attack large anti-Prawer protests in Haifa 1Dec13

December 1, 2013 Palestinian family forced to demolish 3 apartments in Jerusalem 1Dec13