The Massacres

In their drive to assert and to gain control of not only the part of Palestine allocated to the Jewish State under UN Resolution 181, but also land allocated to the Palestinian State, the Zionist forces committed numerous massacres of which the following are some:

The King David Hotel Massacre, July 1946
92 Britons, Arabs and Jews were murdered when Jewish extremists bombed the hotel in Jerusalem.

Al Tira December 1947

Jewish terrorists killed 13 villagers and wounded 10 others while raiding the village and then proceeded to massacre between 25-30 of the residents trying to defend the village.  British troops managed to bus out about 600 women and children from a population of about 6,000 Palestinians.
Picture below shows remains of al-Tira village in 1987.


Balad el-Sheikh December 1947

Approximately 60 women and children and the elderely were murdered inside their homes.
Picture below of one village house in Balad al-Shaykh now used by a branch of the Israeli Labor Party.

Balad Al-Shaykh

Khisas Massacre December 1947
10 Palestinian civilians were killed when Haganah terrorists drove through the village firing machine guns and throwing grenades.
Al-Khisas 1990

Qazaza Massacre December 1947
5 children were murdered when Jewish terrorist blew up a house in the village

Yehida Massacre December 1947
7 Palestinian civilians  were murdered by disguised Jewish terrorists spraying bullets into a crowd gathered in the village coffee house and throwing grenades.

The Semiramis Hotel Massacre, January 1948
Jewish Agency terrorists, David Ben Gurion later to be come Israel’s first prime minister among them, bombed the hotel and shot at houses nearby killing 18 Palestinian civilians and wounding 16 more.

Jaffa Massacre January 1948
Jaffa was never allocated to the Jewish state under the Partition Plan and yet most of the 70,000 Palestinians who lived in Jaffa were forced to flee resulting in over 1,300 killed as the Israeli army moved to control the city.

al-Lajjun Massacre April 1948

Haganah terrorists killed 12 Palestinians and wounded fifteen others as it raided al-Lajjun and proceeded to blow up the village driving more than 1,200 Palestinians out.
Picture below is of the village al-Lajjun in the 1930s.

Al-Lajjun 1930s

Deir Yasin Massacre April 1948

The Irgun, a Jewish terrorist group led by Menachem Began who would later become an Israeli prime minister, massacred some 250 men, women and children and the elderly (one third of the population)and stuffed their bodies down wells.  They were joined by two other terrorist groups, the Stern Gang under Yitzzhak Shamir also to become prime minister, and the Haganah.

Picture below is Deir Yassin just after Zionist forces occupied the village.

Deir YAssin

Qalunya Massacre April 1948

Around 14 villagers were massacred and the the village houses were burned down.
Picture below of Qalunya was take in 1893.

Qalunya 1893

Naser al-Din Massacre April 1948
Jewish terrorists entered the village and began killing those of the 672 inhabitants who had not fled.

Ayn el-Zaytoun Massacre May 1948
Around 70 residents were massacred and then their houses burnt.
Picture below shows village before it was ethnically cleansed and destroyed.
Population pre-May 1948:
951 people

Ayn Al-Zaytun

Abu Shusha Massacre May 1948
60-70 residents were murdered and in 1995 a mass grave with 52 skeletons was discovered.

al-Tantura Massacre May 1948

250 residents were murdered and the village was completely ethnically cleansed of its 1,728 inhabitants.
Picture below shows one of the destroyed Palestinian homes in al-Tantura.

Al Tantura

Bayt Daras Massacre May 1948
Women and children were massacred by the Israeli army as they fled their village of some 3,000 residents.

Bayt Daras

Lydda Massacre July 1948
426 men, women and children were murdered and the rest of the city’s 19,000 people were terrorised into fleeing.  Only 1,052 were allowed to stay.
Aerial view of Lydda in the 1940s.  All of its Christian and Muslim inhabitants were expelled and the buildings and land taken over by Jews.

Population pre-July 1948: 19,356 people


al-Dawayima Massacre October 1948
The Israeli army undertook a grisly massacre of around 455 residents of whom some 170 were women and children and terrified some 4,000 Palestinians into fleeing. (UN report, 4 June 1949)


Safsaf Massacre October 1948

70 blindfolded villagers were killed by Israeli troops with their hands tied.  They were then buried in a pit.  Two women and a 14 year old girl were raped.
Picture below shows Zionist gangs attacking the village of Safsaf

Population pre-October 1948: 1,056 people