• Electronic Intifada: Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births Report (22 February 2009).
  • Chicago Tribune Ethiopian immigration marks end of a formative chapter in the life of Israel, by Aron Heller,
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution,,
    Washington Post: In Israel, era of mass immigration ends,
    both article-versions by Aron Heller, Associated Press (6 September 2008) – this article describes the Zionist dream of ‘aliyah’, which is slowly dying as the numbers of desperate oppressed Jews around the world decreases to zero. There is nothing in this article about how the moral problems of the conflict with Palestine impacts this dream.
  • Washington Post: In Israel, A Clash Over Who Is a Jew, by Griff Witte (30 August 2008).
    This article describes the demographic delimma facing Israel in the near future as not only the higher Arab birthrates threaten the Jewish majority, but also Orthodox Jewish cancellation of thousands of Jewish conversions because they did not meet orthodox standards.
  • Chicago Tribune
    In demographic race for Jerusalem, Palestinian discovers home is no longer home,
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
    Boston Globe,
    Washington Post:
    For Jerusalem Palestinians, home not always home,
    all 3 article versions by Karin Laub, Associated Press (2 August 2008) – this article describes how Israel is attempting to win the demographic race for Jerusalem using inhumane methods such as land policy, home demolitions, wall, discrimination in building permitting, etc., and yet is still losing.
  • New York Times: , by Nicholas D. Kristof (24 July 2008).
    In this incredible column, Mr. Kristof gives intelligent rebuttals to some of his pro-Israel readers, and in the end suggests that the candidates relate to Israel with tough love – insisting they do the right thing such as not attack Iran and halt settlement building and expansion. The two issues covered the most are settlements and the wall. Also discussed is the point that if Israel does not help the two-state solution happen, then the one-state solution will happen because of the demographics.
  • New York Times: Israel’s ‘American Problem’, by Jeffrey Goldberg (18 May 2008).
    This fascinating op-ed by Jeffrey Goldberg theorizes that the settlement movement is right now the greatest danger to the future of Israel because it is not allowing a viable Palestinian State to be established in the West Bank, and as a result the Palestinians will increasingly focus on creating true equality for themselves in Israel itself as Israel increasingly takes over the West Bank, and because there will soon be more Palestinians in the region than Israeli Jews, then this will mean that in the true democracy and equality they are working toward they will be able to exercise their voting rights and vote for the end of the Jewish State and the Jewish-dominated government.
  • Chicago Tribune: Can 2 foes live under 1 roof?, by Richard Boudreaux and Ashraf Khalil (14 May 2008).
    This article describes the growing acceptance of the one-state solution as the death of the two-state solution seems inevitable because of both the settlement growth and the demographic trends for the region.
  • Miami Herald: Israel facing demographic challenge, by Trudy Rubin (11 May 2008).
    This article proposes that a one-state solution will result automatically due to demographics if a viable Palestinian State is not realized soon. Sadly the author is pessimistic about whether a single state is workable.
  • Miami Herald: At 60, Israel’s future remains in doubt, by Dion Nissenbaum (11 May 2008).
    This op-ed describes how demographic trends will eventually lead to the one-state solution if Israel does not allow a viable Palestinian State to be established soon.
  • Atlantic Monthly: “Unforgiven” (May 2008 issue)
    The article relunctantly acknowledges both the demographic problem threatening Israel’s future as well the internal discrimination created by trying to create a Jewish State.



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