• Christian Science Monitor: In Israel, a first attempt at high school integration, by Brenda Gazzar (7 October 2008).
    This is about an Israeli non-profit that specializes in integrated, bi-ligual educational institutions K-12.
  • Washington Post
    Book ban ends rare Arab-Israeli cultural exchange, by Joseph Nasr, Reuters (30 September 2008).
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Tours give young Jews taste of ‘home’: Israel, by Robert W. Gee (23 August 2008).
    This articles describes two different tour programs – one gives the Zionist view of Israel, and the other shows the realities of the conflict with Palestine.
  • Los Angeles Times: In Israel, religious schools get a boost, by Richard Boudreaux (18 August 2008).
    Yeshivas retain special government funding in defiance of a Supreme Court order, but reflecting the national goal of Israel being a Jewish State, and the disproportionate political power of the ultra-orthodox Jewish groups. Critics accuse the Yeshivas of not providing a balanced education, but defenders point out the schools produce a high rate of successful college graduates.
  • Washington Post
    Religion today, by Greg Bluestein, Associated Press (14 August 2008) – this article describes a controversial program that pays students to learn about Judaism and visit Israel. It is contrasted to other programs that simply provide free trips to Israel.
  • Washington Post
    Gaza Fulbright scholars appeal for US visas, by Diaa Hadid, Associated Press (7 August 2008).
  • Washington Post
    U.S. revokes Palestinian scholarship students’ visas, by Nidal al-Mughrabi, Reuters (5 August 2008).
  • Chicago Tribune
    US revokes visas for Palestinian Fulbright scholars from Gaza
    Washington Post:
    US nixes visas for Gaza Fulbrighters
    both articles by Matthew Lee, Associated Press (4 August 2008).
  • Washington Post: Rice Urges Israel to Desist on Settlements, by Griff Witte (16 June 2008). This article describes details behind Condeleeza Rice’s frustration with both Israel refusing to halt settlement expansion and failure to win exit visas for all 7 Gazan Fullbright scholarship winners.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (22 June 2008),
    Washington Post (15 June 2008)
    West Bank poverty pushes boys into work force, by Muhammed Muhaisen, Associated Press (thus dropping out of school at very young age).
  • Washington Post: Israel revisits limitations on Gaza students, by Griff Witte (31 May 2008).
    This article describes Israeli restrictions on Palestinian education, which is an important example of Israel’s policy of collective punishment.
  • New Yorker Magazine: “The Petition: Israel, Palestine, and a tenure battle at Barnard” (14 April 2008
    This article covers the serious case of academic censorship of Professor Nadia Abu el-Haj at Barnard College.