Ethnic cleansing


Chicago Tribune
In demographic race for Jerusalem, Palestinian discovers home is no longer home,
Washington Post
For Jerusalem Palestinians, home not always home,
both article versions by Karin Laub, Associated Press (2 August 2008) – this article describes how Israel is attempting to win the demographic race for Jerusalem using inhumane methods such as land policy, home demolitions, wall, discrimination in building permitting, etc., and yet is still losing.


  • PLO Negotiations Affairs Dept. - AL-Aqaba and the Grab of the Jordan Valley (June 2006) – quote – “Al-Aqaba is a small Palestinian village located on the slope separating the Jordan Valley from the northern West Bank mountain range, in the Tubas governorate. Sandwiched between two Israeli military bases, al-Aqaba’s connections to neighboring communities and markets, and the Jordan Valley, have been incrementally severed. Since 1967, al-Aqaba’s population has decreased by 85%, dropping from around 2000 individuals to approximately 300 today”.
  • PLO Negotiations Affairs Dept. - The Silent Transfer of Palestinians: The Case of Bil’in (5 JANUARY 2005) – quote – ““Transfer” is a euphemism for the removal of Palestinians from their ancestral homelands to neighboring or distant countries, or to confined areas within the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). “Transfer” has been carried out by Israel since the state’s formation and continues to this very day. Israel’s policies in and around Bil’in suggest that Israel is again attempting to grab as much Palestinian land with as few Palestinians as possible.”.
  • Palestine Remembered.Com
    This website includes a page for each village destroyed in 1948, and describes exactly what happened to that village.


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