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Information on East Jerusalem
(provided by the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department, August 09)

  • In 1967, Israel unilaterally expanded the municipal boundaries of East Jerusalem from the original 6.5 square kilometers during Jordanian rule to 72 square kilometers and illegally annexed this area. Of this expanded area, Israel has expropriated 47% of Palestinian land for exclusive Israeli settlement use, settler roads and infrastructure, designated 40% of undeveloped land as “Green Areas”, and left only 13% for Palestinian use.
  • There are approximately 185,000 illegal settlers living in occupied East Jerusalem, and 260,000 Palestinians. Palestinians account for 58% of the population of occupied East Jerusalem, yet due to near impossible restrictions Israel imposes on building permits for Palestinians, they are confined to just 13% of the expanded Jerusalem municipality as defined by Israel. Israeli settlers form 42% of the total population and occupy 35% of the same area.
  • Israel has stepped up its policy of house demolitions in East Jerusalem. There are now hundreds of pending house demolition orders and ongoing plans for the destruction of homes in Silwan (88 units), Ras Khamis (55 units), and Al Thuri (32 units). • Israel has designated 28 Palestinian homes, housing 40 Palestinian families, for eviction in Sheikh Jarrah to make way for the planned Israeli settlement of ‘Shimon HaTsadiq’. This new settlement, if completed, will consist of 200 housing units on 18 dunams of land, and would create geographical contiguity between the Israeli settlements of French Hill and Neve Ya’kov with the Old City in East Jerusalem, further fragmenting Palestinian East Jerusalem and preempting a negotiated solution to Jerusalem, which is the corner stone of any peace agreement.
  • Sheikh Jarrah is also the target of a second planned Israeli settlement consisting of 90 housing units to be built on the current site of the Shepherd Hotel – including six buildings of eight floors each, as well as a synagogue, a kindergarten and a park for children. The whole complex will be approximately 10,000 square meters in size and accommodate 500 new settlers.
  • Israel has also significantly stepped up its confiscation of Jerusalem ID cards. In 2006 alone, 1,363 Jerusalem ID cards were confiscated by Israel, representing an increase of 500% compared to 2005 ID card confiscations.
  • Since the beginning of Israel’s occupation in 1967, the UN Security Council has reiterated that all Israeli measures and actions aimed at changing the status of East Jerusalem, including its annexation and the application of Israeli laws, administration and jurisdiction, are in direct contravention of international law and are therefore null and void.
  • These measures are also in violation of Israel’s Road Map commitments renewed at the Annapolis Conference, including a freeze on all settlement activity and a halt to all home demolitions and evictions.


  • Chicago Tribune
    In demographic race for Jerusalem, Palestinian discovers home is no longer home,
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution,
    Boston Globe,
    Washington Post:
    For Jerusalem Palestinians, home not always home,
    all 3 article versions by Karin Laub, Associated Press (2 August 2008) – this article describes how Israel is attempting to win the demographic race for Jerusalem using inhumane methods such as land policy, home demolitions, wall, discrimination in building permitting, etc., and yet is still losing.
  • Washington Post
    Jerusalem bulldozer killer acted alone: police, by Rebecca Harrison and Ori Lewis, Reuters (6 July 2008). This article mainly describes Israeli plans to destroy the family home of the Palestinian driver of the bulldozer including allowing demonstrators in support of demolition at the home by settlers and others. The article also describes the separation wall, and the annexation of East Jerusalem as not recognized by the international community.



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The Jerusalem Center for Women (JCW) provides a monthly situation report of the Occupation of East jerusalem and the human rights violations caused by the Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents.  The information is gleaned from the most reliable sources available, including UN updates, several different news agencies and information from other organisations active in East Jerusalem.

NOVEMBER 2009 JCW Monitoring Jerusalem – Nov. Issue

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