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Please read Dr Salman Abu Sitta’s “Dividing the war spoils – Israel’s seizure, confiscation and sale of Palestinian property” September 2009 and the comprehensive report Selling Refugees Land Sept 2009.pdf No one else has done a more detailed study of the Zionist plan to take all of Palestine or so comprehensively documented the villages, properties and lands belonging to the Palestinians before Israel razed and/or expropriated them.  Dr Abu sitta begins his paper thus: “There has been nothing like it in the pages of history books.  A foreign minority, descending upon a national majority of a country, fortified by colonial, political, military and financial support and a hostile ideology, emptying the country of its people, seizing all their land and property, obliterating their landscape, history and memory, claiming that this crime is an act of divine intervention, and persisting, unchecked by force of justice in committing this crime, according to the same plan for over 60 years with no end in sight, is unprecedented in the history of the world.  This is the recent history of Palestine.”

Israel has already seized and confiscated 19,000,000 dunams of Palestinian land equalling about 93% of Israel.  Now Israel has passed a law which effectively allows the sale of this land to any Jew anywhere.  ADALAH – The Legal Centre for Arab minority Rights in Israel has published a position paper on Israel’s privatisation of the land on which the illegal settlements have been built in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.  Please download the pdf file below:

Refer to Adalah’s website for more information.

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