• Chicago Tribune: Jewish site transcends borders, by Joel Greenberg (28 September 2008).
    Israel’s Holocaust memorial sets up a website for Arabs to explain the holocaust. The article then quotes from a variety of responses, including many that they say they have increased understanding but still do not know why the Jews who have gone through such terrible things are now doing terrible things to the Palestinians.
  • Washington Post
    In Israel, era of mass immigration ends, by Aron Heller, Associated Press (6 September 2008) – this article describes the Zionist dream of ‘aliyah’, which is slowly dying as the numbers of desperate oppressed Jews around the world decreases to zero. There is nothing in this article about how the moral problems of the conflict with Palestine impacts this dream.
  • Washington Post
    Israel’s welcome for Ethiopian Jews wears thin, by Aron Heller, Associated Press (16 August 2008) – these Ethiopian Jews are no longer being welcomed because they have a hard time adjusting and because their Judaism is mixed with Christianity, but many protest this because this contradicts with one of the basic tenets of the Jewish State – to welcome all Jews.
  • Washington Post
    Israeli excavation shows Jews, pagans in harmony, Associated Press (11 August 2008) – quote from article: “An Israeli scientist says a Roman temple unearthed in the center of an ancient Jewish city in northern Israel shows pagans and Jews lived and worshipped together. Hebrew University professor Zeev Weiss said Monday the 2nd century temple was found during excavations at Sepphoris, or Tzippori in Hebrew. The city, the capital of Galilee, was a refuge for Jews who fled Jerusalem after the Romans pillaged the city and destroyed the Jewish temple in A.D. 70. Weiss says the find sheds light on life during those times. “It shows that pagans who were a minority prayed in the center of the city and lived in harmony with the Jewish majority,” he says.”
  • Washington Post
    “Exodus” survivor moves to Israel, by Matti Friedman, Associated Press (22 July 2008).
  • Haaretz Daily News: New elites, by Lily Galili (20 May 2008).
    This article describes the segment of the Israeli right-wing that is tied to the nationalist writings of Jabotinsky and common Russian roots and that are anti-socialism, and hence is pro-settlement and pro-capitalism.
  • Chicago Tribune: Miracles in the face of great odds mark Israel’s 60 years, by Charles Krauthammer (19 May 2008).
    In his latest op-ed Charles Krauthammer completely blames the Palestinians for the conflict with Israel, while completely ignoring their perspective and claims which are so heavily documented by both UN official agencies and Israeli and world scholars.
  • Boston Globe: First Blood: The Initial Arab-Israeli Struggles and their Troublesome Legacy, by Andrew J. Bacevich (18 May 2008).
    This review of Benny Morris’s latest book described important points that contradict Israeli mythology – (1) that huge numbers of Palestinians were driven from their homes by Israeli forces, (2) there were large numbers of massacres, rapes, murders etc. by the Israeli forces, (3) the Israeli forces outnumbered and outgunned the Arab forces in contradiction of the myth of tiny Israel surrounded by giant enemies, and (4) that Israel had a policy of violent coercion and not one of justice and peacefulness. Every article helps that tells the truth like this – even book reviews.
  • New York Times: On eve of Passover, bread stirs deep thoughts of Israel, by Ethan Bronner (18 May 2008).
    This article describes current struggle with identity of the Jewish State, one of the main goals of Zionism.
  • Charlotte Observer: “Let the Refugees return” (11 April 2008)
    This amazing Commentary published by the Charlotte Observer deserves our strongest support. It disputes many important myths of the Zionist cause, and is well written and understandable to the average American. Emails can go to opinion@charlotteobserver.com



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RABKIN, Yakov: “Demystifying Zionism”, September 2009


The Zionist FAQ section has been specifically built to counter the prevalent Israeli Zionist propaganda, which unfortunately has gone mostly unanswered in the West and Israel. We have assumed that the reader is familiar with the evolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and has some questions for Palestinians to answer. So if you’re a beginner to the conflict and would like to know more, we recommend visiting our introductory section that contains a short list of articles about the conflict, click here for further details.

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