Information on AGREXCO operating under

Agrexco is a 50% state owned Israeli company which exports fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from Israel and the occupied territories. Agrexco is one of the three biggest Israeli companies exporting from occupied Palestine and accounts for 70% of exports of fresh produce from the occupied territories. Agrexco operates under the Carmel, Jaffa and Coral brand names.  It is likely
that Agrexco often mislabels its settlement produce as made in Israel when it is in fact made on occupied Palestinian land.

Thousands of Palestinians are employed in packing houses on Israeli settlements packing goods to be exported by Carmel Agrexco. These packing houses are often on land which has been forcibly taken from their communities. Palestinian workers may be paid as little as 30 shekels (4 pounds) a day and have no sick pay, holiday pay, rights to unionise or contracts. Children are often employed on these settlements. These workers are compelled to work for the settlements because of the complete strangulation of Palestinian agriculture by the Israeli occupation. Many Palestinian settlement workers have called on the international community to boycott and campaign against Carmel Agrexco.

Highlight the need to boycott these products locally, on your weekly stall.

Write to or visit local stores (supermarkets or smaller shops), make the argument against Agrexco produce and raise awareness of what products and brand names to avoid.

Hold demonstrations, pickets or street theatre outside shops selling Agrexco goods

Contact local Trade Union branches and educate them about Carmel Agrexco products

Hold shopping trolley actions – load up your trolley with Agrexco products, bring it to the checkout and then tell the cashier/manager why you are not buying each of the products.


info@palestinecampaign.orginfo@palestinecampaign.org to let us know about your branches activities. Also why not post your reports at www.indymedia.org.uk. See www.bigcampaign.org and www.palestinecampaign.org for more information and for updates.