• Philadelphia Inquirer: Op-Ed: A model of Mideast amity comes to Phila., by Annette John-Hall (15 May 2009).
    Palestinian fighter training with a Israeli coach Raany Tal, 37, an Israeli Jew who lives outside Tel Aviv, owns three gyms, and trains boxers. AhmadTuba, 20, an Israeli Arab who lives outside Nazareth, is a junior middleweight boxer who has done what some would consider sleeping with the enemy. He trains with Tal.
  • Huffington Post - Cooperative Israeli-Palestinian Project Plants Strawberry Fields (12 February 2009).
  • Christian Science Monitor: In Israel, a first attempt at high school integration, by Brenda Gazzar (7 October 2008).
    This is about an Israeli non-profit that specializes in integrated, bi-ligual educational institutions K-12.
  • Washington Post
    Book ban ends rare Arab-Israeli cultural exchange, by Joseph Nasr, Reuters (30 September 2008).
  • Christian Science Monitor: Where Jews and Arabs get along: This Israeli village shows that peace is possible, by Deanna Armbruster (19 August 2008).
    This article describes an Israeli village where the Muslim, Jewish and Christian inhabitants work very hard to live in peace together, sharing many facilities. Despite this, there is still tension. Our comment – the tension continues because Israel continues to actually break the law which leads to real suffering and which cannot lead to peace if they are not stopped and justice for the victims is realized.
  • Washington Post
    Easy-listening West Bank station goes off air, by Aron Heller, Associated Press (11 August 2008) – quote from article – “A West Bank radio station that sought to bring Israelis and Palestinians together to the tune of pop music has gone of the air because of a lack of funding… Owned by South African Jewish businessman Issy Kirsh, RAM-FM was modeled after a South African station that provided a venue for reconciliation after apartheid. It attracted fans in both Israel and the Palestinian territories”.
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: Peace may not be at hand, but software deals are, by Robert W. Gee (30 July 2008).
    Describes successful out-sourcing of software programming to the West Bank by Israeli software firms.
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: Israelis outsource to Palestinians, by Robert W. Gee (27 July 2008).
    Describes the successful out-sourcing to the West Bank of computer programming work by Israeli software firms.
  • Boston Globe: Using art to smooth jagged edge of conflict, by James Sullivan (26 June 2008).
    This article describes an intensive art-training program that teaches both Palestinian and Israeli high school art students together, with the hope of teaching both art and peace. This is another example of a fine program that bridges years of hatred and misunderstanding, but it doesn’t address the basic problem that Israel continues to violate international law on a massive scale.
  • New York Times: Israelis and Palestinians launch web start-up, by Dina Kraft (29 May 2008).
    This article describes Israeli Jews and Palestinians in the occupied territories cooperating in the creation of an Internet Start-Up.
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Israeli, Palestinian find common ground in grief, hope, by Christopher Quinn (26 April 2008).
    This article is a moving description of Palestinians and Israelis who have lost loved ones in the conflict working together to overcome hatred and prejudice. But the conflict continues to be distinguished by Israel aggressively violating laws against the Palestinians, and this is the core factor of the conflict that must be acknowledged and stopped.