United Nations


  • Ynet News: Report: UN to demand Israel pay Lebanon $1 billion, by Roee Nahmias (6 September 2008).
    Quote from article “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will demand that Israel pay Lebanon $1 billion in compensation over damages caused during the Jewish state’s 2006 war against Hizbullah… According to the report, the sum, based on World Bank appraisals, is aimed at covering the environmental and material damages caused by the Second Lebanon War, to neighboring countries as well. The fundamental part of the compensation demanded is for the damage caused to the Lebanese coast due to an oil spill following an Israeli bombing of a southern Beirut power plant, which the Lebanese said had caused ‘an ecological disaster.’”
  • Chicago Tribune UN peacekeeper killed in blast while clearing unexploded ordnance in south Lebanon,
    Washington Post UN peacekeeper killed by blast in south Lebanon,
    both article-versions from the Associated Press (3 September 2008) – he was participating in a mine-clearing operation.
  • Boston Globe: UN mission in Lebanon brings inner peace: Troops use culture to combat trauma, by Borzou Daragahi (31 August 2008).
    To connect to the local populace, UNIFIL soldiers teach skills to deal with the trauma of war. For example, “Indian troops’ yoga instruction, French troops have taught the many Francophone residents courses in poetry… Chinese troops demonstrate tai chi, and the South Koreans offer tae kwon do… the Spaniards teach Español… Italians have shown off their pizza-making skills. The UN peacekeepers also offer medical and dental clinics and computer classes, and they have plans to supply more artificial limbs for people wounded by old land mines and other ordnance”.
  • Chicago Tribune
    UN Security Council votes unanimously to keep peacekeepers in Lebanon for another year, by Michael Weissenstein, Associated Press (27 August 2008).
  • Washington Post
    Sleepy valley is unlikely focus of Mideast tension, by Alistair Lyon, Reuters (26 August 2008) – story of the dispute over the Shebaa Farms, which pits Israel against Lebanon against Syria and against the locals.
  • Washington Post
    U.N. troops calm Lebanon, but tensions remain, by Alistair Lyon, Reuters (25 August 2008) – this article describes the mission of UNIFIL.
  • Washington Post
    Around the World: UNITED NATIONS – World Food Program Targets 16 Needy Spots, from News Services (13 August 2008) – the UN has included the Palestinian occupied territories amongst the most neediest spots for food assistance.
  • Washington Post
    Israel likely to skip next UN racism conference, by Bradley S. Klapper, Associated Press (6 August 2008).
  • Washington Post
    IAEA approves deal for India’s nuclear inspection, by Veronika Oleksyn, Associated Press (1 August 2008) – makes the connection to Israel’s nuclear program that also is supported by US even though it is not under international safeguards thus making a mockery of the whole system.
  • Haaretz Daily News: Arab bloc rescinds proposal to have UN vote against Israeli settlements, by Shlomo Shamir (24 July 2008).
    The Western members of the UN Security Council forced the Arab bloc to drop its proposed UN resolution condemning Israel’s continued settlement expansion. The criticism said the proposal was too narrow and should include other factors such as the problems in Gaza such as border closings and the ongoing terrorism.